Antoinette Janssen

My knowledge and expertise is built up by a mix of studies (Education, Naturopathy), private studies like Jung’s psychology, Steiner’s anthroposophy, ecology, deep ecology, esoteric eastern philosophy, the spiritual writings of Etty Hillesum, inquiry-based learning via experiences in various jobs, tasks, hobbies and life itself.

I am born in the Netherlands in 1948 and visited Norway in 2010. I had the possibility to stay, and took my time to find out if it would be good to emigrate to Norway. That happened a year later.

I am electro (hyper) sensitive: EHS. Since November 2017 the new smartmeter created an extreme physical reaction in the head, which I did not link immediately with a smartmeter, because I did not know that there had been a smart meter mounted and activated. I will never ever forget the weeks that followed, and how enormous the relief was when that meter was finally disabled. It took some days before I felt that my head was mine again.

My EHS has created the courage to speak, to write without any hesitation about facts that I have experienced myself with a full awareness and consciousness, what I studied about it thoroughly, and what made me think, deep, and long, about what I researched, on reliable and not reliable websites, by checking, comparing, and by creating finally an over-all picture of all the related subjects, and found the logic of reality, realism, and true facts.

Writing truth seems to be shocking, especially in our world of today, in which lies are written as true facts, embraced and shared as correct, without checking sources or names. Mostly sources or data are not mentioned. Names on official websites and in newspapers, in the media, are not checked, or even not available. I checked e.g. WHO, EU, SCHEER, and ICNIRP. The shocking results are in this blog.

The shocking effect of the writing of truth on for instance Twitter is often misinterpreted: people interpret it as aggressive, unfriendly, impolite, even related with extreme right winged politics.

First: I am not interested in politics, because politics are under the control of the industry and serve the industry. The industry is systematically based on economic fascism. Democracy is a wonderful term for an Utopia that does not exist. Socrates knew that. Socrates was not a pleaser either.

Second: I am not interested in fake likes, fake friends, fake followers.

Third: I am not willing to pamper anybody. I have learned in my life (born in 1948) that pampering does not work. It is a waste of time. Let the toddlers grow up.

If I am shocking somebody by being direct, straight, hard-hitting, by naming truth, by naming just that what one sees exactly with wide opened eyes, does not mean that I am aggressive, but that truth itself is experienced as aggressive by the reader: the person is waking up from an illusion, which I did not create, but the person him or herself. Awakening hurts. Letting go illusions hurts.

I am convinced though that the only way to stop the planetary emergency is shocking people over and over again, with truth. If you do not like truth, then please dream on, but one day the reality as the fulfilled Truth will wake you up.

I offer with almost absolute precision and ultimate care written articles a possibility to avoid this very nearby fact that, if not stopped, never will be written in the human history, because there will be nobody left to write it. The planetary emergency does not offer me any other choice than to chose the right, exact and therefore only correct vocabulary, to achieve my goal, which is an ultimate noble goal: the recovery of Earth.




Antoinette Janssen