For many reasons I want to avoid the term “spirituality”. It is interpreted too often in a wrong way.  I have been rejected myself for being “spiritual”, because of the wrong interpretations, because of also the lack of knowledge about it, also of those who accused me. Not easy to find another word, one that covers the many facets of true spirituality. The term “deepening” is what true spirituality does, but it does more, and IS more. “Deepening” filters: it separates those who are really spiritual from those who want to avoid deepening, the going inward, to the deepest. It takes courage, guts, to go deep within the self, to be confronted with the deeper layers, the unconsciousness, where all is collected of also earlier incarnations, and what has not been digested, assimilated or transformed. Unconsciousness is all what stayed away from the consciousness, the knowing with awareness, to transform it.

To get rid of it one has to dive into it and work hard at it. The results are beyond one can imagine.


Carl Gustav Jung

The deepening of the self, is also named psychology. But not all psychology is spiritual psychology. There are many psychologists, but the most belong to the base of the pyramid named Knowledge of the Human Psyche. Not any study can offer insight in the deepest layers of psychology, unless the psychologist himself or herself goes through the evolutionary life processes. Carl Gustav Jung did. He wrote all his experiences in his “Red Book”, with a pen, and calligraphic characters. He painted, he created amazing Art. He met his own unconsciousness and met his own Dark side, and transformed it himself, via his own process.

Jung Red Book Photos

The book was kept away from the world, by his family, because the world was not ready for it. Also Jung would have been rejected as “insane” if he would have talked about it. There was nobody to help him in his process, he was a pioneer, and his book is published in the meantime. You can find all about Jung and his Red Book in my google+ page about him.


“Deepening” via Expressions like Art, Dance, Music, Poetry, Prose.

In the attached pages I have added detailed information, to get an impression.


“Deepening” via Nature

Being in Nature offers the possibility to connect with the deepest within. A special page is about “Deep Ecology”, and when reading you will discover that there are so many similarities between Taoism, Deep Ecology, Wholism, Buddhism, Deep Psychology, Spiritual Psychology, Anthroposophy, and the deep inner connection with Nature and Nature with you.

Spirituality is mostly associated with relaxing, silence, but being spiritual is also possible when experiencing the top of excitement, like here in the video about kayaking. Music:
Dikta – Thank you (lyrics)
Johnossi – Come Along (lyrics)