takes place by means of tests suited to each person’s situation


We are on earth, and earth is not the garden of delights we call Paradise; we are treated harshly here. We must get down to work; otherwise, we will continue to ask ourselves unanswerable questions. In humanity’s present state, no one can avoid being tested; it is part of evolution. Tests differ according to the beings concerned, their age, their life conditions and their degree of evolution, but no one can avoid them.
Child and adult alike, student and teacher, rich and poor, the ordinary citizen and the leader – all are tested, for each has truths they need to understand. Those who know how to get through difficult periods when nothing whatever is going right, when they are harassed and exhausted, gain infinitely more than if they went from one success to the next. But for that to be the case, they must do their best to see the positive side of their situation.” 
Omraam Mikhael Aïvanhof