– structure of human beings and of the world


“The physical world, the spiritual world and the divine world… or, form, content and meaning… or, again, the world of facts, the world of laws and the world of principles: it is always the same trinity – body, soul and spirit. Spirit corresponds to the divine world, the soul to the spiritual world and the body to the physical world. So, the soul comes between matter and spirit; it is an agent, a vehicle that conveys elements from heaven to earth and earth to heaven. Everything that comes down and everything that rises passes through the soul. Spirit can only reach downwards, and matter can only reach upwards, but the soul moves up and down between the two. This is why spirit only has power over matter if it passes through the soul.
Look at what happens in nature: the sun cannot act directly on the earth; it needs agents, in this case, air and water. In the same way, our spirit cannot touch our physical body directly; it needs an agent – the soul.” –  Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhof