Intelligence of the Heart



– Already, at a young age, boys and girls are made to use their brain in their studies to such an extent and, often, in such a disconnected way that they are no longer able to control their thoughts. It is this mental agitation that later prevents them from rising any higher than the astral and mental planes and sensing the reality of the spiritual world.
Anyone who wishes to taste spiritual realities must put their mind aside for a while. The sages of India are right when they say that the mind is the assassin of reality. The mind can enable us to accumulate a great deal of knowledge and to reason endlessly, yet we remain on the surface. But it is given to the heart to know reality. Except, you have to understand this does not mean the physical heart or even feeling. When initiates speak of the ‘intelligence of the heart’, they are really referring to the soul, which alone has the ability to perceive the essence of beings and things. Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhof