Science and Dirty Science

This post is a kind of a discussion room, a study room, for myself, and for the confused human being who is interested in it as well to find out truth, to be able to get a clear view on complex issues, by cleaning up, time and again, organising and reorganising the mind, naming the facts with the words they deserve. This is needed to create a kind of a dossier, in a digital court case against those who really undermine the stop 5G movement, who sabotage truth, or prostitute science. 



  • Update February 26, 2020: One of my most beautiful and admired characteristics is, that I can forgive, time and again. I step over issues. That is not always wise, seems so. I discovered today that the in the meantime having become principle dancer of the ballet named Science and Dirty Science, this post, named Dariusz Leszczynski, cannot what can be expected from an adult, even elderly person: wisdom. He obviously continued with his crusade against Dr. Martin L. Pall, in public. What is the hidden cause to do it in the way he does it? That he as a scientist is not agreeing with Pall, is one, but it is preferable to discuss about issues in private, and if in public, to stay decent, polite, respectful. Leszczynski does not. Therefore: Leszczynski, disrespectful as he proves to be, does not deserve to be forgiven, does not deserve that this post is made private because of the many accusations into his direction, as I did for some months. So, here it is again.


  • Update October 4, 2019: I have decided to keep all what is written in the chapter “updates”, and “blacklist”, after checking today the blog BRHP, owned by Dariusz Leszczynski. The attack on Dr. Martin Pall is still there, and the by Leszczynski created misleading in the meaning of false title of Arthur Firstenberg’s guest blog has not been changed. Of course Leszczynski has discovered that I did not hesitate to sound the alarm as a whistleblower, that I did not remove anything here about him after a while: he has removed my comments on the recently in his blog published articles about the Symposium in Mainz. My idea was: “If you, Leszczynski, take the freedom to take revenge I explain this in one the following paragraphs on a respectful scientist, Dr. Martin L. Pall, via a blog post, in public, and if you take the freedom to mislead guest writer Arthur Firstenberg, misleading the audience with self made false titles, in public, rejecting the wish of the author to change it I received the wish of the author in the email to Leszczynski, via the Bcc, why shouldn’t I visit your blog, Leszczynski, and take the freedom to react in an utterly decent, respectful, honourable, meaningful way?” I have noticed via newsletters of Stop5G sites that Leszczynski has worked the hell out of himself after my criticism on him to change the negative view he created himself, into a positive one: he published several posts about 5G after my criticism was published, finally against 5G: earlier he was creating doubt around 5G: it was not so bad at all. He travelled recently even to Australia, and is exactly today opening a Symposium on 5G, in Mainz, Germany. Dr. Pall and many other respected stop 5G scientists was also invited, but Dr. Pall is not on the list of speakers and too many are not either. My fair criticism has maybe worked: Leszczynski was on the list also. He is a 62 years that is 5 years too early retired scientist, who likes to work with Photoshop and own pictures, and who’s work to stop 5G is not significant compared with what Dr. Pall Professor Emeritus, which means: retired, older than 67 was and is doing to stop it.  Dr. Pall is one of the few reliable scientific Stop 5G activists, and travels tirelessly around the world to educate about the dangers of wireless. That takes immensely more effort than ticking on a keyboard. Note 1: Shocking detail is also that NOT ANY fellow-Stop-5G-scientist has defended Dr. Martin Pall in this violent Leszczynsky attack, except Arthur Firstenberg, in the email to Leszczynski, an email that Leszczynski has received, with requests, but which Leszczynsky has ignored: how disrespectful. NOT ONE of ALL OTHER Stop 5G scientists has understood/seen the REAL reason of publishing what Leszczysnki did Leszczynski argued with me in a comment in that time that this is normal between scientists to criticize each other so probably they did not even read it, and if, they did not mind. The title of this article fits very well. If they would have really read it, with attention, they would have discovered that what Dr. Pall said, in a reaction to Leszczynski, was RIGHT, and that the real reason for publishing what has been published, was not science, criticizing a research, but simply revenge. For more details of this scandal: scroll down. Note 2: What Leszczynski published about ICNIRP is as far I can check okay, and I keep it for the post about ICNIRP. It is too important to dismantle ICNIRP




New Intro, August 31, 2019

Science is an abstract phenomenon and is neutral. Science is about e.g. laws of nature and biology. The way science is used does not change the neutrality of science, does not make it right or wrong, but the scientists who use or misuse science are ethical or unethical.

Older Intro: This post is a collection of thoughts, philosophies, criticism, analyses, as an important part of my need for a mental digestion of a growing total of shocking facts in the world of science. Dirty science is everywhere. Science, the not dirty science, can hardly be found, and if it is there, dirty science attacks it with the most powerful tool: money, capital, finding with that money scientists who can prove that it is not science and therefore not acceptable, or creating doubt about what science researches and concludes. “Doubt is their product“.  Their: the industry, all kinds of industry, also the pharmaceutical (=healthcare) industry, the food industry (=farming, cultivating), and the marionettes of the industry, who are not capable to see the truth: governments, doctors, general practitioners, farmers, those who sell products of the dirty industry, journalists, the media, the people. The creating doubt is so efficient that even scientists of the clean science group are taking over the doubt of the dirty scientists, and are polluting the last clean parts of science.



Older Intro: Though this article has already been published as a post, I have decided to add new thoughts and views to it, as soon these thoughts appear in my mind. The term science is under investigation, like a suspect is arrested, interrogated, and confronted with proof of illegal acting, in court, to be sentenced as a criminal. Science is a mix of research and results, and dirty research and dirty results. The dirty research and dirty research results are far in the majority, and rule world wide as a totalitarian. Dirty science is the partner of the industry, and the child of dirty economy and dirty idealism. Dirty Science is the friend of Gaming, Plundering, War and Politics and has eliminated his mentor named Ethics. Dirty Science is a growing force because humans are world wide hypnotized by dirty science partner’s products, and therefore not able to watch through the masks of filthy industry, not able to understand that the promised happiness is fake, and the future of our existence on the edge of an abyss.

So far “Intro”.



Original post starts here:

IF science is all-knowing, omniscient, as the most of the scientists want us, common people, to believe, and what the most of us accept as true, then our planet would not be in a crisis, there would NOT be a climate change, and if, then this climate change would have been registered already a long time ago and warned for, and taken action against. Then there would never have been deaths, because of the tobacco industry, the asbestos industry, then Round-Up never would have been sold, and used, and Monsanto would never have existed. If all-knowing science existed the oceans would not have been filled with plastic, and there would not have been bee collapses, I would not have been injured by EMF.  If omniscient science existed there would not be any rubbish in space. Etc., etc., etc..

Content of this post:

  • §00. Meeting the Stop 5G Movement Scientists, and a Trojan Horse
  • §01. Philosophizing Science
  • §02. Philosophizing Economy – Tomas Sedlacek
  • §03. Professors in The Netherlands – Anthropology of the Dutch
  • §04. The new threat – Trojan horses
  • §05. How to distinguish science from dirty science?
  • §06. What are ethics?
  • §07. Blacklist: who contribute to the Industry’s Assault on Science?
  • §08. Science on its way to become a fascist regime.
  • §09. Economic fascism
  • §10. Pythagoras: a university
  • §11. Related posts and pages



§0. Updates

Update: July 8, 2019. My head is filled with thoughts, views, all what is coming out of Pandora’s box named science. What a dirt. I am depressed. To help myself out of it I write, to collect my thoughts, and organize them later, when all is in front of me, on the screen so that I can observe my own thinking, correct mistakes, change words into better ones, and become more and more back into the true self again.

Science has the power of a dictator. Not anybody, not any official organ or institution can check science. Mistakes are discovered when it is too late. The world is a laboratory, and all life beings are guinea pigs. The situation is utterly worrying. The most of what is neutral science is hidden, neutral scientists do not protest, at least not enough, and anyhow far too late in the dangerous developments of our existence today. What can stop the dirty science? Dirty science is mainstream science today, is even accepted as reliable science, and used as a truthful source in all kinds of articles in all kinds of newspapers or news programs, magazines. World. Wide. Catastrophes have already taken place. Nobody blames the dirty science. Dirty science? The dirty science knows already from the start what was going to be. We are living in the not to be stopped effects of the by dirty science created catastrophes. We name it climate change, we name it being injured by wireless radiation, we name it climate change refugees. There are also WiFi refugees, but nobody wants to talk about these tens of millions of people.

The first one I heard talking different than all others, about subjects that are taboo or a subject of hilarity like injuries of wireless, was the Dutch Dr. Hugo Schooneveld, then the Norwegian scientist and researcher Einar Flydal followed, and soon after Arthur Firstenberg (January 2019), Dr. Martin L.Pall, Prof. Olle Johansson, Dr. George Carlo, Dr. Barrie Trower. All of them are advocating against 5G, by lecturing the people about it. Time is running out.

I hear since end 2018 about the rollout of 5G, and the increasing, unstoppable speed of this rollout should shake the desks of all governments, journalists, media in the world but it did not happen and does not happen yet. More and more shocking facts are unveiled, and not any government gets shocked, not any journalist gets shocked. The evidence that 4G is dangerous for all life-beings is loud and clear presented in the reports of the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, in the studies of Dr. Martin L. Pall, and in all what has been published by Olle Johansson, George Carlo, Barrie Trower, and so many more.

-The world does not react.-

What can be expected from 5G is obvious, and explained in clear words, spoken by Arthur Firstenberg, during his lecture in New Mexico in August 2018. The words have been spread around via my video, that has been watched over 12.000 times in one month, but not any change in the rollout of 5G can be noticed, with some exceptions, but too few to mention.

Trojan horse in the Stop 5G movement

What exactly is a Trojan horse? Metaphorically, a “Trojan Horse” is a deceitful attack of the enemy from within, by entering a well protected area in a convincing disguise, and attack it from inside, as happened in the Trojan war.


In the battle against the rollout-5G-industry-minded overwhelmingly total of warriors, should be a strong team of Allied Forces, (those who brotherly united attack the enemy in wars) and there was. But there are traitors among them, Trojan horses, subversive elements. I have created a small list with names in §7 of this article. As soon a Trojan horse is discovered it must be mentioned: they create disempowerment.

This undermining the Stop-5G-movement is insane. Incredible. Deeply shocking. One scientist, who runs a blog with subjects e.g. wireless radiation, the rollout of 5G, uses that blog since two weeks to expose his revenge on another scientist in the Allied Forces: because of issues that are, nevertheless, important, but the timing,  and the way how it has been exposed, is proving a total absence of wisdom. Science and Wisdom walk hand in hand. Even the term science has to be questioned here: what kind of a scientist IS this blog owner? What is his level? Read more about scientific levels in one of the following paragraphs.

The way it has been exposed is not serving science, not serving anything else than the blog owner’s own longing for taking revenge. He, the blog owner, does not offer any source why it is wrong what has been stated by Dr. Pall about VGCC, calcium channels and EHS. Stating that Dr. Martin Blank is right is not more than an opinion, when one does not add the results of own investigations, or if one does not add sources which contradict what Dr. Martin Pall stated.

Criticizing is something else than attacking or smudging, and using emotional coloured terms. Science is neutral. A scientist is always a scientist, also when he speaks about others. He does not only master his area of studies, he also masters himself. This mastership of the self is related with an inner civilization, ethics.

The blog owner names the reason for publishing the post: Dr. Pall has published a total of email exchanges about the subject. He has even a link to that hardly to be found webpage but I cannot find the name of the publisher of this file. This means that he assumes that Dr. Pall has published this, and assuming things is not the way to truth. Even if Dr. Pall would have published it, and one does not like that, because one is exposed -though on fair reasons in this case, because indeed the blog owner did not add any source, Dr. Pall was right- then one can contact Dr. Pall to ask if he had published it, and if so: why, and asking to remove the page. Instead of taking the right direction the blog owner did exactly that where he blamed the other for.  The blog owner lost his credibility by publishing the two posts. He did not win anything, he lost everything.

The blog owner added a by himself created article-picture next to the title: “Cautionary words on Martin Pall’s claim that VGCC is the sole target and mechanism for all EMF effects” with also a text: Dubious Claim. The composition of the picture is on purpose (without any doubt) eye-catching because of the words: dubious claim: it is not written horizontal, but diagonal, in large fonts and in red. Psychologically all very effective.  It becomes clear that he was deliberately, with a full conscience, working at creating doubt about the integrity and reliability of Dr. Martin Pall in the mind of all who were and are going to read that post. The blog owner used exactly the same psychological strategy as the industry uses. Read also “Doubt is their product”, scroll down a bit for that. There is a picture of a book with this title.

That was not enough.

An article written by Arthur Firstenberg was published in the blog, some days later, as a guest blog, as a following up of part one. It was about the same subject, about the calcium channels: VGCC. A great contribution to science, to the education of the not scientific audience also, and Firstenberg added indeed the so important sources. Clear language. That, what the owner of the blog could not create himself, obviously, namely writing a scientific article about calcium channels, was now created by Arthur Firstenberg, the inspiring and tireless leader in front of the Stop 5G on Earth and in Space movement in the battle against 5G.

That was not enough.-

Also here was an extra title created that is not leaving any doubt left in the reader: “Guest Blog: Arthur Firstenberg discusses reliability of Martin Pall’s VGCC hypothesis”

That was not enough.-

The blog owner added also here a photo with text: “Arthur Firstenberg versus Martin Pall”

Two falsehoods in one article: Arthur Firstenberg does NOT discuss the reliability of Martin Pall in the post, and he is not versus Dr. Pall. Arthur Firstenberg has criticism on Pall’s view on VGCC.  

Arthur Firstenberg:

“Dr. Pall is a dedicated and important scientist. He has been brilliant at organizing and presenting the literature that shows, without any doubt, that RF radiation causes oxidative stress, lowered fertility, EEG changes, apoptosis, DNA damage, endocrine changes, cognitive dysfunction, and cancer.

To which I add diabetes, heart disease, flu-like illness, blood-brain barrier disruption, and environmental effects including forest dieoff, colony collapse disorder in honey bees, and reproductive failure in birds, as reviewed in my book, The Invisible Rainbow: A History of Electricity and Life (AGB Press 2017).”

Source: inbox of my email account.

That was not enough.-

There have been published two articles in two different parts of an online magazine. These are: 1. Do 5G Networks Pose a Risk to Human Health? 2. Does the Imminent Rollout of 5G Networks Pose a Risk to Human Health?

The second article is posted in Direct Industry. Leszczynski’s words in that article (which I do not copy in order of copyrights but you can find the text via the links, four sentences back) are exactly the words that the industry uses, creating doubt, and contributing by doing that to the Industry’s Assault on Science, to the politics of EU (see my post: EU guidelines are fraudulent), WHO (see my post WHO is directing the laboratory named Earth), ICNIRP (see my post ICNIRP) and via ICNIRP the governments, EU, all who support the industry, the dirty science. The total is a closed powerful circle.

Both articles have the same text: both are containing Dr. Pall’s view on 5G, and the blog owner’s view. Both articles end up (psychologically smart and at the same time very sneaky) with the view of the blog owner: this view is therefore stored in the memory of the reader. How brilliant. One of the two articles has been published on the Twitter account of the blog owner. It is the one that is published in health. The other one, the one he did not use, was published in “industry”. Of course he did not want his followers to find that one. But he forgot me.

Since the owner of the blog disreputes Dr. Martin Pall, -uses his full name there, -since he misused the integrity of Arthur Firstenberg, and is creating pollution in the Allied Forces against 5G, there is not any reason why his name should not be published: the name is Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski.

In the meantime Leszczynski goes on creating, or what also could be explained as restoring a misleading mask into a reliable mask, by publishing posts about 5G, against 5G, to make us believe he is really against 5G. It is part of a Trojan horse’s strategy. He has not any idea that he is posting around as the principle character in “The emperor with new clothes.” At least: I see it.

Update July 10, 2019: The post Brief Opinion on 5G and Health, Leszczynski published on May 31, 2019, has been pinned on the homepage in his blog after the publishing of Arthur Firstenberg’s post. The intro of this post starts with creating a negative view on the Stop 5G movements, because they, Leszczysnky writes, create fear, and fear, he says, is not healthy.

Fear, Dr. Leszczynski, is an intelligent mechanism in the human body that urges to take action, to stop that what creates fear, and is really dangerous. Warning children for traffic, creates the right fear in children for traffic. Warnings are a facet of protecting a child, or a human being, or pets. The Stop 5G movement warns, and with fair reasons, with knowledge that IS already there, Dr. Leszczynski. If people start to feel fear for 5G is not bad, but utterly healthy because it stimulates a becoming active against the real dangers of 5G. This becoming active is an utterly important, natural, healthy energy and is a start of creating change, safety. Dr. Leszczynski.

If 5G was okay (but it is not, it is highly dangerous), and people start to publish that it is dangerous it would indeed create false fear in people, because in that case fear is based on lies. That is unhealthy. But this is not the case, 5G is NOT okay, it is life dangerous, for all existence on earth.

That is why we, the Stop 5G movement, all the Stop 5G groups, are popping up like mushrooms everywhere, because of the evidence of the dangers of 5G, and the awareness of the dangers, with fair reasons creating healthy fear, but still not enough, because there is still too much doubt-creating pro-5G propaganda, even hidden in subtle words in so-called Stop 5G scientists like you, Dr. Leszczynski, like in the intro of the mentioned post. Creating doubt is what you do also by using your ammunition not to attack 5G, but to attack a comrade in the Allied Forces named Stop 5G movement,  a high ranked leader: Dr. Martin Pall, and using another utterly high ranked leader, if not the upper most of all in the Stop 5G movement, Arthur Firstenberg, as ammunition to eliminate the credibility, reliability of Dr. Martin Pall, and with that even eliminating the credibility of Arthur Firstenberg. This means that you are a Trojan horse, Dr. Leszczynski.

What is REALLY unhealthy, Dr. Leszczynski, is the way you pollute science with such shocking falsehoods that this affects my health. You create utterly unhealthy FEAR in me for the by you created negative effects of your posts and words, dubious words, on the success of the Stop 5G movement: your words disempower, you should do all to avoid this. So: change the intro of your post, it is a falsehood, a proof of not understanding at all the psychology of fear. If you do not feel fear for 5G then you are not a scientist but a sleeping fool. I have transformed my by you created utterly unhealthy fear into the courage to write what I have written, and to attack you, with my knowledge, my insights about ethics, psychology, and the effects of 4G and 5G, in order to eliminate you as a Trojan horse. Truth eliminates lies. – end update July 10-

Conclusion: It is obvious that I do not trust Leszczynski’s integrity any longer, and since one of the two articles is published in an industry related magazine, I suspect him from connections with the industry, from conflicts of interest. I suspect him that this is the reason why he is so early retired: he is from 1955, he is 64. When the industry pays you for pro-industry talks or writings, or you are the Trojan horse in the Allied Forces of the enemy named Stop 5G Movement, well, then it is not any problem to pay for that. Then you can retire early. You are paid anyway.

Another reason why you, Dr. Leszczynski, have published where I write about, might be some very close friends, or even family of you, who are in a conflict of interest with the industry. One cannot serve both evil and justice, Dr. Leszczynski, you will have to make choices.

Note: as soon the post about Dr. Martin L. Pall has been removed, as soon Leszczynski has removed the false titles of the post written by Firstenberg, -and has urged the magazine to remove his pro 5G comments, then I will remove here all what I wrote and published about this by Leszczynski created dirty scandal.



§1. Philosophizing Science

Science is not a dogmatic total of knowledge, but the most of the scientists are arrogant and dogmatic anyway. Science is not statical, but dynamical. Human science on planet Earth is a tiny little part of the Universal Knowledge. The human mind is limited, and not able to see and understand the Absolute Total. This limitation is an utterly intelligent part of the Absolute Total, because humans prove day after day not to be able to bear the responsibility of and for the Absolute Total: the human being does not even take the responsibility for caring for Earth, Life and each other. At the same time the human earthly mind and inbeing is part of the Absolute Total.

The human way of practising science has never changed, the way of thinking is outdated, and dogmatic as scientists prove to be, they continue in the old fashioned way and pretend to discover new things while following outdated research methods, using utterly advanced impressive high-tech at the same time, but with narrow minded views. Science is part of the evolution of the human being, but science, as it is, generally, blocks evolution. Science, as it is understood, is the result of pure earthly and therefore limited brainwork. Science, as it is understood and explained generally nowadays, is only then science when the results can be proved by what is visible, or can be made visible via the physical eyes. Science is therefore utterly one sided, and poor. Too much, if not all, is based on theories and taking risks, experiments, without even informing anybody. This is an actual subject: 5G is an experiment.

Science, as we nowadays explain it generally, is materialistic, related with (physical) matter, measurable with the in fact simple though named high tech instruments, that what is the basic element of all what exists, but not more than the basic, because there is so much more; and it has been like that as long modern science exists: the science that started in the same period of time as the industry started to exist. It rejects all what is invisible for the physical human eye, all what is not directly to be registered, as not existing. Therefore wireless radiation does not exist for the most of the people. Science cannot see what this does in the physical body, science does not accept that it is possible to sense this, and getting sick of it. Science considers this as imagination, something between the ears. At least: this is what they report to the world, while they KNOW about the unhealthy effects of radiation, they know about cancer. They know everything but insist that you, who suffers, are a liar.

Science is as deep or high as the one who names him/herself a scientist, and his/her place in the metaphorical pyramid, up or down, and therefore there are millions of kinds of science. The most scientists are shallow thinkers, or not even that. They copy and paste and distribute, pollute. Therefore science is, generally, very shallow and not reliable, not trustworthy.

As I wrote. the materialistic part of science is indeed an important part, but just a fragment, it is not the complete knowledge, gnosis. Scientists (generally) consider gnosis, [not to compare with gnosticism] as nonsense. Also metaphysics are nonsense in the world of science while the ancient Greek thinkers worked with it. Gnosis is not measurable, not with the instruments scientists have invented until today. There are energies and subtle to utterly subtle energies. Subtle energies can be sensed, even animals can sense that, but when science does not have an instrument to measure this, it does not exist, and since the most (maybe all) scientists cannot sense it (because they are not enough evolved, or they are totally disconnected from their inner being, because of rationalism, one sided living) they do not think about creating an instrument that can measure utterly subtle energies.

Example: science acknowledges only the physical body and claims that all is physical, matter. Science does not accept the reality of the awareness, the consciousness, as a realistic part of the human being, which is eternal, as is written and explained in Dr. Pim van Lommel’s book Consciousness Beyond Life. Photo: this is a visualisation of the full reality of the human being, it is sensed when fully aware, which happens while going through life processes, which belong to the human nature and evolution. But science only acknowledges the physical body, only accepts the physical body as a reality. It is not a lesser part of the total, on the contrary. The human physical body is a miraculous, fantastic, amazing, highly intelligent total of interrelated systems. It is the temple -indeed, nowadays this word does not fit in the way too many humans disgrace their body, or the body of others-  the body is the temple of the Self, the awareness, to work with on earth, while living on earth, incarnated, and to leave the body, when the physical body is at is end and dies. The science of medicine, mainstream healthcare, only works with medicine that affects the physical body and this is the reason why this medicine fails to heal the human who is in a need for help. Especially psychological help, psychiatric help is utterly poor because it is missing all the factors that are needed to heal the psychiatric/psychological problems in patients. Mainstream healthcare suppresses symptoms, does not heal the cause, cannot find the cause. Alternative medicine, complementary medicine, should therefore be accepted as at least a way to prevent illnesses.

Science (as it is understood generally), all elements of science, are available for everybody: for those who want to use it for the right purpose and for those who want to misuse it, for dubious goals or even evil acts. Not any university asks a new student, new professor or doctor for his ethical views on several phenomenons. There is not any exam or interrogation existing for that. The only thing that matters are the rational results, visible in excellent numbers of exams in former educations, a C.V., which does not show so much, often -as I learned when making an investigation on PubMed about the members of ICNIRP, the members of Norway’s DSA (Staatens Strålevern), EU’s SCHEER. (See my post.)

Not only universities should check the C.V. of the new to be appointed professor or doctor, but also newspapers, and media, who ask scientists to comment in interviews, or even to write a column in their newspaper or magazine. All who work with science, all who are writing about science, or even contribute to scientific blogs, or magazines, should check the blog or magazine before accepting an invite to write an article for it. One can get entangled in a mix of not wanted conflicts of interest, and a person’s good reputation can be harmed, negatively affected. I know an example, and this examples reason for writing this post. The shock was enormous, and I am digesting the deep effects of it via writing. This post is a way to put all the information that I have in the meantime, since I started to learn more about EMF and guidelines, about the hidden dangers of wireless and cell phone radiation. This started in January 2019, and I have not stopped reading and working any more. I have to digest shock after shock caused by what I learn in an utterly short time about science, the dirt of science, and the battle some scientists thank god dare to fight against the enormous and dirty army: mainstream science, mainstream healthcare, industrial science, ICNIRP, EU’s SCHEER, FCC, name it.

Institutions like WHO, EU’ SCHEER and ICNIRP should check the C.V. of their new to be appointed member, and….. what exactly they studied, where, when, and if these research results are indeed relevant for the tasks they are going to practice. It is proved that EU’s SCHEER, WHO, ICNIRP and FCC do not have members that really studied EMF, and alike subjects to be able to create any reliable guideline. Go to chapter four in this article to find some results.

There should be a law that protects science, to avoid that science can or will be misused by the industry, by industrial scientists without any awareness or ethics, without any sense of responsibility, by evil political leaders and their evil collaborators, or evil minded citizens. Even the term ‘evil’ creates hilarious reactions: evil is not accepted as evil any more, but as normal, it is normal. I say it again: it is normal. Hardly anybody in the scenes of governments takes the term evil serious and contributes therefore to evil without any problem.

Example: the meeting in Japan, June 2019, with the G20, in which even one of the most cruel murderers was welcome. He had a prominent place in the group and politicians were shaking hands with the person, talked with the person, even in public. To such a low level the mentality of politicians and United Nations representatives has sunk, all in order to serve economy and to guarantee and keep a ‘healthy’ economical relationship. So dirty economy has become, that it is possible, allowed, to eliminate ethics in the same way as the person has ordered to eliminate Khashoggi.

How could science be protected: by an officially stated oath not to misuse science, knowledge, and connecting this oath with the right punishments when the oath is abused. There are several ways to punish an abuse, one of these is being judged in court, being unwanted on universities, etc.

This is already happening, but in the wrong way: the name and information of the respected Dr. Olle Johansson has been removed from the website of the famous Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, because of, what I assume, his publications about the dangers of wireless and cell phone radiation. Dr. George Carlo has been haunted by the telecom industry because of his criticism on the industry, and talking about the dangers of wireless technology.

The dirty science is experiencing days of hail, glory and respect, world wide, has been infiltrated in all kinds of official, world famous, and acknowledged as “right” acting and philosophising -in its fundamental description serving mankind- organizations, groups and political stages like WHO, EU, ICNIRP, FCC, news papers, media. Fake science has invaded all systems as a Trojan horse, has hacked the human mind, world wide, and is therefore everywhere, acting as a fascist regime in the mind of humans. (Learn more: Economic fascism, see §9.) Nobody sees it. The psychology used by the dirty scientists and their industry is efficient, is blinding, is blocking self-thinking. There is a study about that, available in a book: Doubt Is Their Product: How Industry’s Assault on Science Threatens Your Health


We are aware of that. We: those who are opposing the fake scientists. The dirty scientists are those who belong to the group who contribute to the Industry’s Assault on Science.



§2. Philosophizing Economy

Tomas Sedlacek is the author of the book: The Economics of Good and Evil. In this book he analyses economy, the economy that rules us and where we contribute to. In its essence it is an economy that is based on myths and strange numbers, on FEAR, the fear to lose the control over stability. In “§0. Updates”, Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski speaks in his intro on 5G article, about the fear that, in his opinion, the Stop 5G movement is creating about 5G, while he defends an industry that works with an economy that is based on the sick fear to lose the control over the growth of capital, needed, in their opinion, to guarantee stability. And this, Dr. Leszczynski, is a myth. Economy today is a fetish.


A fetish is an object believed to have supernatural powers, or in particular, a human-made object that has power over others. Economy is a man-made system that has power over others. All is allowed when it comes to protect, or empower economy. Even if it is unethical. This means that it exceeds the power of any kind of religion, morality, ethics and how it could happen that dirty science -the fetishism serving science- became more so much more powerful than not fetishism serving science. This aligns with what is explained in this post about the pyramids, in §5.

“We have fetishized economics”, explains Tomas Sedlacek in the article “The perfect society is an illusion”. He talks about a well functioning new economic system that is based on reality and common sense, in his book, several lectures, interviews and articles. His way of analysing economy is an excellent addition to this post, to deepen the in this post shared thoughts about politics, the industry, and as a new even deeper thought: the unveiling of the political, industrial deeply rooted fear to lose control, and the insanity of their acts and choices when it comes to the rollout of 5G. 5G as an ultimate fetish.



§3. Professors in The Netherlands – Discussing the prostitution of science

The video is in Dutch, but is subtitled in English. The video is a part of a very popular Dutch serial, broadcast by VPRO. The principle role is performed by Michael Schaap, dressed in a tailored, brown woolen suit, that he wears in each part of the serial. He represents the watchers, and asks the questions. Video: watch

Science is in the Netherlands a total of three directions: alfa, beta and gamma sciences.

Alfa sciences is also named Studia Humanitatis: sciences, studies about the human eoclogy: like languages, both linguistics and the study of every cultivated language, further history, philosophy, musicology, cultural sciences, art history, and theology.

Beta Sciences, or the Exact Sciences, sometimes called the exact mathematical sciences are those sciences “which admit of absolute precision in their results”; especially the mathematical sciences. Examples of the exact sciences are mathematics, optics, astronomy, and physics.

Gamma Sciences: the sciences that study society and human behaviour: sociology, anthropology, public administration, economics, law, political science, psychology and communication science.

Dirty scientists are industrial pimps

In the video one can witness a conversation among beta scientists (exact sciences), in which they discuss a phenomenon, which is an activity of dirty scientists: they name it “verhoeren van wetenschap”, translated: “to prostitute science”. My conclusion: Dirty science is a pimp, and science practised by their prostitute-scientists is scientific prostitution, better known as industrial science.

There is one exquisite example of shining pure real science, who contradicts everything of the shallow beta-scientists: his name is Prof. Dr. Holger Gzella, -Middle Eastern Studies-.

Update, 27 February 2020
Instytut Spraw Obywatelskich – Institute of Civil Affairs:
Nauka oparta na dowodach czy na prostytucji?
Evidence based on science or prostitution?
About scientific prostitution, the impact of corporations on scientific research and how the dismantling of the environmental and human protection system in Poland has been dismantled, says prof. Janusz Mikuła from the Cracow University of Technology.
Author: Rafał Górski – Poland
Published: 25 February, 2020



§4. The new threat – Trojan horses

There is a new threat: the group of scientists that are opposing the dirty scientists, is unfortunately infiltrated by corrupt scientists, from within, something has affected the thinking of these scientists, and nobody knows why and how, maybe it is, as usual, money, the industry. In §7 I have started to name those who prove not to understand what 5G does, is, and though I am not a scientist myself, I have an excellent antenna for what is true or not, and…. I am injured by EMF, I know by experience that it is not an imagination, because I can detect an active WiFi without knowing there is a WiFi or a smart meter.

The Trojan horses inside the group of neutral scientists are utterly worrying.

Undermining elements in the 5G-opposing group must be eliminated immediately, without any delay, without any kind of empathy for the Trojan horse, by speaking about it, writing about it. As written: I made therefore a blacklist in §4. Let us hope there will come no more new names. If: I add them there. I will remove the names as soon the articles have been deleted from the web, or when there are public statements about their errors.

It is very difficult to explain the unaware, those who do not understand the health effects of radiation, because they do not have the right intelligence, neither the will to learn about it, to listen to explanations. To this group belong also the politicians, the “scientists” without any awareness, the unaware who represent official organizations, reason why they follow blindly those who behave like Gods and have transformed dirty science into a holy religion, using difficult words to impress, to build up a mask, that seems to show a decent scientist, but who is not a scientist but a dirty scientist. Of course politicians do not want to admit that they do not understand the language of their dirty scientists. Not even the most smart person on Earth can understand the words of the dirty scientists. Understanding means following common sense, and there is no common sense in dirty science. Even the so respected and admired journalists everywhere in the media belong to the unaware, the not so intelligent, and contribute only to ignorance, nourishing the ignorance, contribute to the growing force of  the industry’s assault on science, and nourish their listeners, watchers and readers with scam. They misuse the deactivated, by wrong school systems, religions, by the regime of goodness (not only in Norway!) blurred human minds, in order to continue to contribute to the Industry’s Assault on Science.

Economy (the only real director of each kind of industry) is proved to be a false God, (see also §2 Economic fetishism, and §9 Economic fascism) no, it was, because economy has become devilish: a devil is a religious symbol of what is Evil, the opposite of what is Good, and what should be rejected, resisted. Evil works in disguise, under cover, and only those with antennas and developed ethics, and able to watch through masks can detect the ones who are working with modern methods, modern disguise, disguise that has never been used before, and therefore needing some intelligence to watch through its masks. Evil finds time and again successfully new ways to cheat.



§5. How to (learn to) see the difference between science and dirty science?

In its essence it is possible to distinguish truth from lies, via an inbuilt antenna, named intuition, a fully developed intuition, is of course the best. Intuition is not comparable with feelings, emotions, somewhere in your body. Intuition is bigger than oneself, and reacts on all what contradicts it. Intuition is a tool, also a state of being, fully awake, fully aware, it is an inner eye, an inner ear, it is knowing, seeing all the details in a fragment of a second, it is harmony, balance, a lake without any wrinkle, being centred, focused utterly precise and sharp, it is intense concentration, without any effort. It is not instinct. It has nothing to do with instinctive reacting. When one learns that (as an example) white is black and vice versa, if one learns that lying is normal, one will consider a lie as a way to survive, and the inner knowing, the intuition tells that it is better for now to follow that, than to resist, so the intuition starts to be hibernated, is brought into sleep. This is the result after a long time of being brainwashed, because we are all born with an excellent human intuition, but it is deactivated totally, finally, in too many humans, world wide. This means that the most are taking lies as nourishment of their instinct to survive. They need somebody who screams lies around as truth, to receive the right push to be able to continue their own life filled with lies (“You see! It is true, HE tells so!”), and this is why Trump won, how Tsipras won, and why populists in general win. In fact every politicians is a liar, contributing to the Industry’s Assault on Science. Learning truth is the first step to science, because science is about unfolding truth, that what is, exact is, what is exact. The absence of truth in children’s life, and while growing up becoming adults, and the absence of truth in their environment is one of the reasons why science is polluted with lies, stated as facts, while false, or misleading, and not determined as false. The absence of that what is more than matter, in scientific researches, is another reason why science is misleading, generally. Claiming that only matter is real is a lie, a pertinent lie, and therefore science, as it is practised by the most who name themselves scientists, is not science but a lie and not reliable.

Right science is related with noble people -those who know and live according to ethics, see §4-, humans, scientists. Even nobility is related with being a scientist. Not any falsehood in dark personal emotions can walk hand in hand with science, not any ethically-immature or ethically uneducated human being can be a reliable scientist. In quantum physics it is known that the person who researches something via the microscope influences the research results, because his/her inbeing interferes with what is studied in minuscule matter.

This does not mean that scientists belonging to the right science, cannot make mistakes. Making mistakes is part of the process of becoming the perfect scientist, the process of developing the full awareness of the studied subject with all its facets. This means that there are students, starters, good and better scientists, and that there are real professors. Sometimes there are scientists, researchers, who know more than any title can guarantee, while they do not have a title, a degree, while others, who belong to the dirty scientists can be rationally very intelligent, are named professor, but who misuse the title professor because they serve the wrong goal. The difference between right science and dirty science can be explained in a metaphor: the pyramid.


Dashur (Egypt). Red Pyramid of Snefru (IV Dynasty)

The right scientists contribute to the pyramid with the top into the direction of the universe, and serves ethics, serves the right goal, and is able to overview all facets of life, takes responsibilities and does not cross the borders, does not take risks, does not experiment with life, does not experiment in real life, as happens now with 4G and 5G. We are all guinea pigs, and WHO, EU, all governments in the world agree with it.

The scientists at the top of the pyramid of scientists are the all-knowing, omniscient scientists and there are not so many. Why are they omniscient: because they can overview the total, into all directions. this is only possible at the ultimate top of the pyramid.

The industrial scientists, the dirty scientists are also part of a metaphorical pyramid, but this pyramid is upside down, pointing into the metaphorical earth, is beneath the surface of earth, is hidden in the darkness of the layers there. Also evil is intelligence, but this intelligence does not create Light and Awareness, but creates and spreads Darkness, slavery, immorality, tries to pollute Light, does all to undermine the power of Light, serves dark goals, is darkness in its deepest essence. Lies, or abuse of science, contributes to darkness, to evil, to what is destructive, to what is killing life, human values, and ethics.

A real scientist, a highly developed scientist, can be recognized by the clear language he/she speaks or writes, and can explain a difficult complex subject in such a way, that it is easy to be understood by all levels of intelligence. Dr. Martin Blank (1933-2018) is known for his always searching to find the words to explain difficult science to the not professors or doctors: “Dr. Blank also had a knack for translating complex scientific concepts into a language anyone can understand.” Source – chapter: Lasting Impact.

Also Arthur Firstenberg and Dr. Martin L. Pall have this capacity.

The most of the scientists cannot, because they do not understand the subject into detail themselves, as a total, they work at a part of the puzzle but do not see the total of the puzzle.

Maybe the following educative video about religions, indoctrinations, explains something about fake science, which has used all ways to indoctrinate the people, to make them believe they do not need to think. Fake science, which is economical focused science, industry focused science, profit focused science, is the modern religion, the new church, a belief system. It shows how people believe in what is published in the name of the Holy Economy (Fetishism, see §2), and how to find the way to start to become a researcher oneself, contributing to Truth and Inner Freedom, to liberate oneself from the chains of fake science, from the slavery of the Holy Economy.

“Instruction Manual For Life”: this title can be changed into “Instruction Manual to Find the Way out of the prison of Believing to the Freedom of Knowing”. Real science is Knowing, and able to distinguish Science from Anti Science, fake from what is real. Fake science, that what is ruling everywhere, is in fact a holy church with infallible priests, ICNIRP for instance, DSA Norway, FCC, kneeling followers like EU, SCHEER, WHO, and via these the politicians in countries and states, believed by their voters, the believers. Every belief system is dangerous. Video: watch

Conclusion: the settled, industrial related dirty science, only focused on economical profit, capital, is not willing to open their mind for thinking in a wider perspective. The dogma: all has to serve economy, economical growth, no matter what the consequences are, is on its way to be unveiled finally as a destructive power, dangerous for real growth, life, existence. Because of the blindness of the economical focus we are on the edge of total extinction. So: unblock your by the industry, the politics, blocked mind. Wake up! (See §2, our western “modern” economy is based on fear, the fear to lose control, and follows the myth that when creating a continuous economical growth their will be a guaranteed stability.)

Another video that is important to create change: to stop the catastrophe named democracy. Democracy as it is really, does not exist, nowhere. Not yet.

Democracy is a term taken by politicians, and they are all, despite some rare exceptions, the marionettes of the industry, the economy, the modern golden calf, the modern church, the modern religion of what is named science, but what is in fact dirty science. Democracy is the power of the majority, and the majority has, unfortunately, not studied anything, at least not enough, is naive, is brainwashed, does not understand the misleading psychology of the industry and politics, and is so easy to be manipulated, and trapped. We are ruled, world wide, by ignorance, low level intelligence, unawareness. Socrates explains how to change this. Video: watch

The way to Knowledge is starting to learn to think oneself. Schools do not teach to think, they teach how to copy and paste. The way to Knowledge is to stop the brainwashed mind to talk inside of your head, to stop the programmed mind to whisper in your thoughts, as a parrot, the way to Knowledge is to stop brainwashing systems like old fashioned schools and parents who studied on these brainwashing schools, those who are named the society. Examples of learning to think deeper:



§6. What are ethics?

Ethics: the universal knowledge, the impersonal knowledge of truth, in what is right or wrong. Confucius (551–479 BC) was teaching about ethics, and his teachings were and are so universal, that these are still Truth. He emphasized personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity. The word morality is mostly abused by all politicians, and all industries.


Confucius (551 B.C.-479 B.C.)

The most scientists of today have not any idea about morality, about correctness of social relationships, about justice and sincerity.

The lack or absence of ethics has created a metaphoric darkness in science, on universities, in the circles of scientists, in the brains of scientists. The deeper the scientists are located in the upside down pyramid, the darker it becomes there because of the increasing absence of ethics. In the other pyramid, with the top pointing to the universe, the scientists who are mostly working in the lowest levels of the pyramid are the ones who are in a lack of ethics, and still very much related with the scientists in the base of the upside down pyramid. The more evolved scientists climb the upper pyramid, the higher they are climbing, the more ethical they are. The possibility of climbing, the effort of climbing, is a spiritual energy, created by a universal law of justice, and the higher they are, the higher evolved they are, as a human being. When finally reaching the top one has become the ultimate human being.

Those, working in the upside down pyramid, are unaware, and the less evolved. The state of being of those who are in the deepest layers of the upside down pyramid, though looking physically as any other human being, and the same as the most high evolved human being, is similar with the inbeing of beasts, worse than the most evil predator. That is why they are longing to contribute to bestiality, or to create it. They are allowed though to enter universities, and to study anything they want. Not any guard there will forbid them to enter.



§7. Blacklist of articles about who contribute to the Industry’s Assault on Science, or disempower the Stop 5G Movement.

  1. With fake news – emag.medicalexpo: Do 5G Networks Pose a Risk to Human Health? The fake news, the misleading news in this article, is in the words of Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski, who has to be seen, because of these words, as a subversive, undermining thinker in the stop 5G movement, while he seems to be on their side. His words prove that he is unaware of the enormous threat of 5G, and the lack of time to stop it in time. He creates dangerous delays. He is even unaware of the hidden dangers of 4G, otherwise he could not write what he wrote.
  2. With fake news – emag.directindustryDoes the Imminent Rollout of 5G Networks Pose a Risk to Human Health?  The fake news, the misleading news in this article, is in the words of Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski, who has to be seen, because of these words, as a subversive, undermining thinker in the stop 5G movement, while he seems to be on their side. His words prove that he is unaware of the enormous threat of 5G, and the lack of time to stop it in time. He creates dangerous delays. He is even unaware of the hidden dangers of 4G, otherwise he could not write what he wrote.
  3. The falsehoods, written by Dr. Dariusz Leszczynski,in two of his blog posts, mentioned in §0. Updates
  4. About Fake News (spread by ABC, Australia, via the words of Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki – Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association: Dr Karl – Misleading and Wrong Information and a much deeper problem in the selection of experts. Dr. Karl is a popular name for Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki.
  5. Blogpost: WHO is directing the laboratory named earth? The WHO as a misleading cover-up of the industrial science.
  6. Blogpost: ICNIRP  as a misleading cover-up of the industrial science.
  7. Blogposts: EU guidelines are fraudulent 1 and 2. EU as a misleading cover-up of the industrial science.
  8. Christoffer Johansen – Article in Rådet for Helbredssikker Telekommunikation
  9. …… no more updates. Not that there are no updates, but it takes too much time.



§8. Science on its way to become a fascist regime.

Science is in the Netherlands a total of three directions: alfa, beta and gamma sciences. See also: §3. It is essential to explain this here in order to be understood when using the term “fascist” in “fascist regime”.

Alfa sciences is also named Studia Humanitatis: sciences, studies about the human eoclogy: like languages, both linguistics and the study of every cultivated language, further history, philosophy, musicology, cultural sciences, art history, and theology.

Beta Sciences, or the Exact Sciences, sometimes called the exact mathematical sciences are those sciences “which admit of absolute precision in their results”; especially the mathematical sciences. Examples of the exact sciences are mathematics, optics, astronomy, and physics.

Gamma Sciences: the sciences that study society and human behaviour: sociology, anthropology, public administration, economics, law, political science, psychology and communication science.

It is obvious that industrial science is only related with Exact Sciences, and with Psychology, which is a Gamma Science: the industry misuses the intelligence of science of psychology, in manipulating the human mind and psyche, emotions for their own profit. The mind of an exact scientist can work exact, but at the same time the mind is owned by a person with the intelligence of ethics, or not. Industrial scientists, and also a lot of neutral scientists, are not exact in ethics, are not ethically intelligent, and it is always a question if they have ever heard about it, unless it is checked, and their writings are public and able to be checked.

On July 5, 2019, a Dutch newspaper, Trouw, published an article written by Dr. Denny Borsboom about “bezuinigen op gammawetenschappen”, “to economize gamma sciences”, by the Dutch government, so to economize (such a typical parallel with all what is written in my own article about economy), to minimize the financing of the studies sociology, anthropology, public administration, economics, law, political science, psychology and communication science.

[It is a public secret that the industry has already bought exact science on universities, which means that not any student is allowed to investigate, to research a subject that he or she wants to study, and has to study that what is chosen by the industry, and what serves the industry. This means that the exact sciences, the beta sciences, are taking over the leading role in science, becoming a dictatorial science, and because it is already part of the industry, the industry is a fascist regime, and exact science is therefore a fascist serving science, a collaborator, as happens in wars, and more and more a fascist science in its branch.]

“Trouw” writes on Twitter: watch

Bèta-wetenschappen waren lang het front van de wetenschap, schrijft hoogleraar Denny Borsboom. Maar niet meer. Wie gedragsdata weet om te zetten in strategieën om menselijk gedrag te sturen, die vecht mee in de oorlog van vandaag.

Translated: “Beta sciences [exact sciences] have been a long time the battlefront of science, writes academic Denny Borsboom. But not any more. Anyone who knows how to convert behavioral data into strategies to steer human behavior is active in today’s war.”

Or, in my opinion: “Anyone who knows how to convert behavioral data into strategies to steer human behavior is active in today’s war, in contributing to the Industry’s Assault on Science.”



§9. Economic fascism

Since dirty science is intertwined with the industry, the industry with economy, economy with politics, and politics with dirty science, it fits to add a paragraph about economic fascism. Fascism is a term that we connect with WWII, with Hitler and Mussolini. It stopped, when the war was over, we assume. But it did not stop and it experiences right now a silent new spring.

The article Economic Fascism, written by Thomas DiLorenzo, was published on 1 June 1994 in FEE, Foundation for Economic Education. He is an author and professor of economics at Loyola University Maryland, USA. 

At 1:29  in the following video, also fascism is announced and strange enough the world goes on turning around without any message about it. The video has been published in January 2019, on Vimeo. by The Solari Report. Solari is a private company founded by Catherine Austin Fitts. Video: watch



§10. Post Scriptum: Pythagoras, a university

Pythagoras (c. 570 – c. 495 BC) was a Greek scientist. Scientist, the term as it is used nowadays, is too poor to cover his entire knowledge, because he was one of those who studied not just a facet of all what is to be studies, but he researched a lot, from philosophy to exact science, physics, mathematics, also music, also metaphysics. The term “university” was exactly what he was and showed to be. What later became buildings, university buildings, with departments, and each department disconnected from all other departments, is a very poor replica of the original “university” which was not divided in independent departments and study directions: it was a whole, a total. Humanity has arrived in an utterly unhealthy period of time in the human history, and needs to find the way back to wholism, to real science, knowledge.





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