Herbs are plants with special nourishing qualities, and are healthy. Kitchen herbs create a more tasteful and excellent smelling food, contribute to the digestion, cheer up the mood.

Even more exquisite are the medicinal herbs. They have healing qualities, that have been discovered far back in the history of mankind. More and more some people of a community were specialized in it, and educated the new generations. In the Middle Ages their knowledge has been written down in the monasteries. The monks created special garden with unique healing herbs. All Latin names of herbs, with the addition “officinalis” belong to the collection of these monastery gardens and all the detailed information about it.


The base of the pharmaceutical industry, and the difference

These herbs became the base of the pharmaceutical industry. The difference was and is that this pharmaceutics only use the healing parts of the plants, and leaving all other parts out. This is the main cause that pharmaceutic medicine creates side effects. This is not the case when using medicinal herbs. Another important detail is that medicinal herbs are not addictive: one gets not addicted to them. This IS the case with pharmaceutical medicine. Instead of getting rid of them one needs a stronger version, with more heavy side effects. This creates is a very unhealthy vicious circle, that only brings profit to the pharmaceutical industry. This is one of the reasons that the waiting rooms of the mainstream healthcare never get empty.

Another important note to mention here is that medicinal herbs, all herbs, are biodestructible. Pharmaceutical medicine is not. Parts of it go via the toilet into the drinkwater systems, and the anti depressants used by your neighbour, for instance, will be finally in your glass of water.

As long natural medicine can be used, pollution of not only our body but also water can be avoided. Natural medicine though cannot solve the more heavy physical, emotional and mental illnesses. Natural medicine can support the healing process though. But in all cases there must be a good cooperation between your doctor and your therapist.


A professional naturopath

Because all medicinal herbs, all natural healing remedies, are only effective and safe when used in a program, with special advice in how to use, and how much, and how long, I strongly advice to contact a professional therapist or naturopath. They followed a special, long, training program, with education in anatomy, pathology, analyse, psychology, know exactly their limits and will not take any risk. They have a register, with info of their patients and made a vow of silence.


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