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YouTube_logo_(2013-2015) A message from a citizens initiative, named “5bburgers”, for the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte about ICNIRP, and its radiation limits,which are a threat for human health. Article Multerland: 5B versus 5G
Published: May 2020
Website: 5bburgers
YouTube: 5bburgers

YouTube_logo_(2013-2015) Documentary: Resonance: Beings of Frequencies
The video starts at 50:17, with information about and analyses of ICNIRP: guidelines that are not safety guidelines, the industry, who are invited in the ICNIRP team, by who, and why. The role of WHO, EU. The absence of science in the group.

YouTube_logo_(2013-2015) Documentary: An Invisible Threat
The documentary is an investigation, delving into three groups: the telecommunications industry (mobile telephone companies, MMF); official organisations (WHO, IARC, ICNIRP) and official scientific reports (BioInitiative, Interphone, CEFALO).
Duration: 1:11:40
Director: Pablo Coca
Published: 2014

YouTube_logo_(2013-2015) Interview: Barrie Trower – The Dangers of Microwave Technology
On November 13, 2010, scientist Barrie Trower talked with Dr. Zac Cox about the dangers of microwave technology and the ignorance of the decision makers in relation to the international guidelines.
By: The World Foundation for Natural Science http://www.naturalscience.org
Total length: 2 hours, 20 minutes
Blog post: The World Foundation for Natural Science talks with Dr. Barrie Trower

YouTube_logo_(2013-2015) Dr. Martin L. Pall speaks about 5G, EMF, ICNIRP
Published: February 17, 2020

YouTube_logo_(2013-2015) ICNIRP – International EMF Guidelines Decision Makers / A Radiant Day
Published first time: Anders Børringbo – Brennpunkt, NRK, ‘’A Radiant Day’’, 2008
Republished: 2020
The Radiation Exposure War
Author: Frode Nielsen
Published: 14 November 2008
Playlist with the documentary in 5 parts:
Anders Børringbo – Brennpunkt, NRK, ‘’A Radiant Day’’, 2008

YouTube_logo_(2013-2015) Collection of playlists with information about the hidden dangers of wireless and cell phone radiation, 5G


YouTube_logo_(2013-2015) Individual playlists:

1. Dr. Martin Blank

2. Dr. Barrie Trower

3. Prof. Dr. Olle Johansson

4. Dr. Martin L. Pall

5. Arthur Firstenberg

6. Dr. De-Kun Li

7. Mona Nilsson – EMF Investigator Journalist

8. 5G and related information

9. ICNIRP – The totalitarian power of industrial/political group ICNIRP, over EMF guidelines


YouTube_logo_(2013-2015) The here following list of videos cannot be added to any playlist because of specific settings, created by the uploader. Reason to publish the videos here.

Opening of the 4th International Forum Of Protection From Electromagnetic Environmental Pollution. Precautionary Principle, Krakow, 23rd September, 2019.

1. Opening Forum [EN]
Dr hab. Andrzej Kulig, prof. UJ, Deputy Mayor of the City of Krakow and Marta Patena, Advisor to the Mayor of Krakow for Bioelectromagnetism.

2. PhD Stella Canna-Michaelido [EN]
PhD Stella Canna-Michaelido, ”Precautionary principle in practice – actions of Cyprus in ensuring protection from electromagnetic pollution”.

3. PhD Priyanka Bandara [EN]
PhD Priyanka Bandara, ”Exposure to environmental anthropogenic radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation and health impacts”.

4. Prof. dr hab. n. med. Alicja Bortkiewicz [EN]
Prof. dr hab. n. med. Alicja Bortkiewicz ”Precautionary principle in implementing the new generation of wireless transmission – 5G”

5. Prof. dr hab. Marek Zmyślony [EN] 
Prof. dr hab. Marek Zmyślony “Precautionary principle in implementing the new generation of wireless transmission – 5G”

6. MSc Dariusz Kapustka [EN]
MSc Dariusz Kapustka ”Cooperation of the self-government authorities with Environmental Protection Inspectorate on the protection from EMF – the example of Krakow”.

7. Prof. Olle Johansson [EN]
Prof. Olle Johansson ”Adverse health effects of artificial electromagnetics fields, such as from cel phones nad Wi-Fi routers and the various precautionary pinciples”.

8. PhD Barbara Gałdzińska-Calik [EN]
PhD Barbara Gałdzińska-Calik ”Results of EMF measurements including the results obtained from personal exposimeters in Krakow”.


vimeo Vimeo videos

vimeo Vimeo: Kopfschmerzen im Auto – Headache in the Car (English Subtitles)
German 2017 RTL video “Kopfschmerzen im Auto”, about an experiment demonstrating alarming brain effects from WLAN/WIFI and other electronic features of modern cars.
Published: 2017.

vimeo Vimeo: Ubiquity – trailer
The internet is closing in on us to connect anyone, anywhere, anytime. Some people cannot stand the electromagnetic radiation from the wireless networks that surround us. They feel the pulse of the wireless world on their bodies. Are they the canaries in the coal mine?
Published: 2018

vimeo Vimeo playlist: The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cellphone Radiation

vimeo Vimeo Showcase, 19 videos: Electromagnetic RadiationThe evidence Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) causes harm to life forms even at doses many orders of magnitude less than the ICNIRP official “safe limits” is overwhelming and consistent showing harms. The potential to cause harm has been known for over 1/2 a century. Those people with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity or Electromagnetic Sensitivity, EHS, know too well the problems even small amounts of radiation can cause ranging from minor discomfort through to life threatening heart arrhythmia and other serious conditions.


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