5B versus 5G

“5Bburgers” is a Dutch initiative, started in May 2020, via their website, and their YouTube channel, to create a way to reach the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte.

They have done this in a unique, impressive way, in order to reach him really, to inform him about facts, with the naked truth. Also literally: they, who speak, are naked, but one can only see the most essential naked part: the top of the body, shoulders and chest. Therefore it is not any problem to share the video with your family, friends, al human beings, in all kinds of media and on all websites. Their website offers links to excellent sources, and one can also find a link to the website of the “Nationale Bond tegen Overheidszaken” [National Association against Government Affairs] : “5G Aansprakelijkheid“[5G Responsibility]. Their slogan: “Hold telecom providers personally accountable with a commitment including a daily penalty of up to € 2,000 per day. In addition, hold politicians and officials personally liable with a penalty.” Of course I have signed, and I would like to urge you to do the same.

5B stands for five Dutch words starting with a character b, and which show the : betrokken [engaged], bevlogen [passionate], behulpzame [helpful], bewuste [conscious] & behoedzame [caring] burgers [citizens] In English the term “burger” is also an English word, and yes, the industry is indeed changing citizens into burgers to be sold on the consumers market, but a similar initiative in English could be for instance: 5C, a Citizens initiative, who are Committed, Compassionate, Caring, Conscious and Cautious.

Citizens are asking the Prime Minister the naked truth behind the 5G policy. Choose health!
We are simply citizens. Citizens who read up on ourselves, citizens who pay attention, citizens who wish to form a society in which people live in good health and satisfaction in balance with nature.
With this video we aim to make the Prime Minister of the Netherlands critical (but really, very critical) to look at the possible dangers of electromagnetic radiation where we are
now exposed to and the radiation of 5G, if the roll-out of 5G is going to be continued. In the video we tell more about the concerns of independent scientists, the results of
independent studies on health effects of radiation and the interests of the ICNIRP for 5G.
The Brussels Minister for the Environment clearly takes his responsibility by not increasing 5G stand and choose the health of the citizens. More research is needed that is too obvious not to see. Mister Rutte must realize that.
Help bring this message to Rutte by sharing it with as many people as possible!

Their video is subtitled in Dutch and in English:

Additional: I found their website and video via @LouisSlesin on Twitter. I have bookmarked his Twitter profile, and I can recommend everybody who has not a Twitter account himself/herself, to find excellent sources and information of and about electromagnetic radiation, the health hazards of this, a lot about ICNIRP, and if you have a Twitter profile yourself: follow him, also his other Twitter profile @MicrowaveNews, related with his website Microwave News , his along time ago started magazine about electromagnetic fields, ICNIRP, WHO.

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