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01. Dr. Joel Moskowitz: “Cellphone radiation is harmful, but few want to believe it”
Published: July 1, 2021
In: Berkeley News


01. Press Release: New York State Lawmakers Want Answers on 5G Health Effects
Published: March 26, 2021
By: Doug Wood, Americans for Responsible Technology

02. New review study finds that heavier cell phone use increases tumor risk
Author: Joel Moskowitz PhD
Published: March 24, 2021
In: Safer EMR, Joel Moskowitz’s blog about Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

03. Prominent Scientist Links Cellphone Radiation to Brain Tumors
Published: March 24, 2021
By: Suzanne Potter, Public News Service – CA – Producer
In: Public News Service

04. Why I will not be buying an electric car
Published: March 21, 2021
By: Dr. Pascaline Phillips ND – Naturopathic Notes
In: The Whig Standard

05. State Dept. appoints official to oversee ‘Havana syndrome’ response
Published: 12 March, 2021
By: Laura Kelly
In: The Hill



01. Switzerland: Doctors for the Environment: Press Release on 5G Wireless
5G –
New regulations for adaptive antennas: An increase of the limit values by a roundabout way as a mere detail of execution
German: http://www.aefu.ch/fileadmin/user_upload/aefu-data/b_documents/Aktuell/20210224_AefU_MM_adaptive_Antennen.pdf
French: http://www.aefu.ch/fileadmin/user_upload/aefu-data/b_documents/Aktuell/20210224_Communique_MfE_antennes_adaptives.pdf
English: https://mieuxprevenir.blogspot.com/2021/02/switzerland-doctors-for-protection-of.html?fbclid=IwAR36V-BLs62N8eVmWErMXj3FwlgXC7Kb9tI3Yz0gh-gI7dNtfViw-iyN728
Published: February 24, 2021

02. California, USA – TechSafe Schools Project
The TechSafe Schools project consists of
1. a personal letter addressed to school administrators https://bb8a81a9-3ada-4e52-8cea-849c89f091c7.filesusr.com/ugd/2cea04_cbfc3e4c89d14a9693f063513e708533.pdf
2. a legal letter from seven prominent attorneys with experience in wireless radiation and tort litigation
3. a short Q&A brochure about RF radiation in schools
4. and an invitation for school officials to attend one or more of three national webinars we will be sponsoring in early March.

Video: The Case for TechSafe Schools

03. CIA launches task force to probe invisible attacks on US diplomats and spies as one victim finds some relief
By: Kylie Atwood, CNN
*Published: February 24, 2021
In: CNN Politics

04. Why I’m challenging the FCC about antiquated safety standards for wireless devices
*Published: February 23, 2021
By: Devra Davis
In: The Washington Times

05. Canadians for Safe Technology(C4ST) has fact‐checked some of the “Canada Safety Code 6” statements and found them to be inaccurate and misleading to the point of being “misinformation.”
Published: January, 2021, received: February 11, 2021
By: Canadians for Safe Technology

06. Part 1: Portrait of a conspiracy: Professor Alexander Lerchl
German Court Moves To Silence Relentless Critic of RF DNA Studies Alexander Lerchl’s Unfounded Claims of Fabricated Data from Vienna Lab – 13-Year Campaign of Disinformation
Published: February 8, 2021
By: Dr. Louis Slesin
In: Microwave News

006. Part 2: Portrait of a conspiracy: Professor Alexander Lerchl
Rich Rewards for Bad Behavior
Alexander Lerchl Has Received $5 Million in Research Grants from German Government
Published: February 8, 2021
By: Dr. Louis Slesin
In: Microwave News

0006. Part 2a: Portrait of a conspiracy: Professor Alexander Lerchl
International Steering Committee
Published: May 6, 2019
By: Dr. Louis Slesin
In: Microwave News

07. Is Russia targeting CIA spies with secret weapons?
*Published: February 2, 2021
By: By Gordon Corera
In: BBC News

08. Melatonin and Cancer: A Polyhedral Network Where the Source Matters
*Published: February 1, 2021
By: Maria-Angeles Bonmati-Carrion, Antonia Tomas-Loba

09. Electromagnetic Irradiation Evokes Physiological and Molecular Alterations in Rice
*Published: February 1, 2021
By: Ardhendu Kundu, Sathish Vangaru, Somnath Bhattacharyya, Amirul I Mallick, Bhaskar Gupta
In: PubMed



  1. Is Wireless Technology an Environmental Health Risk?
    *Published: January 6, 2021
    By: Katie Alvord
    In: Society of Environmental Journalists [SEJ]
  2. France : A study shows a link between electromagnetic waves and the unexplained deaths of cows
    Published: January 9, 2021
  3. SmartDot radiation-protection phone stickers ‘have no effect’
    *Published: January 12, 2021
    By: Rory Cellan-Jones
    In: BBC / News / Technology
  4. Underestimating the Challenges of Avoiding a Ghastly Future
    – Introduction
    – Biodiversity Loss
    – Sixth Mass Extinction
    – Ecological Overshoot: Population Size and Overconsumption
    – Failed International Goals and Prospects for the Future
    – Climate Disruption
    – Political Impotence
    – Changing the Rules of the Game
    – Conclusions
    *Published: January 13, 2021
    By: Corey J. A. Bradshaw, Paul R. Ehrlich, Andrew Beattie, Gerardo Ceballos, Eileen Crist, Joan Diamond, Rodolfo Dirzo, Anne H. Ehrlich, John Harte, Mary Ellen Harte, Graham Pyke, Peter H. Raven, William J. Ripple, Frédérik Saltré, Christine Turnbull, Mathis Wackernagel and Daniel T. Blumstein
    In: Frontiers / Conservation Science – Global Biodiversity Threats
  5. Association between reproductive health and non-ionizing radiation exposure
    “Cell phone radiation harms male fertility by affecting the different parameters like sperm motility, sperm count, sperm morphology, semen concentration, morphometric abnormalities, increased oxidative stress along with some hormonal changes.”
    *Published: January 20, 2021
    By: Pooja Negi, Rajeev Singh
    In: Tandfonline.com
  6. The 5G Morass – tales and tattles or reasons for concern?
    *Published: January 31, 2021
    By: Paul Ben Ishai
    In: The Times of Israel