Arne Næss

Arne Dekke Eide Næss (27 January 1912 – 12 January 2009) was a Norwegian philosopher who invented the term deep ecology and was an important intellectual and inspirational figure within the environmental movement of the late twentieth century.

In 1939, Næss was the youngest person to be appointed full professor at the University of Oslo and the only professor of philosophy in Norway at the time.

He was a noted mountaineer, who in 1950 led the expedition that made the first ascent of Tirich Mir (7,708 m).

The Tvergastein hut in the Hallingskarvet massif played an important role in Ecosophy T, as “T” is said to represent his mountain hut Tvergastein.

Arne Naess is considered one of the most important philosophers of the twentieth century. He has been a tremendously prolific author, yet his works as a whole have remained largely unavailable – until now.




Some of his books:

1. Ecology, Community and Lifestyle: Outline of an Ecosophy  



2. Is It Painful To Think: Conversations with Arne Naess



3. The Ecology of Wisdom 


Modern environmentalism owes a great debt to philosopher, professor and writer Arne Naess, co-founder of the Deep Ecology movement. Here, editors Alan Drengson and Bill Devall provide a comprehensive but accessible volume of his most groundbreaking and seminal essays, which have remained influential among environmentalists to this very day. An essential anthology from one of modern environmentalism’s most important and relevant voices.


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Header: a photo of Hallingskarvet, very near to the place where Tvergastein has been built, Arne Næss’ home in Norway.