University of Light


For human beings it is not possible to understand, know, the universe, life, life after death, soul, the cycle of the soul, unless it is explained from a view of humans who live in the hereafter, working there as guides. In the astral worlds are differences in guides, because also there evolution goes one, and not all spirits or souls are in the full Light. There are also spirits and souls living in Darkness. Both, Light and Darkness, have seven spheres, levels.

The full content of the knowledge of Light is not possible to receive in the physical body, unless our brains, our emotions, are ready for it, via many incarnations, during the cycle of the soul, on earth, and in the hereafter, in between the incarnations.

The unique books, written down via Joseph Rulof, are from Masters of these Spheres of Light, the Light of the Higher Intelligence. I have read Joseph Rulof’s  books, and in the many years I was studying them, I have become in an awakening process, a deepening of dimensions.

These books are not easy to read. They are not novels. They are study books in emotional, mental and spiritual wisdom, the deepest knowledge of love, pain, suffering, evil, light, darkness, souls, twin souls, too much to mention here, from a “University” that cannot be compared with any earthly university. When reading, the Spheres of Light open in your opening awareness, as far your mind is able to adapt it. Light. Intense Light, not earthly light. The sun is nothing compared with it. Not any earthly experience can be compared with it.

In the attached page you can read about Joseph Rulof, and his books.

Daniel B. Holeman’s art explains excellent what spiritual Light is. Header: detail of this painting: