New Directions

Leaving the old path, the old patterns, all one needs to leave to find the direction to deeper levels, inside, one will search for what is different, new, and all searching is better than to stay where one is, to avoid a “bad” choice.

In fact “bad” choices do not exist. If one chooses a direction that brings problems, these problems are in fact lessons to be learned. Nobody walks the path of life without learning lessons, unless one stays exactly where one is. And dies finally without any growth, except the physical growth.

The choice is yours.

In the attached pages I have added possibilities to choose, directions, new directions. Maybe nothing in interesting. Dare to trust your own being attracted to what you really would like to chose. The longing to find is attracting the right direction. Follow your intuition. Create your own space, within, your own world.



There are as many worlds as there are people. Each one of us has an own specific authentic unique inner world with an own experience of all phenomenons outside, and inside. The tolerance of other opinions, differences between people(s), enlarges when finally one has understood his or her own uniqueness, and the human right to be as one is, deep inside. Aware of oneself and its connection will All Existence, different from anything else, but part of a whole.


The must to be allowed to be oneself, to be different, to live

Differences can be accepted, loved or liked, or preferred more or less, or lesser or not at all.  To make it understandable: there are several beautiful plants, with wonderful flowers, but not all can exist next to each other. It is even possible that plants die when brought them next to each other.

Human beings react in the same way. A person can “die” in an emotional, or metal way. To accept one’s personal choice is needed to be(come) as one is, without any disturbing factor. Forced friendships, or even marriages as happens in some cultures, create a disturbed psyche, bad moods and have their logical effect on the marriage, and the children.


Growing is a painful experience

In freedom made choices do not offer the guarantee the relationship or connection will be for ever as wonderful as in the beginning. Each soul has its own development and needs the own specific time to grow. While on earth, as a human, one can develop (grow) into levels of existence one never ever could imagine before. If the other, the friend or partner, does not grow in the same level, within the same time, there might pop up problems.

Leaving the partner, a family, a group, does not guarantee an easier growth, or any growth at all. The best partner and the best friend is within our self. To find this inner connection with oneself, one goes through life via a mostly painful path, but worth it.


The journey starts with searching the path to a wider horizon

To learn to know one’s own preferences and needs, the physical, psychological en mental nourishment, it is necessary to broaden the by the society created horizon in the mind. Fortunately we live in an era with lots of available information on internet. All added pages in the category “broadening” is helpful to broaden the horizon. Also to get support in searching, starting, or to consult when in a confusing time, feeling lonely, or experiencing pain: physically, emotionally or mentally, or even spiritually.

I have attached pages to this one to offer the possibility to broaden the horizon, concerning peoples, cultures, and traditions.