The most wonderful tool to create inner peace and harmony is a simple foot massage. It is even a massage you can offer yourself, as long you are flexible enough to bring the foot on the knee of the other leg.


Massage, also when one is healthy

Why should one wait with searching for a masseur till the moment one is completely out of balance, or worse? The start can be in your own family, by simply massaging the feet of your children. Not with anything more than soft, simple and easy comforting moves over the skin of the feet, following the shape of the foot with care and attention. It is very helpful for the child to relax, to enjoy a meditative mood, to empty the mind, to feel the care and nearness of the parent. It is psychologically nourishing. It creates a healthy contact with the child, and opens the communication.


Thai Yoga Massage

Another simple massage is the Thai Yoga Massage. Simple, because one does not need a massage table, not any oil, and one does not need to go out of the clothes. There is program though that has to be followed up, and one needs to know more about the physical body, where to be careful with, and… to know the following order of the movements.


Massage schools

In this video you can see Tirza Bottema, Yoga Master of Thai Dee, a school in Netherlands (Nieuwegein) for learning this massage. Search for schools in your country to go there, and become a masseur in a wonderful easy way. Very healthy also for yourself, because your entire body works, not only your hands. It is a kind of yoga for yourself, and for the other.



In the attached pages you can find more wellness- and/or therapy massages.