Endless Consciousness



The new production: “Endless Consciousness, the film” (Eindeloos Bewustzijn, de film) (trailer) premiered at the 5th International Buddhist Film Festival in Netherlands: Amsterdam Pathé Tuschinski on Saturday, October 9, 2010. Film Duration: 60 minutes.

Director: Mark Verkerk  (The director of the film Buddha’s Lost Children)

The film is based on Pim van Lommel’s book “Eindeloos Bewustzijn” / “Consciousness Beyond Life” / “Endloses Bewusstsein”  : read more here

The American Raymond Moody, psychologist and philosopher, who wrote already about NDE’s in 1975 in his book:  ‘Life After Death’ speaks in the film about his thoughts concerning Infinite Awareness.

Pim van Lommel:  “If you assume that science is materialistic, you switch off by definition consciousness, awareness. Because consciousness can not be measured. I cannot scientifically prove that someone is in love or a painting is beautiful. And yet it is the most significant reality a person is able to experience. So I suggest that there is needed a new kind of science which should also allow subjective elements, acknowledge subtle/extremely subtle energies. For me science is putting questions with an open mind.”

(Nederlandse vertaling:) “Als je ervan uitgaat dat de wetenschap materialistisch is, schakel je per definitie bewustzijn uit. Want bewustzijn is niet te meten. Ik kan nooit wetenschappelijk bewijzen dat iemand verliefd is of een schilderij heel mooi vindt. En toch is het de meest grote realiteit die een mens heeft. Dus stel ik dat je een ander soort wetenschap moet hebben die ook subjectieve elementen toelaat. Wetenschap is voor mij vragen stellen met een open geest.”

Pim van Lommel is scientist and cardiologist, and he published his book “Endless Consciousness” / “Eindeloos Bewustzijn”, in 2007. He started the scientific research for it in 1969. As a warm-hearted cardiologist he spoke with lots of people who had a Near-Death-Experience. This book is a great success all over the world and Pim van Lommel has been invited already in several popular and high qualified tv-programs. His Near-Death-Experience-studies have also been published in “The Lancet”, known as the most prominent magazine for scientists in the world.


Pim van Lommel in “VPRO-Boeken

Pim van Lommel in “Pauw en Witteman” can be watched in the two videos (part I and II, only in Dutch) in this playlist. A video in the German language: click here