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Reasons for writing this post are similar with why I deactivated my Twitter account: @MyMulterland[but it has been activated again in August]. This happened on June 12, about a year after I opened it. I opened it after publishing Arthur Firstenberg’s lecture video: “5G, Birds, Bees and Humanity“, to bring this educational lecture about 5G video more into the publicity, via the Twitter possibilities. Next to my own video creation I wanted to share my own blog posts, and find articles and posts of others, about everything, related with wireless radiation, 5G, Stop 5G, and the health hazards created by wireless radiation. I wanted to reach people, connect, share and find, read, learn. In this post I’d like to share my experiences with Twitter, and findings about what I observed that is going on there, but not only there. I will be open and honest, and not mincing words, not beating around the bush, because the time to cover words with sweet mellow strawberries and whipped cream is gone. We are in a deep crisis.



What exactly is “Twitter”?

Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as “tweets”. Registered users can post, like, and retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only read them. As of 2018, Twitter had more than 321 million monthly active users. Source


My findings

Connecting people or faking it —-Though I am in general not happy at all with Twitter, after all, how it is used and functions, Twitter is nevertheless a unique way to find subject related accounts, to find relevant information, to comment immediately on a published Twitter post, and to contact very quickly with subject interested people. One can follow those who are offering quality information, and one can decide to follow back, even those who are posting rubbish, and mute them. Why follow back? Because, as a new Twitter user, you want to please them. But it is a false connection, not honest. They do not know that you muted them, and maybe they also muted you, and added you for another false reason. When muted one does not get any new post of them on the “home” timeline. This saves a lot of scrolling time. This is the reason why a lot of published posts are never read. Those who publish rubbish, are not interested in quality. And vice versa. The problem with the Twitter “architecture” is that it is impossible to read all published posts of all you have started followingand reason why I stopped following a lot after a while to keep only the accounts that really matter. Stopping following is at least a fair method, while muting is an unfair way to get rid of posts you don’t want to read. People even have to mute excellent accounts, for another reason: they do not dare to lose the contact. Why? Becauseas a kind of a “punishment”, a revengethey unfollow you as well. This means that your numbers of followers is going down. They have, no, they believe they have to expand their follow numbers total, in order to get more followers back. The more followers, the higher the status. Yes, it is like a market place. This means that the total of followers is not any guarantee that your posts will be liked, retweeted, or will be read….., and if you are smart, then you can calculate the hours, needed to read all posts of all the hundreds, thousands, they are following. One needs at least 300 years.

Followers —– At the final end of my being active on Twitter, on June 12, 2020, I was following 75 accounts, and 456 were following me. That only seems to be successful because…. hardly any of them liked, or retweeted my posts. This happened not only with my posts. People with thousands of followers should have many more retweets and likes than me, but they don’t, unless one is a celebrity, an idol, but even then a lot are not really interested in what is tweeted, one is only interested in collecting celebs as gadgets to their profile, and to retweet a tweet of them, to be(come) somebody. With other words: the most who tweet have nothing to say (check their timeline), are parroting others, or humiliating others, playing the popular one, and in the less worse case they are maybe just shallow thinkers. Trying to open the mind of shallow thinkers, to create a deeper understanding about what is going on, is a loss of your time. Trying to create a discussion is possible, but just a few react with an intelligent comment and mostly it is not more than gutter language, born in dirty minds, of people who are really not able to think. The language can also be utterly polite, while the taste is rancid. Twitter is a platform for roaches. I have discovered that also academics can be very shallow thinkers, and bullies, so, it is not per definition related with education, but it is related with awareness. Some just do not have it. There are crowds of shallow thinkers, and, as said, also scientists are among them, and maybe slowly you start to understand the cause of the deep crisis we are in. The only way to avoid low level comments is to block these accounts. I have reacted very often via commenting, often in a sharp, direct way, because I have learnt in Netherlands, since I grew up there, to go directly to the hard core of the issue. With fair reasons I did now also: time to stop 5G is running out, and velvet words do not work. I had read a lot, after a short while, and knew perfectly where I was commenting about, could always refer to reliable sources. Truth hurts! I do not want to twist truth. This has consequences: when speaking truth, people dislike you. Truth is not popular. There was, some months ago, an email, written by an academic in the field of EMF. An excellent scientist. But he did not like my direct [Dutch] way of commenting on other people’s tweets, and according to his words it was because of that, that hardly anybody commented on my posts on Twitter. So: he had studied my timeline! My tweets! My comments! Indicated me to be aggressive. Well, if being direct, honest, fair, truthful, means being aggressive, then we would live in a very peaceful world. Which is not the case. And: time is running out and 5G is not safe, all information about 5G is for 99,9% industrial propaganda and based on ICNIRP-assumptions, not on scientific research. If one has not understood this, one can be named a doctor, a scientist, but an unconscious one. He was even attacking me in that email that I commented too quickly on his posts. Maybe I was stalking him, he suggested. Because mostly I reacted immediately after he posted something. Well, that was really a coincidence, and he made an absurd remark. He advised me to wait at least one day before reacting……. But how to explain, that my so quick reacting was a coincidence, to a paranoia, arrogant, brutal, shameless, humiliating person? I was furious, but answered anyhow all his accusations in decent but factual terms, ending with expressing what he created himself: aggression, and I wrote him with all my honest anger, that if he was in front of me, I would have smashed him in his face, now. His name is Mikko Ahonen. He had my email address after a correspondence because of his website, his work, and a post in my blog about EHS symptoms, a while ago. There are more academics on Twitter. I have some words of truth to write about these as well.

Academics on Twitter —– Also accounts of academics are not per definition as academic as one could expect. Twitter exposes all its users in the way they exactly are. One can learn a lot from what is posted, liked, or commented. There are academics who do not take it so closely with ethics, responsibilities, truth, with the emergency of playing an exemplary role, either. Though they like to make us believe they do, and have impressive websites or blogs, with often impressive in-depth articles, with sources, data, even great links to PubMed or ResearchGate, and who are sometimes even directors of institutions, hospitals, or even bigger institutions, or professors or adjunct professors at universities, or have as one of these academics claims, more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, while nobody can find these [I refer here to Frank de Vocht. More about him in the next article: Peer Reviewed.], with arms that entangle the entire world, like WHO and ICNIRP, FCC: the weight of the total quality of some academics is shockingly low. There are even academics who create fraud, who lie through their teeth. Without blinking, and with a scandalous brutality. Naming me unethical when I write about EHS, because it is, says ICNIRP’s Röösli: imagination. [See post]. And though proved to be a fraud [see ICNIRP, chapter Hardell and chapter Flydal ], and even accused for 5G swindle, this proved-to-be-a-fraud academic is still respected and defended by those who state publicly that they are against the group where he is a member of: ICNIRP. With other words: these academics, respected deeply by ignorant not educated in the field common people, are creating doubt, and enormous confusion, exactly that what they, themselves, blame the industry, in this case the telecom industry, as Joel Moskowitz does, in tweets, in articles on his website, by posting the re-publishing of the book Doubt Is Their Product. Also Environmental Health Trust‘s Devra Davis creates doubt, by recommending Martin Röösli‘s researches on her website and links in tweets. Also does Marc Arazi. He, Marc Arazi, had not any idea where I was commenting about when I was mentioning Röösli, who was in the research paper Arazi tweeted, and asked me in his comment on my comment if I was a telecom-industry Twitter user…… While he defends a telecom-industry-related Twitter user: Röösli. This is the shocking reality. These academics are hypocrites, swindlers. “Birds of a feather flock together.” Twitter exposes all and everything, thank you Twitter.

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There are also academics who like to create suspicion about absolutely deep respected, reliable and honourable other academics, and creating doubt about them via derisive words in tweets, and blog posts. Example of this kind of rejectable abuse is Dariusz Leszczynski, a Twitter “friend” of Frank de Vocht: two of a kind. Leszczynski did and does not have any problem to ask an academic, without informing him why, to write about a subject for his blog, as a guest writer, that (to be expected) opposes the researches of another academic. That one, specific, by Leszczynski published, and by Leszczynski himself edited, and falsely manipulated guest-post has become a part of a foul play, and one can only be amazed that this “academic” has still followers on his Twitter account. That is also a significant detail of the facts of the time we live in: the filthier and mean the more popular. The names of by him cheated and mislead academics are Dr. Martin L. Pall and Arthur Firstenberg. [post]

Though Leszczynski has proved to be unethical, by himself, he is frequently quoted and/or recommended by other academics, like Don Maisch, in his blog EMFactsConsultancy, and even by Investigate Europe. I wonder what the level of awareness is of those who quote him, re-blog his articles, or use his articles as a source. Again: “Birds of a feather flock together”.

Professor Oleg A. Grygoriev: I respect him deeply, and I have learned a lot from him, and we can learn a lot via him about 5G, telecom and guidelines in Russia. However: he continues tweeting from a wireless device, an iPad, creating harm with wireless radiation himself, while he is tweeting about the health hazards of wireless radiation. How do I know that he tweets from an iPad? Well, Twitter shows the type of device where the tweet is sent from. That is also the reason why I know by proof that a lot of Stop 5G activists send tweets from their cellphone while they should know which harm they are causing. Professor Oleg A. Grygoriev plays an exemplary role and it is very easy to tweet from a cabled laptop, or even a cabled iPad. He refuses. Yes, I have asked him, but, again, he had an excuse, and refuses. In my opinion there is not any fair excuse to use a wireless EMF radiation creating device. Professor Grygoriev works very hard to create insight about the dangers of wireless radiation, especially for children, he deserves our sincere respect for that, but I cannot understand that he closes his eyes for the radiation that children in Congo are exposed to, when mining as slaves, to dig coltan, a mineral used for batteries in mobiles, iPads, etc, and electric cars. These slaves, children, are exposed to the radiation of uranium, thorium and radium. [Source]. In his own environment in Moscow he is harming the Russian children, those he wants to protect, and where he tweets about. This is in my opinion hypocrite. The levels of radiation are indeed lower in Russia than in for instance ICNIRP-EU, but also lower EMF levels harm, and the exemplary role is crucial to be reliable.

Leendert Vriens, who has a high quality Dutch website about the dangers of wireless radiation, has also a Twitter account. I stopped following him there already earlier, because of too many retweets with conspiracy theories about Covid-19, humiliating videos, like the one about WHO‘s Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. It is true that we have all the reasons to disagree with how Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus leads WHO, but it is not ethical to humiliate the man for what he does in his private life. Also the use of disdainful terms to criticize a person’s way of dancing or dressing, do not fit with the profile of an academic, and has nothing to do with the subject where the Twitter account profile shows to be tweeting about: “Health hazards of the wireless mistake”. The account is a disgrace, generally, for the entire collective of scientists that try to create a sane and reliable view on science, and the biological effects of wireless radiation. I wondered often if the account, maybe, had been hacked by an idiot, who loves the trill of the excitement, even if all is a lie. Ethics belong to academics, and one is and stays an academic, always, there is not one minute that one is not an academic, not even when sleeping. This became for me the ultimate limit. I closed my Twitter account.

Allies in the war against the telecom 5G ideology: 5G fascism —– We are in a word-war, yes, w o r d war about 5G, at the same time also in a new world-war, a global war against 5G. All who make it possible that the 5G industry has, and keeps, a totalitarian power, comparable with the war industry, born out of Hitler‘s ideology, known as WWII, can be compared with those who started that war. I make this compare with the only intention to open eyes for the seriousness of what exactly is going on right now. Those who belong to the German WWII ideology, and the Germans who were following Hitler‘s ideology, are fully responsible for the plans, and the implementation of the plans, of the elimination (die Endlösung, see the 9 hours documentary Shoah) of the Jews, and reason for a yearly one minute silence on the official WWII memorial day in each world country, not only because of the murder of 6.000.000 Jews, but also the total of 50.000.000 WWII victims, on both sides of the battle. The Telecom Industry is going right now into the direction of facts that go far beyond this, because of the to be expected effects of 5G, and the effects of a for the time being estimated number of tens of thousands of 5G satellites, which will probably lead to the total extinction of all life on earth. WWII was stopped because of the help of American, Canadian, British, Polish and Russian allies. In the war against 5G these allies are absent. There are even hardly “soldiers”: the Stop 5G activists, and hardly Stop 5G “majors”, generals, lieutenants, captains, to create an efficient strategy. The most important and well known activists in the war against 5G are Arthur Firstenberg, together with Martin L. Pall. Devra Davis and Joel Moskowitz seem to be activists as well but they are publicly friends with the enemy, with Röösli (ICNIRP), while ICNIRP states that 5G is safe, which is based on assumptions, not on science, not on any scientific research. If we want to beat 5G, and its collaborators, those who fight against it will have to become first for 100% reliable, ethical, and make real courageous choices: NOT to cooperate with those who are the enemies, like Martin Röösli, and to play the exemplary role, which is mostly absent today, in the activities of all academics. Also to unite, not to divide, what Leszczynski and his comrades do, or at least try, constantly, to understand and accept which rank one factually has, and not to behave as if one is the highest in ranking while one is not, as Leszczynski makes himself guilty of. Also to support all who are in the front line, not to turn them against each other, or worse: to attack them in social media accounts or blogs, as Leszczynski does, but via private emails, or telephone calls. People who act like this in a war are categorized as traitors. Nowadays these people can say and write what they want, without any consequence. This has to change.

The 5G Ideology: 5G Fascism —– Fascism is an ideology. The French page offers an excellent explanation about ideology and fascism (Mussolini, Hitler), which shows several interfacial phenomenons with 5G, its industry. I invite you to make a check for yourself. You can use google to translate the French language into your own language. Further I recommend: “Economic Fascism“, written by professor Thomas J. DiLorenzo, an excellent additional in-depth, science based, investigative article. This as an introduction for the following observations, analyses and conclusions.

My findings: Suddenly, in 2018, 5G was there, in talks, news, etc.. All proved to be planned into all details, and all plans were already in a phase of no-return. Within some months from now, June 2020, Musk can activate his 5G satellites. He, Elon Musk, seems to be by facts the good-luck charm, perfectly fitting in the 5G ideology, but since all has taken place out of the sight of all world citizens, nobody of us, common people, exactly knows who started with the plans, and when. Therefore one is allowed to conclude that 5G has been silenced with a purpose. The speed to rollout 5G without any research is alarmingly strange and should be suspected. I would like to go one step more ahead. The insight about it, that 5G is an ideology, started when I was watching a movie about Hitler, some days ago: Der Untergang / Downfall. What is an ideology? It is based on an idea, a philosophy, politics, a religion, anyhow: a dream. In the 5G case an ideology is based on the ideas of an industry, derived from the Hollywood film industry: the telecom industry, shown in games, in Hollywood films, based on science fiction, an imaginary world, where techniques are used that are created by science. Elon Musk lives in that imaginary world, and cannot, does not wish, to step out of it. He really believes he lives in an awareness of reality. He is in a kind of a deep delirium though, a game addiction, as Hitler was in a deep delirium, and trying to realise the plans that were growing out of an insane mind, a sick fantasy world, a sick ideology, not able to see the difference between reality and fiction, and not willing to accept the facts of the world that exists outside the balloon named fiction. Also Hitler had many followers, all believing in his dream, his ideology. All see it, finally, but nobody can reach the awareness of the person himself, because that awareness is not there, it never awakened. Elon Musk dreams of a life on Mars. He has some homework to do: to restore first Life on Earth, Earth itself, Space around Earth, Nature, and to stop taking the minds of ignorant people with him into his insanity, his ideology, his psychopathy. He really believes he is a kind of a God, a Deity. A short time ago I tweeted about his Twitter icon, because it showed the name Deus Ex. Deus means: God. Deus Ex is the name of a game, according to Wikipedia. The picture has been replaced by another one. ——— Musk has to be stopped. Is it possible to awaken his followers, our politicians, the industry? Musk has 36.000.000 followers on Twitter (June, 2020). His tweets are silly, and seem to be posted by an eighteen years old boy. Musk is almost 50. Nobody could stop Hitler. Did we learn from history? There is not any sign we did.

Arthur Firstenberg —– Arthur Firstenberg does not have a Twitter account, but he is the reason that I started with an account, to spread his views on the health effects of wireless radiation, and 5G. Therefore I mention him here as well. There is a next step of the former International Appeal to Stop 5G movement: Cancel-Your-Cellphone-Account Day, June 20-21, 2020. One cannot find any tweet about it [exception: see comments in this post]. It is not popular. Stop 5G activists seem to be too busy keeping the Stop 5G basic info hype alive, while that phase has already been passed. Too busy with tweeting about all what is already known and repeated time and again, so boring and obvious, not willing to sacrifice their toy, preferring to entertain themselves and others with tweets about 5G, and if, maybe, or certainly, Covid19 is created yes or no by EMF, 5G. There is more needed than words to stop 5G, more than tweets, posts, videos, pictures, and a day to protest against it by a little percentage of the total who do not want 5G. I do not find tweets about the 5G satellites on their accounts either. As if there are no 5G satellites. Wake up! If the satellites are not stopped, all will stop. We have, according to Firstenberg in this video [start at about 30 minutes], three months left to stop Musk. I am afraid that Arthur Firstenberg‘s mission will fail, because nobody shows to be interested: hardly anybody tweets or blogs about the satellites, but I am also pessimistic because during the Covid19 crisis the mobile industry expanded with tens of millions new cellphone accounts. To bring back the pre-Covid19 situation Arthur Firstenberg needs at least the same total of cell phone accounts cancellations: about 25.000.000. Since just about 200.000 people have signed the International Appeal, I do not expect that the number of cellphone accounts cancellations will be higher than 200.000. I am indeed extremely pessimistic. Twitter opened my eyes for the reality of the mobile users, too many faking that they want to stop 5G. They like to tweet about it, are angry, furious about a lot, and share the anger, the frustrations, but that is not enough to stop 5G.

Arthur Firstenberg says in one of the four videos about The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cellphone Radiation that he is an excellent puzzler. Well, I am also, and I love it to take part in the 5G-Covid19 puzzle. A puzzle is a total of pieces, put apart but together in a plastic bag in a cardboard box, and a picture on the top of the box how the end-result, after putting all pieces on the right place, looks like. Within the Covid19 pandemic there is NO picture, that shows the end-result. Science does NOT know the cause, the total picture, it is not there yet, but there are thousands of puzzle pieces, and there are thousands of puzzlers, in the media, the newspapers, twitter, blogs. Those who relate Covid19 with 5G are named conspiracy theorists, according to not so well informed newspapers, like BBC NEWS. Keeping the puzzle pieces with “5G” out, is not following up the scientific rules. As long the total picture is not there, all who dare to state that 5G is not a part of the pandemic, are consciously committing fraud, probably defending the telecom industry, paid by it, or even threatened by it, and therefore not reliable for their conclusions. Also Leszczynski belongs to this group, and unfortunately…. also Arthur Firstenberg. When I was creating the four parts of The Hidden Dangers of Wireless and Cell Phone Radiation, January 2019, I was absolutely convinced that with the roll-out of 5G a new pandemic would start: Firstenberg explained that with each new upgrade in any kind of electromagnetic radiation related phenomenon a pandemic started in the history of mankind. See: source. There is indeed a new pandemic, after 5G was rolled out, commercialized, in Wuhan, in November 2019. Arthur Firstenberg is totally absent now, does not link the pandemic with 5G. He has stated this in one if his newsletters. He even suggests that the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab. A Wuhan lab scientist stated later that this virus did not exist in the lab, with other words: how could it escape from it? Arthur Firstenberg stepped over the pandemic, and over his own list of pandemics, published in his book, “The Invisible Rainbow”. I have shared my findings with him, but never got any answer. He obviously stepped over my email as well, speechless. I am speechless also.

Arthur Firstenberg asks for cancelling your cellphone account. A brave question, which needs brave people to answer it. If I had the possibility to stop the cellphone account, I would. But. I live in Norway, and Telenor is the only corporation that can offer customers a telephone connection. If you contact them for a new landline, they answer you that they can offer you Wi-Fi, not a landline any more. they stopped with that service and nobody else takes it over. The fiber cable could be a solution, but the costs for digging in the soil here, with so many hard layers of pure rocks, costs a fortune that I do not have. If a telephone cable breaks, they do not repair it any more. Customers are forced to take a cellphone account. This means that I am forced to use a mobile. In Norway a telephone number is used for delivering packages by post, as a part of the contact possibility of the bank, tax office, the government and the general practitioner. In all kinds of internet shopping. In Norway I live in the middle of nowhere with hardly any shop, so I need to order a lot via internet. A mobile phone is part of the Norwegian infrastructure. Stopping with it means living without even a landline. This means that I cannot stop the account, without creating enormous and many problems. But Arthur Firstenberg does not show any kind of understanding in his comments on my email. So, goodbye, Arthur Firstenberg. I am not willing to make my life more difficult and complex than it already is as an EHS person, and since I do not have internet on my mobile, and since I never use it other than in the mentioned way, it is a with consciousness and awareness used, highly necessary, tool to be able to live here, as long the situation has not changed in this country, and have to live from a Dutch pension while living in a country that is three times more expensive than where my pension is based on.

Ulrich Warnke —– There is another academic that I would like to mention. I do not know his name via Twitter, but his name and work is also related with where I struggle with: science, as it is known today, and exposed on Twitter, accepted as all-knowing, while it is failing. See post. His name is Ulrich Warnke. He has a more up-to-date view on science, and us, human beings. On the question how he sees the world in 100 years, he answers: video

There is more in the interview what is really interesting and eye-opening, within the context of this post. This brings me to the following part: “Non Academics on Twitter”: Stop 5G has become a fashionable item (a term used by Ulrich Warnke, in the interview), mostly without any awareness about what 5G is really. But they are all tweeting about it, loud and clear, intimidating, pretending, sharing, liking, all that what is a part of it, and even being on the streets on the Global Protest Day to Stop 5G in January, with a cell phone to film, or sending messages from it, or from an iPad, a wireless device, while protesting against the industry behind it. Similar with smoking cigarettes in a protest march against the tobacco industry. Awareness is absent. Also in the demonstrations because “Black Lives Matter”, while being oneself the newest type of slave driver: the battery in the cellphone is created by child labour, the black slaves of 2020, even irradiated in the coltan mines by uranium, thorium and radium. All who earlier were protesting against 5G, or any kind of cancer, or whatsoever, are not aware of even the most basic facts of and about the mobile industry, and where they, themselves, contribute to by their own unaware behaviour by using their own cellphone on utterly delicate moments. Exposing their own idiocy, and cellphone addiction. Twitter is an excellent showroom.

Non academics on Twitter —–.The group non academics, next to the academics who are not educated in the field EMF, is of course, enormous. There are some rare excellent Twitter accounts, with meaningful, well balanced information. The most though do not contribute really to, in this case, the stop of 5G, or creating awareness about wireless radiation. Tweeting about 5G, even day and night, constantly, does not stop 5G, it has become a shallow, worn out item. It is also a therapy though, to get rid of enormous frustrations, created by those who say they are the experts, but who are not, like journalists, without any academic study, or any study in the field of EMF, wireless radiation, often not even read [enough and in-depth articles] about it, and lying. Those who need to be stopped are not on Twitter, and if, like Elon Musk, are too deep in a delirium that nobody can reach their mind. In fact they, the enormous group of Stop 5G activists on Twitter, pollute the view on what is really going on: the fraud of the guidelines decision makers, like ICNIRP, WHO and all who are just copying and pasting the ICNIRP findings. These Stop5G-groups, -accounts or -people, want to stop the fire, but do not see where it burns.

There are some lawsuits against for instance the FCC, and also in Europe lawsuits have started, but the time to stop 5G via lawsuits is almost totally used and belonging to the past, because Musk continued launching his Starlink rockets. All Stop5G activists are tweeting and writing about Covid19, vaccines.

I do not believe in Twitter any longer. So, I stopped my work there. Time to walk now, to hike, bike, work in the garden, before winter is back again here in Norway and I have to hide inside the house again against the cold. One can compare the winter in Norway with the Covid19 lockdown. It is normal here. Norwegians do not mind, they use the winter to be very creative. Winter lasts normally 6 months. Winter ’19-’20 lasted 8 months.

However. I do hope, and pray, let us all hope and pray, that 5G will be stopped. That Arthur Firstenberg reaches his goal. He is to be heard in this recently published video, I mentioned it already in this post: 5G Summit 2020: Expert Panel Livestream

And….IF you are in the possibility to cancel your cellphone account, and to start or restart using a landline: do it. Go for it.


Recommended Twitter profiles, that can be bookmarked to find important info about wireless radiation:

  1. Dr. Louis Slesin: @LouisSlesin
  2. Microwave News: @MicrowaveNews

Note: On August 21, 2020, I opened a new Twitter account, to publish my posts. Maybe nobody will find them because I do not follow anybody. If somebody starts to follow: thank you for being interested in my posts, but I do not follow you back. The reasons are clear when you have read the entire post.

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