Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa is the Latin name for “Oatstraw”… Avena Sativa can be used in cases of stress, being nervous, with “burn out”, in cases of sleep problems, fears, anxieties, bedwetting. Also excellent when you need support in trying to stop with smoking or using canabis (or other narcotics/drugs).

In good health shops and drugstores one can buy it as Avena Sativa Complex from ao Dr. Vogel. In the Dr. Vogel Avena Sativa Complex there is also Panax Ginseng and Ignatia Amara in a mild homeopathical dilution. Avena Sativa nourishes the nerve system. Panax Ginseng energizes, relaxes, is a kind of a panacea. Ignatia Amara harmonizes the moods.


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