effects of their behavior on their children
“Educating a child does not consist solely in trying to instil good moral principles into them. How can parents believe they are educating their children, when the children witness them lying or being irritable or violent? Babies have been known to fall ill and exhibit nervous problems because of their parents’ arguments, even if they haven’t witnessed the arguing. This is because the arguments create an atmosphere of disharmony around the child, which it feels, because it is still very connected to its parents. The baby is not aware, but its etheric body receives the shocks.
You see some parents behaving in such a senseless manner that you can’t help wondering if they really love their children. They, of course, will say they do. No, if they loved them, they would change their attitude. They would at least try to cure themselves of certain weaknesses which have a very negative effect on their children. As long as they do not make these efforts, it means they do not really love them.” – Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhof