Ronald Beesley


Mr Beesley

Ronald Beesley (1903-1979)  was a healer, clairvoyant , philosopher, writer and teacher. He gained international fame with his “Distant Colour Healing”, and the books “Yoga of the Inward Path”, and “Visions of the Aquarian Age”.
In Kent (near Tunbridge Wells, Kent in England) , he founded “White Lodge”, now “Centre of New Directions“.

  • Yoga of the Inward Path
  • The Creative Ethers
  • The robe of many colours
  • Destination oversoul
  • The Courageous Adventure
  • Union of Energies
  • Service of the Race
  • Duty of Freedom
  • Esoteric Christianity
  • Visions of the Aquarian Age.
  • Of spiritual gifts