Religions are a part of the evolutionary process of human beings, and are very important in the learning to understand what is right, or not. Religions are based on “belief”. Believing is accepting something as true, even if one cannot experience it as true, and not understanding it either, but accepting it anyway, because of punishments of the God of the religion, or the religious leaders, and the being rejected by the group of believers when objecting or refusing to accept.

The best known religions are Christianity, Islam and Judaism.  Religions strive to “good” and reject “evil”. Both, good and evil, good and bad, are inside every human being, are colored by the culture’s interpretation of “good” and “bad” and this “bad” side can be easily suppressed.


Sins and suppressed feelings

It needs to be transformed however, otherwise it will stay there, even if one is not aware of it. To transform it one needs to face it, and that needs courage, and psychology. Psychology however, is in many countries working with the same old fashioned methods as religions work with: suppress it, think it away with thoughts, take over the thoughts of the psychologist, or the priest, the imam, talk, or be silent, and if it does not disappear doctors will offer you some medicine.  The problem is not, and will never, be solved in this way. People can become extremists in searching and doing the right thing as they believe it has to be, but hatred grows inside against oneself, and will finally find a way out. In a criminal way, or worse. Terrorism because of a religion is a sign of heavily suppressed feelings, of deep hatred inside that could not be transformed.


The superiority of human beings in God’s Creation

Religions create the complete misunderstanding of the place of the human being in the hierarchy of Life. This is the main reason for the dangerous situation nature is in now, where too much has been polluted, destroyed, and we, humanity, are facing the effects of the self created climate change. Nature is ill. We did it. We did not respect nature, and have misused it. Abused it.

The superiority of humans over nature is an entrenched mindset of some cultures and their religions.
This philosophy can only result in a separation mentality from the essential paradise that has provided, and so far still provides, humanity with food, shelter and beauty. Why do so many go along with this separation paradigm? How blind can the majority be when “it is as true today as it was in those ancient times, dimly recalled by legend, that Nature can bestow upon human beings great wisdom and knowledge.”



Dogmas, and Infallibility of Popes, High Priests and Imams

Religions are competitive, as all on earth is competitive. Their God (Allah) is the best. Their God (Allah) has a human character though, and is filled with revenge (the God of the Old Testament is….) The “God” of the Old Testament stimulated wars, murder. Like a criminal human being, or terrorist. What is “good” is related with the culture to where the religion belongs. In fact “God” in a religion is a collective of human values, created by a culture. These human values are written down in dogmas. Dogmas are a kind of unbreakable  and undisputable laws, based on human interpretation of subjects, as deep going as the minds of those who created these dogmas. Within the total of Life and Evolution it is logic a dogma is in fact impossible to be true.

Within this context it fits to talk about the human beings that have become Priests, High Priests, Imams, and all who belong to the pyramid of religious leaders, stay human, with a fallible inbeing, human, with also an unconsciousness and all its darkness. The more holy they want to be, the more they suppress this darkness and the more dark their words become, without knowing.

Truth is a continuous developing unveiling of awareness, of unconsciousness to consciousness, and we, human beings, are too little in the total of the Universe to be able what the full truth of All Existence is.


Video: a creation by an excellent YouTube channel, explaining religions.