Wholistic Expression

All Art is expression. Not all Art is holistic. For me Vincent van Gogh is an absolute Master, painting more than the physical eyes can see. He was probably the first holistic painter: painting more than what the physical eyes see.

Now many artists paint in a holistic way: they paint the unseen, processes like kundalini, aura, atmosphere, the interconnection of all existence. Daniel B. Holeman is a good example for holistic art, also Josephine Wall, but also Carl G. Jung painted holistic: his own life process. These paintings are collected in his Red Book. A lot of them are mandalas. Mandalas are the way to enter the deeper layers in yourself in an easy way. While drawing or painting mandalas one creates holistic art.

Anthroposophical art is also wholistic art, and a special serial of paintings by Rassouli as well.