What dreams may come


What dreams may come” is based on a metaphysical novel, written in 1978 by Richard Matheson.
The story is about Chris (Robin Williams) and Anna (Annabella Sciorra), who learn about the life in the hereafter.
The deeper value of the film is the explanation of the reason why souls meet, about the phenomenon Twinsouls, about Love in it’s deepest levels, and about the Hereafter. About the consequences of committing suicide.
There is no death.  Because….. life is eternal. Consciousness is eternal, and we are (growing) consciousness, as a part of All Existance.

The way all has been explained in this video can be compared with the way Joseph Rulof writes about the life in the hereafter, about twinsouls, about committing suicide.
The phenomenon twinsouls is very much present in Joseph Rulof’s books.