ICNIRP ~ excerpt from: “The cell phone radiation documentary”

WHO EMF Project was established in the late 1990’s.
The idea was to have in WHO an organization that would be dealing with non-ionizing radiation effects.
Idea was to provide governments with guidance, what is safe, what is not safe.
In practice the EMF project is more or less one person.
She needs to rely on somebody else’s opinion. and this opinion is being provided by ICNIRP,
International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.
In practice it is this way that WHO is sort of front for ICNIRP opinions.
The biggest problem with ICNIRP is, it is composed of scientists who have the same opinion.
So, all of them, if you would think about this bell curve of how different opinions are spread:
on one end of this bell curve are those who say that there is really a big health risk.
On the other end of the bell curve are those who say, there is no problem.
ICNIRP is there.
Whenever somebody retires from ICNIRP, a new person is being elected and selected by ICNIRP members.
So they are self-selecting new members, so this is a sort of private club, which self-propagates the same idea.

In June 2020 two EU MP’s published a report about ICNIRP.
The organization is accused of systematically ignoring any scientific evidence that
suggests or proves that radio frequencies have adverse health effects.
It is also accused of being a non-accountable and one-sided organization.
It holds a monopoly on safety guidelines and presents itself
as an independent body of scientific advisors.
The most important conclusion of the report is: for really independent scientific advice we cannot rely on ICNIRP.
And yet, they offer advice on human health and safety to governments.

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