Mastering the Mind

Mastering the mind is not: training it rationally. Rationalism is brain activity.  The mind is more than brains. The mind is, has to be, aware. The mind can be trained to be in calmness. It is possible to empty the mind and staying aware of all what happens, becoming more aware of one self, the breathing, the body, the chakras, and control oneself. Yoga is a way to learn to master the mind, also meditation and contemplation are helpful tools to learn to master the mind.


Why it is important to learn to master the mind

The mind that has not become aware of itself, as the one who rules the thoughts, and is not able to govern the own thinking, is very easy to be hijacked by negativity, by psychiatric pollution. Not only from other people, via the media, but also by thoughts that circle around as energy fields, unseen, but able to attack you when you are not prepared on it. It can affect you as if these thoughts are yours. This is possible, of course, but be aware of your own thinking, because it attracts similar energies. Also in the astral worlds, the world of the hereafter, where we all arrive after the physical death, are light forces and dark forces. Using drugs is a door to the astral worlds and it is possible to have very bad experiences, so bad, that it is impossible to get over it. Drugs can harm, but also the energies that are able to visit you can harm. When it is time to open the mind for the astral worlds one has to be educated in mastering the mind.

In fact it is easy to understand: you live in a house with a front door, and this is locked. It has a bell. Before opening you watch who might be there. When you have invited people in your house and they are not behaving as you like it because they do not respect the rules of the house, you send them away. Do the same with thoughts that are negative. Not with a kind expression in the tone, but with a strong inner energy, that it is clear that this has to go. Dare to be angry towards it. Fair anger is a wonderful energy.


Exercises to master the mind

There are courses to learn this. Meditation is a way, if it is guided in a good way. Yoga does. Reading the right books are an excellent exercise. You can find them in a list.

Not all is excellent, not all is clean, do not be naive: also black forces work with beautiful faces and smiles, and one has to learn the difference between right and wrong. Even when you have made a “wrong” choice, consider it as a lesson, to learn from it. I did. It has made me strong. But I am very grateful for the few people that understood, and helped.


Eckhart Tolle about liberating the mind: