What is health(y)?

Living in a world that has changed into a global, industrial, rational society, where competition and greed have the leading roles, human beings get problems with their health.

Health is a guarantee for sanity, for sane thinking, feeling, reacting. Health though is under the guidance of a rational healthcare, with too much missing views on keeping health healthy. The negative spiral of the development in the mainstream healthcare creates a growing income for the pharmaceutical industry, and for the mainstream healthcare. Health becomes something unattainable.

In the chapters “Science” and “Wholistic Science” I have explained more. Science is the result of one sided rationality which leads with an extremely high danger to insanity (all what is the opposite of healthy, of whole; a lot of people are split personalities, paranoia, or fearful, while having studied on universities, being a professor). Wholistic science is the study about sanity, the care for staying sane (healthy), or to find sanity (physical, emotional, mental health) back, to be able to experience healthy spiritual experiences, to be able to contribute to a healthy society, a healthy humanity, to avoid catastrophes, to change the climate change, which is caused by humans, from the beginning of the industrial era (science is related with this).


Human life processes, experiences, and evolutionary developments as part of becoming more whole.

Some items about several life processes, evolutionary processes, have to be studied, learned, to become whole, healthy, or to stay healthy. It is very important to learn to know about them, because a lot of sane people were afraid to be the only one in their experiences, afraid to be named insane, and were not even understood by their own GP. Not by their psychologist, not by their friends, by nobody. While the “problems” were in fact absolutely normal within the evolution of mankind, but new, an therefore unknown to those who did NOT experience it. These processes, evolutionary processes and energies, need to be named, explained and understood.

In my Multerland YouTube channel I have created videos and playlists with lots of very important information. See also the Carl Gustav Jung YouTube channel. Get inspired, informed, learn….