Wholistic Therapies

Nature is Intelligence.

This Intelligence is a phenomenon of All Existence, the Cosmic Intelligence.

Intuition is connected with the Cosmic Intelligence. Intuition was a natural knowledge of our ancestors. They knew how to find herbs intuitively: by being connected with the Higher Intelligence as a part of it, because we all are One with the One.
They knew which were the healing ones, the poisonous ones, or the ones for using in the kitchen, to make our food more delicious, but also as a kind of a food supplement, for the health of all our physical systems and organs, because there are indispensable substances in it.
In the Middle Ages the medicinal/healing herbs were cultivated in the gardens of monasteries. Herbal knowledge became more and more a science, started by the monks who were Masters in the knowledge about them.
Their wisdom and knowledge found their way to the Universities, and scientists studied and are still studying to find chemical substitutes.
That science found it’s way to, and is a part of, the Pharmaceutic Industry.

Their importance is of an extremely high value for when there are illnesses, which cannot be healed anymore by natural remedies….
Chemical medicines are really an attack on our natural body systems, and know sometimes even awful side-effects.
But there are still medicinal / healing herbs, and flower remedies, to heal the human being, the animals, before it has become an illness of body or mind.
For the early stages of what can grow into a serious illness of body and/or mind Medicinal Herbs can help, and the Dr. Edward Bach Flower Remedies even more …..

Prevention is better than cure!

In the attached pages you can find information about the Dr. Bach flower remedies, about healing herbs, essential oils, massages, and more. The list is not complete, and will be built up during the time.


Healing Nature

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