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Intro: This article is a comment on the post in EMFactsConsultancy, published April 6, 2020: “Joel M. Moskowitz: Mainstream news media pushes back on 5G-coronavirus speculation: Unintended consequences” | “Americans for Responsible Technology”



Joel Moskowitz

Joel Moskowitz, PhD, has collected a long list with published articles in all kinds of newspapers: all articles are about the enormous tsunami of posts in the media about the possible link between 5G and the Virus with the number Nineteen that is censured in the media, since then.

Joel Moskowitz PhD, together with “Americans for Responsible Technology“, begged the creators of what has got the stigma: conspiracy theory, to stop their activities. Joel Moskowitz together with “Americans for Responsible Technology” believe that the scenarios of the Stop 5G activists about a possible connection of 5G masts with the Virus with the number Nineteen are affecting the science about wireless radiation, in this case the  r e a l  science [opposing the prostituted industrial science, see article: Evidence based science or prostitution?] about 5G.

Joel Moskowitz, and “Americans for Responsible Technology” however do not need to be afraid of that at all.

1. In the first place: the science about 5G is not existing. NOTHING has been researched yet. That is why this truth should be shouted from all rooftops:

All theories about 5G, either created by the industry or created by those who are against the 5G industry, are theories, hypotheses, nothing more, and therefore not science yet.

2. In the second place: the what are named conspiracy theorists are in an enormous minority compared with the enormous majority on the other side, where the pro 5G activism is taking place via all kinds of propaganda, published by newspapers where Joel Moskowitz took the time for to collect, and make a nice list of, to publish.

Joel Moskowitz could have used the same time to investigate the journalists of the by him collected newspapers [who demand fact checking of the Stop 5G Activists] for where they studied, and what, if they have a degree, or not, if they published with EMF related scientific papers, or not, what they have written on their profile, a C.V…… Try it, Joel Moskowitz PhD, and “Americans for Responsible Technology” and discover that you cannot find any information. Analyse the articles, as I did with the BBC article. Analyse all by these journalists written sentences, check for truth or falsehoods. You will find out that truth is totally absent. As it was from the beginning, because 5G is in fact, factually, simply a conspiracy set-up [See post: Hypothesis versus Conspiracy]. 5G is based on falsehoods. It is ICNIRP[See: ICNIRP] who paved the path to 5G.

So, do not blame those who smell the dirt of this industry, who God knows are right, but God knows also maybe wrong that 5G is indeed linked with that Virus with the number Nineteen. All is theory. So, please, Joel Moskowitz PhD, together with “Americans for Responsible Technology”, stop playing the cowards, and attack them who have to be attacked. Investigate these journalists and publish your research results and conclusions on ResearchGate and PubMed. Or on your website.

Joel Moskowitz PhD, and “Americans for Responsible Technology”, you will discover that these journalists do not have real guns where they are and have been shooting with into the direction of the “Stop 5G” crowds, that they used toy guns, with fake bullets, and you are both so naive, that these fake bullets create an enormous fear in both of you.

Joel Moskowitz PhD, and “Americans for Responsible Technology” should know that the  growing crowd of utterly worried people —who discover that they are not safe at all, and with fair reasons, because we are in a life horror film where science proves not to have any answer— needs to be seen, respected, understood, and to be supported. Not by ordering the crowds to stop protesting, but by simply investigating the journalists who tear these crowds down. These journalists are paid by their bosses, who are pro 5G, and scared that God knows these crowds are right about the link between that Virus with the Nineteen name and 5G.

Because, dear Joel Moskowitz PhD, and “Americans for Responsible Technology”, the industry that pays these bosses of these ignorant “journalists”, are scared to death that 5G WILL be STOPPED. It is the 5G economy, it is the 5G capital, the guaranteed rolled out 5G that makes their income a fact in the future. Crowds that undermine this safety must be attacked. And that is what has happened some days ago.

Joel Moskowitz PhD, and “Americans for Responsible Technology”, you did exactly what the 5G industry wanted to achieve. Silencing the Stop 5G Activism crowds that smell a stinking link with EMF and the Virus with the number Nineteen. As long the link is NOT proved to be wrong, it is not any problem to name the link. But, even if there was not any Virus with the number Nineteen: the industry behind 5G has a killing effect on medical science, it is prostituting, no raping the science where you, Joel Moskowitz PhD, and “Americans for Responsible Technology” work with, write about, and where healthcare, our safety and future is depending on.

Not the crowds, protesting against 5G and linking it with the Nineteen Virus have a wrong effect on what you both want to protect, it is your FEAR for the liars that undermines your reliability as a scientist Joel Moskowitz, and of you “Americans for Responsible Technology”, because of ignoring your task to attack the real enemy: with Truth, simply by investigating the violent pro 5G journalists.

Linking the Nineteen Virus with 5G may last as long these so-called journalists write crack about EMF, 5G, and want the world to believe that they write “scientific” articles, while not having studied any science, that all is safe, while they refer to ICNIRP. ICNIRP is the holy cow of this era, seen as an infallible God, but in reality a Godfather, a mafia boss, working hard, together with its disciples to make the world believe they are there to care for our health.

It is utterly sad to experience allies like you, Joel Moskowitz PhD, and “Americans for Responsible Technology”, who want their troops to throw their weapons away while those on the other side, are using fake guns, and win by bluffing.

All in life is a test, an exam. You, Joel Moskowitz PhD, and “Americans for Responsible Technology”, failed.


Additional: a day later, on Twitter:

moskowitz-joel Joel Moskowitz even retweeted misleading by ICNIRP member Martin Röösli Rööslitweeted messages, without any comment, so: agreeing with it, and exposing Röösli on his profile, with the silent message that Röösli is a great scientist with beautiful ideas – Röösli’s words sound fantastic, but the person is a fraud. How reliable are beautiful words written by a fraud? Martin Röösli is accused for 5G swindle, by Prof. Hardell and 22 more scientists[1][2]. More about this in §4b and §5 in my post about ICNIRP.  Question: How to analyse the Moskowitz retweets? Moskowitz is corrupting himself deliberately or maybe even naively in order to please, cowardly, the enemy. He likes to play Saint Joel, I am certain about it, and considers his retweets as a virtue. Instead of attacking Röösli, he attacks the stop 5G activists. Instead of attacking the pro 5G journalists he attacks the Stop 5G activists. On who’s side is Moskowitz? In times of war this behaviour is named treason. A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor.

Screenshot, taken April 8, 2020



Screenshot, April 8, 2020:

Röösli’s tweet translated from EMF into tobacco:

In general, precaution for tobacco and smoking cigarettes is common sense to me, but postulating precaution based on false or exaggerated health risk claims for babies, toddlers, children and teenagers, young adults, pregnant women, adults and elderly will trigger established nocebo response [imagination, placebo effect] in a part of the population, which I consider unethical.

Dr. Devra Davis (Environmental Health Trust)’s answer: 

Thank you tobacco industry, for recommending precautions with cigarettes, tobacco smoke and smoking in public as common sense. Especially in light of research showing lung cancer.


My tweet to Röösli, April 8, 2020, to create some balance:



Additional information about conflicts of interest, ICNIRP and science:

1. Italy: 2020 – The Court of Appeal of Turin Confirms the Link Between a Head Tumour and Mobile Phone Use
By: Equipe Phonegate
Published: January 15, 2020

2. Articles about Martin Röösli: Article with 22 chapters with articles about ICNIRP. Chapter 22: Martin Röösli:


Three wise monkeys crafted in Japan. “Watch, listen, speak” “見る 聞く 言っ” opposing the so well known monkeys who cover ears, eyes and mouth, like Joel Moskowitz and Devra Davis are doing. and ask us in silent to do the same. My slogan: “Watch, listen, speak!”


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