Open letter to the BBC technology desk operator

Updated: August 24, 2020


Dear Leo Kelion,

In the BBC NEWS article “Mast fire probe amid 5G coronavirus claims“, published: April 4, 2020, you have written some comments on the article, in “Analyses”. I have commented on your comments in the following quoted parts.


Quote 1:

Conspiracy theories linking 5G signals to the coronavirus pandemic continue to spread despite there being no evidence the mobile phone signals pose a health risk.

My comment: Five months ago, in November 2019, the month that 5G was commercialized in Wuhan city, one of China’s first 5G test cities, a pandemic started. The link between EMF and viruses is known in science: each kind of a virus has electro magnetic properties. That a virus is electro sensitive is proved by the Norwegian coronavirus test to find if somebody has created antibodies. The test is based on (electro)magnetism. My article: here. Important are especially the words of Russian Professor Oleg Grigoriev, chairholder of RusCNIRP, to be found in §4.

This scientific based knowledge shows that your words are based on misconceptions, and most likely created out of what you name yourself mainstream science.

That mobile phones create harm, also without any pandemic around, is proved as well, and all the scientific reports and researches have been systematically and consistently rejected as “not sufficient”, by mainstream science safety guidelines decision maker ICNIRP.

ICNIRP excludes all researches that are not fitting in their dogma, written down in 1998, and which has never been changed. It is based on thermal effects, what fits very excellent in the development of the telecom industry, but what has been attacked as many years as the dogma exists, by not-industrial scientists: by medical scientists. Not any scientist who thinks different from the ICNIRP dogma, is welcome in the group. The group rejects systematically and constantly all researches with the highest alarming research results, based on the biological effects of wireless radiation. 4G is claimed to be safe, but also 4G is a deadly G, the cause of the extinction of species in wildlife, and the cause of several human diseases. I have collected many links to research papers of the most excellent scientists here.


Quote 2:

Fact-checking charity Full Fact has linked the claims to two flawed theories.

My comment: I have sent Full Fact a detailed letter, and a PDF of it can be found here. [Update 15-04-2020: Journalist Kate Lewis has not answered yet.]


Quote 3:

One suggests 5G suppresses the immune system, the other claims the virus is somehow using the network’s radio waves to communicate and pick victims, accelerating its spread.

My comment: EMFs affect the natural electro magnetic fields of the human body, but not only that, it affects all life forms, like birds, bees, insects, worms, amphibians, reptiles, bats, trees, plants, the global electrical circuit. A heathy immune system is depending of a strong electro magnetic body, and IS the immune system, essentially. When the natural electromagnetic radiation becomes lesser because of man-made electro magnetic fields around, a person loses the strong natural resistance.

That the virus uses the network’s radio waves is already explained in my comment following quote 1. Science knows, but the world ignores. That the world ignores it does not mean that the science about it is not existing. So: you lie, dear Leo Kelion. I have a hypotheses about the spreading of the virus, a very common sense based hypotheses. I explain it in the article about the Norwegian invention of the Coronavirus test method.

Professor Oleg Grigoriev[1][2] has published a tweet on his Twitter account: he mentions a research  in Russia: Confirmation studies of Soviet Research on Immunological Effects of Microwaves: Russian Immunology Results – to be found in ResearchGate. His tweet shows more.

[Update 15-04-2020: Dr. Barrie Trower, Royal Navy microwave expert, speaks about microwaves, suppressing the immune system, in a 2010 interview. Total length of the interview: 2 hours and 20 minutes. Full length interview: here. Part 2/21: here.]


Quote 4:

While 5G uses different radio frequencies to its predecessors, it’s important to recognise that the waveband involved is still “non-ionising”, meaning it lacks enough energy to break apart chemical bonds in the DNA in our cells to cause damage.

My comment: Again a pertinent falsehood, since it is proved that lower “G” forms already damage the DNA. What 5G will do one cannot guarantee as “safe” because there is not any research that proves it, Leo Kelion. The terms “ionising” and “non-ionising” are on the same line, and indeed, ICNIRP has created guidelines that are most likely on the border of the two, with other words: daring to take all life on earth, with a full consciousness, so, deliberately, exactly there where non-ionizing radiation stops and ionizing radiation starts: on the edge of where it would become officially terrorism.


File:EM Spectrum Properties edit.svg
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


In 2010 this graphic has been published in The Lancet: please take a look at the levels ICNIRP considers as safe, and what are the red fields already in 2010.


Could you, Leo Kelion, write down the exact numbers we experience right now? How high the levels are today? Have you ever checked with a calibrated device the levels of electromagnetic radiation in your house? On the spot where you work for the BBC?

Where will the levels of 5G be? Nobody knows, because there is not any device that can measure these levels: these devices are so expensive that nobody can afford it to buy one. Dr. Martin L. Pall speaks about these devices in the interview in the video here.  Not of one mobile and one cell tower, no, with all the 50.000 turned-on 5G satellites, connected with all the cell towers on earth that you want to be rolled out, and these connected with all the billions of active cell phones, soon a trillion of wireless devices? Because THAT is the plan of 5G: the IoT, 24/7. As a next step, because it is not the end, no, 6G and 7G are already being developed! China is far ahead in this.

So, waiting for your 2020 numbers, plus the 5G numbers, to be added here. I am certain you can NOT. Not even ICNIRP can. All is an experiment. We are all guinea pigs. That is not a conspiracy theory, that is making conclusions out of facts that we are all witnessing. There is NO scientific paper to be found that 5G is safe, and tested for it. IF science was reliable, we would NOT be in the largest unethical medical experiment in human history.

About DNA damage: Dr. Martin Blank, videos with lectures in a playlist.


Quote 5:

The second theory appears to be based on the work of a Nobel Prize-winning biologist who suggested bacteria could generate radio waves.

But this remains a controversial idea and well outside mainstream scientific thought.

My comment: Without checking the link you provided, Leo Kelion, you use humiliating words, while these do not fit: you are a biological being, a life form as well, also bacteria, also viruses. All life forms and the details of it, all what exists on earth, originally, so without any man-made electricity and man-made EMF, are electrical -electro magnetic- beings. What exactly a bacteria is able to do, I do not know, I am not, neither you, a scientific researcher. And did not, and you not either, study this field. I have checked your eventual profiles on ResearchGate and PubMed. The results are zero. You did not publish any research about not anything. BBC NEWS does not provide any information about you: where you studied, what you studied, your university degrees, your jobs.

You speak about “mainstream scientific thought”. I explained already that “mainstream scientific thought” is in fact something that rhymes: “mainstream scientific fraud”. Even the term “rhymes” is excellent: it means also: agreeing with. “Mainstream scientific thought agrees with the scientific fraud.”

I wrote about the prostitution of science[see also: article Evidence based science or prostitution?]. You, Leo Kelion, have tried to wash away the dirty smell of the 5G industry, that stinks the same as a whore house.


Quote 6:

There’s another major flaw with both these theories. Coronavirus is spreading in UK cities where 5G has yet to be deployed, and in countries like Japan and Iran that have yet to adopt the technology.

The 5G technology is maybe not activated already in the areas you mention, but you cannot convince me without any source that these countries do not have the 5G tech and the masts to start with it as soon as possible, or already have started with it. The mentioned countries are high tech countries, with lots of EMF.

Focus on where the virus started, was morphed out of a total of ingredients, like fungus is morphed out of a total of ingredients. The virus could very easy travel around the world because the Chinese regime decided to silence the virus epidemic, to imprison the whistleblowers, the doctors who were named conspiracy theorists, liars, while speaking truth about the facts. WHO’s Tedros was at the side of Xi Jinping, and agreeing one should relax. People everywhere were downplaying the facts, laughing, and brought the virus via unwashed hands and dirty mobile screens to the rest of the world. There the virus pandemic numbers were skyrocketing the most and in the first place on spots / in cities with much electrosmog and/or man-made EMF, and a (partially) activated 5G.

It is a fact, Leo Kelion, that ICNIRP, neither WHO, have any study published, neither do they refer to studies, that provide information about the numbers of facts related with the total amount of active cell phones, cell towers, in cities like Wuhan where 11.000.000 people were and are in a constant radiation caused by their own cell phone behaviour. A massive total of EMF, and pollution.


ResearchGate, PubMed, BBC NEWS

As always, Leo Kelion, I check ResearchGate for eventual publications. I found zero. I check always also PubMed. I found zero. I tried to find out where you studied, and what you studied, Leo Kelion. I have checked BBC, where you work, for your profile, but it does not exist. So: we can only guess what you studied, while you want all around you to fact check, to be factual. I must say that BBC should be more careful who exactly it is hiring to write articles about utterly complex content, like 5G, EMF, guidelines, and what exactly is right and wrong when it comes to responsibility. In order to do so one needs to know who exactly is where fighting for what. The people learn that they are NOT safe in this world, that science is absent, has no answers on their questions, and the people witness that all is out of control, despite the what you name “mainstream science”, or… all what is going wrong BECAUSE it is “mainstream science” that rules all on our beautiful planet?

I ask, because maybe you, Leo Kelion, did not think about it already. I did, and say: “Yes, all is going wrong because of mainstream science, the prostitutes who work there, and are paid for it, while the money goes to the pimps. ICNIRP. Telecom.”



The following video is not about 5G, but about the pandemic. He criticizes the BBC, and his criticism aligns with my criticism.


Vernon Coleman (born 18 May 1946) is an English author, columnist and former general practitioner. He has written over 100 books, including works about human health, politics, cricket, and animal issues, and a range of novels. He is criticized and even censored because of his view on politicians, and health care systems. He has a YouTube channel where he publishes videos like the one above. Several videos have been removed by YouTube. Though I do not second all what he tells, I notice when listening to his spoken texts, that there are several issues in which I agree with him, and a lot is even shared in my blog Multerland. Reason to share his views.



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