Reproductive health

1. How exposure to cell phones and other technology affects reproductive health
Published: June 27, 2022
By: Uloma Uche, Ph.D
In: EWG (Environmental Working Group)

2. Association between reproductive health and non-ionizing radiation exposure
“Cell phone radiation harms male fertility by affecting the different parameters like sperm motility, sperm count, sperm morphology, semen concentration, morphometric abnormalities, increased oxidative stress along with some hormonal changes.”
Published: January 20, 2021
By: Pooja Negi, Rajeev Singh

3. Daily Star: Fears UK’s new 5G network could ‘lower sperm counts and sterilise young men’
Published: 2 February 2020

4. Barrie Trower: Children are at risk (video) / egg cells / DNA in girls
Excerpt from an interview by held on November 13, 2010, in Ulm, Germany
Video published: October 24, 2011
By: The World Foundation for Natural Science

The other, which is I think the most serious aspect of a child’s development … there are experiments that show the ovarian follicles in young girls. Unlike boys who produce sperms as an [..?…] required, on a daily basis…, girls are born with all of a 400 egg cells, they are going to need to develop in fully grown egg cells and children. We know that microwaves affect the ovarian follicles and can affect the ovarian eggs, we know that there are microwaves, there are papers on this, can cause genetic damage. If you think of a young girl at school sitting there at a desk and she has the Wi-Fi set on it, transmitting straight through the uterus into the ovaries. If the young girl damages the ovarian eggs (and we’re not going to know this for another 15 years) if your ovarian eggs are damaged these are unrepairable. They can never ever be repaired. The mitochondrial DNA in girls is unrepairable. When that girl, if she has a daughter, that daughter will carry the genetic damage, that has been caused by the microwaves, and when SHE has a daughter, THAT daughter will carry the same disease, and her daughter, and her daughter. So we are now not risking this generation, we are risking the future generations of all of the children in the world, from genetic damage, till there is no female line left in that family. That is a scary prospect.