Buddha’s ideas are not fitting in Buddhism. Buddhism is a movement that has grown out of the teachings of Buddha. Buddhism is not a religion, because a religion acknowledges a God, outside them. Buddha taught that the divine is INside us.

Buddhism has become an idolatry of Buddha. Buddhism has created monasteries, and temples to hail a Buddha sculpture, something outside us, and creating a religion, without a God, but with an idol, Buddha. This is idolatry. Buddha did not teach that.

However. Buddhism has a positive effect on people. Buddhism is a positive way of thinking, and has an excellent way of teaching. Buddhism offers rituals, traditions, chanting, and creates peace. Listening to Buddhist music creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Important to know is that one does not need to be in a Buddhist temple or to have a Buddha sculpture in the house to be a Buddhist. One does not need to wear special clothes to be a Buddhist. The film “Samsara” teaches that. You can find the film on the page “Contemplation”.




Interview with Khandro Rinpoche (birth name Tsering Paldrön, born August 19, 1967). She is a rare example of a female lama in Tibetan Buddhism.