Science is dead, long live ‘Frankenstein science’

“Today’s recognized facts in science are incomplete because they ignore spirit, will, and emotions. But more and more scientists have the courage to transfer knowledge from quantum physics and philosophy to everyday life. Dr. Ulrich Warnke explains how consciousness and subconscious mind control reality formation and shows how we activate these abilities in ourselves – as it is written in many mystical texts. The key to a “new world creation” are certain states of consciousness that we can learn. This gives us effective tools to change our living conditions for the better.” Source.

ulrich_warnkeUlrich Warnke (* 1945), photo, is a German biologist. He studied biology, physics, geography and pedagogy and received his doctorate in 1973. He taught as a senior academic at the Saarland University and has been retired since March 2010. One of his focal points is the effect of electromagnetic vibrations and fields, including light, on organisms. [Playlist with videos]

Wikipedia [which is a by a clan-like group of higher educated students, people, scientists, run, maintained and constantly updated website, where all info that does not fit within the mainstream [=wrong] concept of science is named pseudo-science or worse, and frequently even removed]: “His statements on questions of the importance of quantum physics experiments are controversial. In his books he tries to correlate quantum physical experiments and results with spiritual experiences.”

My comment: this sentence unveils that the author(s) of the Wikipedia article does/do not know by experience which spiritual experience is meant, or worse: that spiritual experiences are imaginations. Spirituality is real and not a belief or a religion, but a state of being as a part of the total existence, to be experienced in every day life, during work, in meditation and/or contemplation. An authentic spiritual experience cannot be acted. Kundalini is an authentic spiritual experience. There are explanations on the web what kundalini is, but the most are not correct. There are even people who pretend to be able to awaken this energy in others. It is not necessary to awaken it, not even healthy, because it has to develop in a totally natural way, and only then it occurs on the right moment. It is difficult to explain what it is. One can read about it to get an idea. The first time I saw the term kundalini was when I was reading an old book that I found in a library in the Netherlands, about yogi in India: those who practice yoga. That was in the seventies of the former century. My first experience with this energy dates from the end of the seventies and I did not know what exactly was happening, did not even remember what I had read about it. The experience is for everybody who undergoes it, different, but one recognizes it in what is written about it anyway.

Carl_Gustav_JungAlso Carl Gustav Jung had kundalini experiences and in his “Red Book” he is explaining the process of it, via texts and drawings, paintings. I prefer to name kundalini an “evolutionary experience”, instead of “spiritual experience”, though it is both, but I chose this to avoid silly remarks of those who do/did NOT experience it. One of the results of this process is a deeper sense for reality, wholeness, and oneself. Scientists are not, generally, aware of a wholeness, because they did NOT experience this, are evolutionary (far) back in the, in the meantime normal, human process of evolution especially in younger people and sometimes even children. That means that these scientists, who are still in the majority, show a lack of ethics, and absence of awareness, where also quantum physics work with. This has created the madness, the absolute chaos we live in, today. Science, as one could expect, does not exist any more, and IF, it is rejected as pseudo-science and ridiculed. They, who make themselves guilty of that, expose themselves as silly, ignorant, but are, logically, not even aware of that, because they belong somewhere in the lower degrees of the human evolution:


Spiritual Evolution


Reason for creating this blog article, is the tweet that I found coincidentally today, on May 14, 2020, and in which the subtitle of the website The World Foundation of Natural Science is ridiculed, because of the terms “divine” and the name of what we learned to categorize as “saint”: “Francis of Assisi”. One cannot find anything on the Wikipedia page, on not any page or website, that could categorize publications of a website that mentions the name of Francis of Assisi, to be based on conspiracy theories, as if the term spiritual, or divine, belongs to those who believe in something that does not exist: God. God does indeed not exist as a human-like being on a cloud and no I do not believe in a church, but I do believe in the “church” of nature, earth, Life, Universe, All Existence. That “church” is not a building where you can go in or out, but where one is constantly “in”, even if one does not realize it, or even denies it. Francis of Assisi is mentioned on the website of the “World Foundation of Natural Sciences” because of his view on nature and the environment. Very honourable. One cannot say that the one who tweets and writes about people in the way he is used to, is honourable. On the contrary. He is even creating conspiracy theories himself around a website that is not hiding its convictions and views on life and nature, and that is undeniable related with an unsolved problem in the person’s own unconsciousness.

Another remarkable fact is, that the science as it has become, and where the Twitter professor is talking about as real science, is comparable with a church, a religion, and a real –infallible– Pope. All views, mechanisms and protocols of researching, are accepted as right, followed up, and have become even dogmas. The role of the Pope in science is performed by the industry, and this Pope’s College of Cardinals of for instance the telecom industry has the name ICNIRP. The Twitter professor has written lots of protest articles in his blog about the telecom industry-pope’s College of Cardinals: ICNIRP. There are more priests (scientists) that oppose the rules of the Wireless Industry Pope, but several of these  show, strange enough, to have the same ethics as those they say to oppose, as some of them show on Twitter: they even protect the College of Cardinals ICNIRP, retweet the ICNIRP Gospels when it fits in their thinking-mechanisms and at the same time they write articles and speak out against ICNIRP. Can you follow it? They are, they show it themselves, just occasionally against ICNIRP. This group of dubious priests (scientists), who jump from the one side to the other side with much suppleness and without any inner conflict, are rejected world wide in all newspapers, and named conspiracy theorists ANYWAY, [with other words: what did/do they achieve with their jumping between pro and contra?], in the less worse case they are just mentioned, and blown away with names of “priests” and “cardinals” that really matter in and for the industry -and therefore also for these newspapers: the hard core scientists, the Frankenstein Scientists. That is the situation on this moment. The titles scientist, doctor and professor should be protected. The titles are used and abused by all kinds of humans and are not any guarantee for Truth, Ethics and Respect. One can factually only expect Truth, Ethics and Respect, in those who respect spirit, spirituality, but just a few dare to speak about spirit, and spirituality.

The only reason that the Twitter professor was able to find the link to the newsletter of the World Foundation is this (my) blog, and I suspect him for being in this blog more often, as the stats of my blog show from which countries there have been searchings. I know where he lives. Why I suspect him of visiting my blog? Because of the facts that follow after. One of these is his tweet of today, about a newsletter that nobody else has shared, than me.

In the following excerpts, by Dr. Mae-Wan Ho [playlist with videos], one can learn to understand more about science, real science. What has become out of what once was “science” and what has lost the most essential facets of what once was science. Mainstream science is not science, but a deformed clone of what once was science: “Frankenstein science”.

I found the name of Dr. Mae-Wan Ho in the newsletter of The World Foundation of Natural Science, the newsletter that has been ridiculed by the one who tweeted about it and who has marked it as based on conspiracy theories. He wants, he writes in the tweet, real science. Well…. The newsletter contains 31 evidence based facts in the references. With other words: the so-called twitter professor, dressed in an oversized white blouse on his Twitter profile picture, is lying. To underline that: here is Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, with her view on real science.


mae_wan_hoThe End of Bad Science and Beginning Again with Life” (Excerpts)
By: Dr. Mae-Wan Ho (1941-2016)

Paragraph: The two-way connection between science and society

Genetic engineering biotechnology is not just about food production. It is about any and every way of exploiting life and our life-support system for profit. It is the ultimate in the dominant way of life that knows the monetary cost of everything and the value of nothing.17

There is a two-way connection between science and society. Science is both shaped by the politics and the mores of society and it can reinforce them. And nowhere is it more clearly seen in the mechanistic, instrumental worldview that pervades the scientific mainstream and the dominant culture at large.

The mechanistic paradigm of western science is really a direct legacy of the Judaeo-Christian tradition. The tradition inspired the search for eternal laws, ordained by God, which could make the universe move in predictable, mechanical ways. Through Copernicus, Galileo and Descartes, this strand of thought culminated in Newton’s mathematical laws of mechanics. Mechanical explanations seem so compelling that every event in nature came to be seen in a mechanical perspective.

Another strand in the legacy of the Judaeo-Christian tradition is that human beings are supposed to be created in the image of God and to have immortal souls, while animals and the rest of nature are to be used by human beings. Descartes established the dualistic separation of human beings from nature, of mind from body and matter from spirit. He maintained that only human beings can reason, that animals are unfeeling machines; and condoned cruel experiments on dogs and cats. Francis Bacon, similarly, urged that it was our right to extend our power and dominion over the universe.18

Thomas Hobbes went further. For him, nothing exists except matter and motion, the universe including human being are to be explained mechanically. He argued that human beings are ruled purely by their appetites and aversions, and without a powerful king to restrain and channel those impulses, our lives would be “poor, nasty, brutish and short”. In other words, absolute government is necessary to prevent the war of each against all to which natural selfishness inevitably leads19. Hobbes was writing when mercantilism reached its high point in Europe, and brought great power to those princes and merchants who successfully accumulated vast quantities of gold and other precious metals.

Hobbes’ influence has passed down to us via Charles Darwin in an age that saw the birth of capitalism and the expansion of the ‘free’ market under the military might of the British Empire. Nature became ultimately reduced to isolated atoms jostling and competing in the struggle for survival of the fittest. In its present-day form, neo-Darwinian sociobiology has changed very little from social Darwinism. Neo-liberal economic theory is in many ways much more pernicious than Adam Smith’s laissez-faire economics, which is based on competition tempered by moral restraint20. And so, through the self-fulfilling prophecy, mechanistic science has created a dysfunctional social milieu and a globalized economy which is destroying our planet and failing to serve the physical and spiritual needs of the vast majority of humanity21. That was why fifty thousand people from all walks of life and of all ages took to the streets at the World Trade Organization conference in Seattle at the end of November, 1999.

It is clear that the mechanistic paradigm has failed the reality test in life as in science. But the discredited paradigm is still perpetrated by mainstream academic institutions as though no alternatives exist.


Paragraph: ‘Frankenstein science’

Mechanistic biology has reached its logical conclusion when organisms including human beings are to be genetically manipulated and cloned. The first ‘human’ clone has been created, by injecting the genetic material of a human being into a cow’s egg22, a scene reminiscent of Mary Shelley’s prophetic parable of Frankenstein.

frankensteinDr. Frankenstein, in a role not unlike the contemporary genetic engineer, is a scientist obsessed with mastery over nature; so much so that he attempts to create the perfect human being. Instead, he created a monster. Mary Shelley’s classic is as much a parable of the mechanistic science that inspires the deed as it is of the scientist ‘playing God’.

All species are being genetically manipulated. Millions of transgenic mice are being created to serve as dubious models of human diseases, and an increasing number have to be sacrificed to make room for more. Livestock are ‘humanized’ to provide spare organs for transplanting into human beings, or engineered and cloned as ‘bioreactors’ to produce pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals in their milk, blood, urine and semen, and with tens of thousands of failures and abnormalities.23

Apart from the potential hazards of creating new viruses that cross species barriers, the excessive suffering inflicted on the animals violates the most basic moral code of human society. Michael Fox strongly questions the right of human beings to interfere so profoundly with the inherent nature or telos of other species24. Indeed, each species has its own intrinsic value, its own purpose in the scheme of nature, which we violate at our own peril. This is also the most abiding ecological wisdom which western science has lost touch with, and is only now rediscovering.


Paragraph: The organic revolution and the new ethic of science

Genetic determinism offers a simplistic, reductionist description which is a travesty of the interdependence and complexity of organic reality. It has no concept of the organism as a whole, nor of societies or ecosystems. That is one reason why genetic engineering, at least in its current form, can never work. It is based on misconceptions that organisms are machines, and on a denial of the complexity and flexibility of the organic whole.

This brings us to the kind of science appropriate to society, which can transcend the existing dominant ethos, to support the necessary transition to sustainable ways of life, and to connect with the organic uprising that is coming from the grassroots all over the world. Many remarkable individuals and local communities are indeed changing their own lives and the world around them for the better. They all do so by learning from nature and recognizing that it is the symbiotic, mutualistic relationships which sustain ecosystems and make all life prosper, including the human beings who are active, sensitive participants in the ecosystem as a whole.25

The same organic revolution has been happening in western science over the past thirty years. Jim Lovelock’s Gaia theory, for example, invites us to see the earth as one super-organism26. Even more remarkable is the message from quantum theory: that we may be inseparably entangled with one another and with all nature, which we participate in co-creating. In other words, the universe is an entangled whole consisting of organisms that are themselves wholes. From my own work, I have shown that the organism is so perfectly whole that it approaches quantum coherence: a state of both maximum local freedom and global cohesion27. The organism’s activities are fully coordinated from the molecular to the macroscopic, and that is why, with a special imaging technique invented in my laboratory, we can see the living, moving organism as a liquid crystalline being.

It is this holistic, organic perspective that can enable us to negotiate our path to a sustainable future. It also provides the basis of a new ethic of science that can reshape society and transform the very texture and meaning of our lives. Seattle has shown us that things can be different. Society does not have to be ruled by the dominant culture. Science can transcend the dominant status quo to reshape society for the public good, which is also the private good. We begin to appreciate how the purpose of each organism and species is entangled with that of every other. Our humanity is a function of this entangled whole, and we cannot do arbitrary violence to one another, nor to the nature of other species without violating our own nature.


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Complete article.

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