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  1. The assumption of safety is being used to justify the rollout of 5G technologies
    Published: January 26, 2023
    By: Julie E. McCredden, Steven Weller and Victor Leach
    In: Frontiers in Public Health
  2. How Safe Really is 5G?
    Published: February 1, 2023
    By: Gillian Jamieson
    In: The Daily Sceptic
    This article was written in collaboration with Professor John W. Frank, retired Chair of Public Health Research and Policy at Edinburgh University.
  3. 5G Has Its Day in Court
    Published: February 14, 2023
    In: The Daily Sceptic
    By: Gillian Jamieson


  1. In global 5G race, telecom giants resort to bribery and other alleged abuses
    Published: February 26, 2022
    By: Nicole Sadek
    In: International Consortium Of Investigative Journalists / ICIJ
  2. Ericsson and TechSverige want to censor article on 5G’s harmfulness
    Published 2022-05-24
    In: Strålskyddsstiftelsen, The Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation
  3. French court: mobile mast must be switched off – 40 cows have died
    Published: May 31, 2022
    In Strålskyddsstiftelsen
    The Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation
    English translation:
  4. Start of 5G in Växjö, Sweden, caused radiation explosion
    Original title: Start av 5G i Växjö orsakade strålningsexplosion
    Published: August 9, 2022
    In: Strålskyddsstiftelsen (Swedish Radiation Protection Foundaction) PDF
  5. 50 cows have died – dairy farmer switched off the mobile mast
    Original headline: “50 kor har dött – mjölkbonde släckte mobilmasten”
    Published: August 29, 2022
    In: Strålskyddsstiftelsen, the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation
  6. Rubin Observatory LSST@Europe4 NO-WAY to talk of Satellite Constellations!
    Published: September 26, 2022
    By: Stefano Gallozzi
    In: Astronomer’s Appeal
  7. Scientists Call for Moratorium on 5G After Study Shows Regulators Ignoring Health Risks of Radiation
    Published: October 19, 2022
    By: Michael Nevradakis
    In: The Defender ( Children’s Health Defense
  8. Exclusive: FAA warns of aviation safety risks without U.S. mandate on 5G limits
    Published: October 25, 2022
    By: David Shepardson
    In: Reuters
  9. 5G : tous cobayes?
    Published: October 23, 2022
    In: Arte
  10. 5G may have caused dozens of troubling in-flight avionics failures
    Published: November 2, 2022
    By: Joh Hemmerdinger
    In: Flight Global
  11. 5G Wireless Communications and Aviation Safety
    Published: November 8, 2022
    By: Maximillian Philberth
    In: Airways
  12. Antenne in Ostermundigen darf nicht auf 5G umgerüstet werden
    Published: November 10, 2022
    In: Berneroberlaender, Switzerland
  13. How the FCC Shields Cellphone Companies From Safety Concerns
    Published: November 10, 2022
    By: Peter Elkind
    In: ProPublica


  1. The 5G Morass – tales and tattles or reasons for concern?
    *Published: January 31, 2021
    By: Paul Ben Ishai
    In: The Times of Israel
  2. Interview – 5G: Lerchl, Röösli and “Mobile Telephony Germany”
    Published: February 17, 2021
  3. Switzerland: Doctors for the Environment: Press Release on 5G Wireless
    5G –
    New regulations for adaptive antennas: An increase of the limit values by a roundabout way as a mere detail of execution
    German: http://www.aefu.ch/fileadmin/user_upload/aefu-data/b_documents/Aktuell/20210224_AefU_MM_adaptive_Antennen.pdf
    French: http://www.aefu.ch/fileadmin/user_upload/aefu-data/b_documents/Aktuell/20210224_Communique_MfE_antennes_adaptives.pdf
    English: https://mieuxprevenir.blogspot.com/2021/02/switzerland-doctors-for-protection-of.html?fbclid=IwAR36V-BLs62N8eVmWErMXj3FwlgXC7Kb9tI3Yz0gh-gI7dNtfViw-iyN728
    Published: February 24, 2021
  4. Why Are Carriers Telling Us to Turn Off 5G?
    Published: March 5, 2021
    By: Sascha Segan
    In: PC Mag UK
  5. The Perils of Military 5G
    Published: March 15, 2021
    By: Karl Grossman
    In: CounterPunch



  1. Australia Fires And Technology’s Climate Vampire: Why The Environmental Impact Of 5G Expansion Could Be Massive
  2. Post Courier – Papua New Guinea
    ICT Minister Masiu Halts 5G Trials Amid Health Risk Debate
    Published: 2 January 2020
  3. Switzerland: Dispute Over the 5G Network: The Battle Goes to the Next Round
    By: Anna Miller – CH Media, Aargauer Zeitung
    Published: 5 January 2020
  4. Astronomers’ Appeal
    The signatures will be sent to governments, institutions and agencies around the world, and to newspapers and other media.
  5. NTP scientist weighs in on 5G technology
    Michael Wyde, Ph.D., analyzed the latest generation of cellular technology and its potential human health effects.
    What exactly is 5G technology?
    Will 5G increase cellular radiation levels?
    How does NTP plan to study the health effects of 5G?
    By: Sheena Scruggs, Ph.D.
    Published: January 2020
  6. Appeals that matter or not on a moratorium on the deployment of the fifth generation, 5G, for microwave radiation
    Published: January 22, 2020
    By: Lennart Hardell, Rainer Nyberg
    In: PMC, PubMed Central
  7. Daily Star: SpaceX’s ‘illegal’ fleet of 5G satellites could wipe out life on Earth
    Published: 1 February 2020
  8. CNN BUSINESS: The ‘race to 5G’ is a myth
    Published: 3 February 2020
  9. Activist Post: NY Legislator Introduces Bill to Study 5G Health Effects
    Doctors, Engineers, Public Advocates, and Scientists Ask Trump for 5G Moratorium
    Author: B.N. Frank
    Published: February 9, 2020
  10. False Article: Financial Times: Switzerland halts rollout of 5G over health concerns
    By: Sam Jones
    Published: 12 February 2020
  11. Switzerland denies halting 5G rollouts
    By: Michael Carroll
    Published: Feb. 13th, 2020
  12. Radio Canada: 5G-In the rush to the internet of things
    Full Interview with Dr. Anthony Miller at https://www.rcinet.ca/en/2020/02/04/5g-in-the-rush-to-the-internet-of-things-is-human-health-at-risk/ / Published: February 2020
  13. Medienmitteilung: «5G-Regelungslücke vermindert den Schutz vor Strahlung»
    By: Rebekka Meier, Leitung Baurechtsabteilung
    Published: 17 February, 2020
  14. Threats to security, health, public infrastructure—and other potential costs of Canada’s 5G rollout
    By: David Zarnett
    Published: February 19, 2020
  15. 5G and flu, could there be a connection?
    Author: Einar Flydal
    Published: 18 February 2020
  16. Head of Swiss Radiation Protection Committee accused of 5G-swindle. Nordic countries deceived, too.
    Original title: Leder for sveitsisk strålevernutvalg rapportert for svindel om 5G: Også Norden ført bak lyset
    Author: Einar Flydal
    Published: 20 February 2020
  17. Three-year moratorium on 4G + and 5G in Geneva, Switzerland
    Moratoire de trois ans sur la 4G+ et la 5G à Genève
    Published: 27 February, 2020
  18. Slovenia stops implementation of 5G technology
    Published: March 5, 2020
  19. 5G Wireless Technology: Is 5G Harmful to Our Health?
    Effects of 5G wireless communication on human health
    Briefing document, published by Joel Moskowitz, PhD
  20. Open access paper: https://www.europarl.europa.eu/RegData/etudes/BRIE/2020/646172/EPRS_BRI(2020)646172_EN.pdf
    EPRS | European Parliamentary Research Service
    Author: Miroslava Karaboytcheva – Members’ Research Service PE 646.172 –
    Published: March 10, 2020
  21. Seeking Justice Around the Globe: Lawsuit to Stop 5G Filed in the Netherlands
    By Susan Foster & Martine Vriens
    Published: March 10, 2020Under the Weather
    The battle between meteorologists and 5G
    By: Mary Cuddehe
    Published: March 17, 2020
  22. RUSSIA – В Госдуме заявили об опасности вышек 5G для россиян
    «Мы находимся в состоянии войны»
    Member of Parliament announced the danger of 5G for Russians. 5G mobile towers pose a threat to the #health of Russians and can be used against #Russia as a #weapon in case of war. This was stated by a member of the State Duma Committe Yevgeny Fedorov
    By: Артем Кожедубов, Artem Kozhedubov
    Published: May 5, 2020
  23. RUSSIA – Russian Professor Oleg A. Grigoriev: Debriefing 5G
    Published: May 2020
  24. Science divided on radiation 5G, and the significant role of ICNIRP
    Professor Hans Kromhout, Utrecht University, Netherlands
    Article by Jannes van Roermund, published in De Telegraaf, Netherlands, March 2020, published in English June 5, 2020, in this blog.
  25. RUSSIA – 5G – оружие массового поражения / 5G – weapons of mass destruction
    Published: June 7, 2020
    By: Anton Nikolaevich Kolmykov
    In: CNEAT Publications
  26. Municipalities: need for more 5G information by the national government
    Author: Nando Kasteleijn
    In: NOS news, Netherlands
    Published: June 15, 2020
  27. EU-Intimidatie van mensen met vragen over de veiligheid van 5G netwerken
    EU harassment of people with questions about the security of 5G networks
    Published: June 18, 2020
    By: Dr. Hugo Schooneveld, Netherlands
  28. Webinare Gesundheitliche Fragen zu 5G
    Published: June 16, 2020
    By: Prof. Dr. Klaus Buchner
  29. *****European Greens question ICNIRP standards, call for new public body to look at 5G exposure
    Published: June 24, 2020
    In: Telecompaper / Wireless
  30. Ten reasons to be concerned about 5G – and it has nothing to do with C-19
    Published: June 24, 2020
    Worden mensen genetisch gemanipuleerd en het belang van 5G – Are people
  31. Laatste stap voordat 5G wordt aangezet: frequentieveiling begint vandaag
    Last step before turning on 5G: Frequency auction starts today
    Published: June 29, 2020
    By: Nando Kasteleijn
    In: NOS, news broadcaster, the Netherlands
  32. Frequency auction 5G started despite serious warnings and new critical report on ICNIRP – Frequentieveiling 5G gestart ondanks serieuze waarschuwingen en nieuw kritisch rapport over ICNIRP
    Published: 29 juni 2020
    By: Stralingsbewust, the Netherlands
  33. Hawaii: Resolution calls for halt to controversial 5G development
    By: Michael Brestovansky
    Published: July 8, 2020
  34. RUSSIA – 5G: вымыслы и правда / 5G: fiction and truth
    Vladimir Sukhomlinov interviews Russian Professor Oleg A. Grigoryev, chair RusCNIRP
    Published: July 15, 2020
    In: Литературная Газета / Literaturnaya Gazeta
  35. 5G confusion – clarification one step at a time
    By: Mary Redmayne, PhD
    Published July 25, 2020
  36. 5G Wireless Deployment and Health Risks: Time for a Medical Discussion in Australia and New Zealand – ResearchGate
    Authors: Priyanka Bandara, Tracy Chandler, Robin Kelly, Julie McCredden, Murray May, Steve Weller, Don Maisch, Susan Pockett, Victor Leach, Richard Cullen, Damian Wojcik
    Published: · July, 2020
  37. Numerous testimonies against 5G were presented to the Malibu City Council at their Monday, August 24, 2020 Meeting.
    By: Susan Foster
    Published: August 28, 2020
  38. AT&T’s 5G is Slower Than 4G in Almost Every City Tested — And Other Telecom Broken 5G Promises
    By: B.N. Frank
    Published: September 13, 2020
  39. Dissent at Heart of Telecom Industry Undermines France’s 5G Push
    By: Helene Fouquet and Ania Nussbaum
    Published: 18 September 2020
    In: Bloomberg
  40. 5G: Open letter to ICNIRP
    Published: October 2, 2020
  41. 5G: Effects on Eyes and Skin
    Published: October 7, 2020
  42. RUSSIA – Trapped into an invisible death
    Original title: В плену невидимой смерти
    The benefits of civilization, such as a mobile phone, can simultaneously be a source of misfortune
    Literaturnaya Gazeta Special Projects / Scientific
    Interviewer: Vladimir Sukhomlinov
    Published: October 7, 2020
    In: Literaturnaya Gazeta
  43. Corsica and the city of Lille in France face moratorium on 5G
    Published: October 22, 2020
  44. About 5G antenna law ~ Did you know?
    Published: November 27, 2020
    In: Council for Health-Safe Telecommunications, Denmark
  45. Capabilities and Challenges for an Evolving Network
    Published: November 24, 2020
    In: U.S. Government Accountability Office
    Graphic from 2011- 2025
    Lots and lots of microwaves & mm waves in the air.
    Much, much more coming soon.
    For 2023:
    ~ 1 quintillion kB/year, or
    ~ 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 kB/year
  46. Plane-Crash Risk Seen Rising on FCC Expansion of 5G Spectrum
    (Bloomberg) — A plan to redeploy spectrum for super-fast 5G wireless networks is sparking concern among aviation safety experts that it could result in interference with the electronics on aircraft, potentially leading to crashes.
    Published: December 07, 2020
    In: Bloomberg Quint
  47. Wireless Hazards
    Published: December 29, 2020
    By: Barbara Koeppel
    In: The Washington Spectator




  1. Arthur Firstenberg: 5G, Birds, Bees and Humanity
    Arthur Firstenberg discussed the history, science, and description of 5G, including 5G from satellites in space, and its expected effects on all living things.
    Lectured on August 12, 2018, in Taos, New Mexico, USA
    Video published on May 12, 2019
    The transcript and more, is available in a PDF.
  2. Dr. Martin L. Pall on 5G
  3. The Copenhagen Resolution on 5G
  4. Newsletters International Appeal – Arthur Firstenberg
    All in a list. Scroll down in the article.
  5. Collection of articles and PDF files – 5G Search and Share
  6. 5G and our wireless reality – a dangerous game with health and environment
  7. Children’s Health Defense: The Dangers of 5G to Children’s Health
    Published: February 13, 2019
  8. Wireless Industry Confesses: “No Studies Show 5G is Safe”
    Published: 15 February 2019
  9. The ICNIRP Cartel and the 5G Mass Experiment
    Feb 11, 2019
  10. Telecom Industry Did No Research on Health Impacts of 5G
    By: Akshit Sangomla
    Published: 27 March 2019
  11. 5G Deployment; State of Play in Europe, USA and Asia
    Published: 16 April, 2019
  12. The First Report of 5G Injury from Switzerland; and two more reports
    https://www.stopumts.nl/doc.php/ Berichten Internationaal/12113/
    Published: 26 July, 2019
  13. IEEE Says 5G’s Waveform Is a Battery Vampire ; sterk verhoogde energie consumptie met 5G
    Published: 2 August, 2019
  14. Barrie Trower – Lecture 2020: ‘The Truth about 5G and Wi-Fi’
    Published: September 11, 2020
  15. 5G: Open letter to ICNIRP
    Published: October 2, 2020
  16. Open Season on 5G Critics
    First NY Times, Now Scientific American
    Published: December 6, 2019




  1. Center for Electrosmog Prevention: Stop Global WiFi
    Published: 2018
  2. 5G from Space
    Author: Arthur Firstenberg
  3. Planetary Emergency
    Author: Arthur Firstenberg
    Published: May 14, 2018
  4. Wi-Fi In The Sky
    Author: Arthur Firstenberg