Broadening & Deepening

Both, “broadening” and “deepening” are the dynamical energies that belong to “the inner journey”.

“The inner journey” is our development as a soul, following the cycle of the soul, within an evolutionary process. Also this journey needs the will to start, to go, and the persistence to continue. This inner journey though, does not bring you “back” to the point where you started, because you take your home with you. It is inside of you, it is you.

In the attached pages I have collected “road signs” and “traffic signs”, also where you can find support in finding your own personal specific unique path. Where to find new energy, when you get tired, or to find new inspiration, when you get confused. How to learn to trust your own inner voice, to learn the difference between the voice of a mood, the voice of your character, or the voice of your deeper self, your intuition. Your intuition is your compass. It is possible to learn to develop it if it is hidden, or denied.

On the page “broadening” I explain what it is, and on the page “deepening” I explain what that is. Both are in a constant presence of each other. Broadening is related with the horizontal view though, the looking around, and deepening is a vertical view, looking upward and downward. Downward what belongs to earthly laws, our physical human roots, and upward what belongs to the Higher Self, the Divine, the Universal Laws. In the center is the heart. In the following drawing (by Leonardo da Vinci) you can imagine the vertical linefrom fee to the crown chakra, to the space above the head, till the border of the circle. The horizontal line can be drawn on the height of the arms. Together they create the cross. The cross is a symbol of the human being, who goes his inner journey to the end, accepting all what it brings, also the suffering, the pain, the humiliation, the loneliness, the fears, the anxieties. One learns to transform them, into strength, growth, to be, human.