Learning about teachers? Shouldn’t teachers learn us? Be aware: not all who say they are a teacher teach the right things, or what you expect they will teach you. Your intuition is a guide in your life, it warns. If you have learned to take your intuition serious, you are lucky. Me was taught not to listen to it, to distrust myself, and trusting others. Therefore I expected to get what one said, or advertised for. Bad experiences have been important lessons in my life. Bad teachers were obviously needed to bring me back to what I, me, myself, am sensing and to follow this. 

Going through the life processes, the university of life, one needs Masters in wholistic science, in spiritual philosophy, in spirituality, to guide our process.



Dashur (Egipto). Piramide Roja de Snefru (IV Dinastia).


True and fake spirituality

To stay with two healthy feet on the earth, to be grounded and connected deeply with the earth is important to be able to experience the strong spiritual energies, to stay in the here and now, the present. Lots of people who are interested in Spirituality lose the connection with normal life, believe they are somebody special, in fact too good to be on this planet, and yes, there are even people who think they are Jesus Christ. Not only that. They say it. Loud and clear.


Good and bad leaders

Bad leaders, in spirituality or in our daily world, use fear as a weapon. Fear is a mood in which all muscles are tensed, ready to run, nerves are in a state of emergency. Believing such leaders relaxes those who fear, because they believe that if they follow them they are in good hands, and will survive. True leaders however are charismatic in another way. They eradiate Universal Love, bring Freedom, Liberate you from your fears, and nothing bad happens if you don’t follow them.


Be your own leader, creating your own inner pyramid

The best is to follow your own Path. In fact you don’t walk alone. Never. Living your life, being aware of life, working at the transformation of the not so excellent part of yourself (named “dark” side), working at your own well being , making the best out of it is being spiritual already! You can be spiritual in just doing your daily work with pleasure, by being a positive person. Compare yourself with a pyramid: a huge base, and a tiny little top. Be aware of the weight of that top: it rests on that huge base. That top is “sprituality”. Without a base you cannot be spiritual.


Good and bad guides

Be aware of the danger of some gurus, who make you unfree, take you within their power, to use your energy, to make a slave of you. True Wisom, and True Spirituality liberates, makes you a free person. Joseph Rulof wrote about the misleading words and acts of so many, in his book: Spiritual Gifts. Also in the book: Between Life and Dead.





Between Life and Dead is the sixth title in the series which Jozef Rulof received mediumistic. The book is a compelling novel about the temple life of the priests of Ancient Egypt. The historically true story takes place in the temple of Isis, approximately 4000 years ago.

You will be astonished about the black magic in the temples of the later dynasties of the old Egypt, used by priests!!

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The pyramid of excellence

Teachers, psychologists, doctors, professors, mothers, fathers, friends, all human beings, are somewhere in a comparable pyramid. A lot of a category are on the base, and just a few, maybe one, on the top. When you have followed a long path already in the evolution of life, you cannot be helped by humans who are on the lower levels of the pyramid. A master is always higher than you are, knowing more, seeing more, etc.

But also this master has to learn, and in fact the good student creates the good master. It is an interaction of needs, of learning, and mastering.