Art Therapy

Creativity is a natural need to express oneself. Unfortunately this need is hardly developed in us, because of a lack of attention for it in the people around us, from the time we are born. The people around a baby, are mostly a victim themselves, by an education that was only focused on developing the rational intelligence. To score. To be the best. No matter what it costs, not only financially, but also physically, and emotionally. for more information about this subject you are welcome to continue reading here.

We never lose this source of creativity though, and even on an older age one can start painting, sculpting, making music, dance….. Not perfectionism is important, not the result, but the start, the development from that point in a creative process of expressing what one likes to express on paper, canvas, or in clay, wood, etc.

It is a healing activity. This healing activity is also used on Waldorf schools.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a therapy with self expression as the tool to heal via therapy. All what opens or can open self expression, liberation of the self, the emotions, the spirit, under the guidance and control of professional therapists, is Art Therapy. It is used in the Anthroposophical Healthcare and in Art-Therapy in general. Art therapy, Music therapy, Dance, Drama therapy, and other self expression therapies belong all to Expression Therapy.