The Painting Mediumship


Josephus Gerhardus Rulof (February 20, 1898, ‘s-Heerenberg, Gelderland – November 3, 1952) was a Dutch author who was known as a psychic and trance medium or spirit medium. He wrote about thirty books about life, death, and the hereafter. The Society Spiritual-Science Foundation “Jozef Rulof”, administers the complete works.
It was set up for this purpose in 1946 by Jozef Rulof.

For more information about his art of painting you can visit the special website of  “The Age of Christ”.  (English, French, German, Dutch, Portuguese)

Some of Joseph Rulof’s paintings:


Twin souls…



Harp of the Universe…



Mother and child…



The human path of life… (Vincent van Gogh)



The Light of Christ…

Header: detail of a photo of a painting, realized by Joseph Rulof, while in trance, and Vincent van Gogh was painting the “Path of Life” via Joseph Rulof’s painting mediumship. Source.