Wholistic Agriculture

Biodynamics is a spiritual-ethical-ecological approach to agriculture, food production and nutrition. It is without any doubt that food that has been cultivated in the biodynamical way is the most healthy food. Healthy food is the base of our health. Hippocrates, the father of natural medicine: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Biodynamics was first developed in the early 1920s based on the spiritual insights and practical suggestions of the Austrian writer, educator and social activist Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), whose philosophy is called “anthroposophy.” Today, the biodynamic movement encompasses thousands of successful gardens, farms, vineyards and agricultural operations of all kinds and sizes on all continents, in a wide variety of ecological and economic settings.

Biodynamic farmers strive to create a diversified, balanced farm ecosystem that generates health and fertility as much as possible from within the farm itself, without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or genetically modified organisms.

Preparations made from fermented manure, minerals and herbs are used to help restore and harmonize the vital life forces of the farm and to enhance the nutrition, quality and flavor of the food being raised. Biodynamic practitioners also recognize and strive to work in cooperation with the subtle influences of the wider cosmos on soil, plant and animal health. From: Biodynamics



My interest for biodynamics is born from my interest in ecology. I heared the word “ecology” for the first time when I was in France, at ECOlonie, an ecological centre in Hennezel, Vosges….. In fact this ecological centre works with biodynamics. New concepts, better concepts, are born from older ones, and in this case from more studies around and experiences with the practice of “ecology”.  In Anthroposophy one uses the term “Biodynamic Agriculture”.


“Ecology (the thesis of ecological thinking and acting) at ECOlonie goes beyond healthy and organic gardening and building. Ecology is a philosophy that includes all aspects of life – both physical and spiritual. ‘Eco’ is derived from the Greek word oikos , meaning to feel at home. To feel at home somewhere simply means ‘to feel at ease, to be able to be yourself’.” (From Ecolonie’s website)

An ecological way of thinking and living is a contribution to Nature, and to our Natural Self, to stay healthy, or to become healthy again.

Ecological food is a natural remedy in it’s most pure and basic way. =