Norwegian wilderness

Living here, in the almighty kingdom of Norway’s nature, very near to the place where Arne Næss had his Tvergastein hytte in national park Hallingskarvet, I become more and more aware of my worries about the vulnerable ecological reality of the Norwegian wilderness and natural landscapes around me, of what is the area of Multerland, and Norway in its total. I notice ignorance in Norwegians, to take care for their natural kingdom, as if it is eternally there, always, without their care, without their efforts. I notice lack of interest in Norwegians in what is going on in the rest of the world. We are world citizens who need each other in these times of growing and deepening global crises, who have to connect and to share responsibilities, whereto also Norway has to contribute. NRK, Norway’s TV broadcaster, hardly shows any news from abroad. Because of all I mentioned it is not strange that there are Norwegians who do not know that their Arctic is melting and why they should contribute to stop the climate change. Norway’s green party De Grønne is NOT presented in the Norwegian government: green politics are not popular in Norway.  Repeat the last sentence. As long till you understand the impact and the consequences of this on Norway’s nature.

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