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1. Intro

Nature is the name of a scientific journal, and the first edition of that journal was published on November 4, 1869. It opens with words of the well-known German writer, statesman, and scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. In the following video one can understand Goethe’s words even better than only reading the written words (which follow after the video), because of the accompanying music of Ludwig von Beethoven, [Piano Concerto No.5 in E flat major Op.73 – “Emperor” – 2. Adagio un poco mosso], the voice-over of Brian Saxton, and the English translation of Goethe’s “Aphorisms” by the poet Christopher Bamford. Note by Bamford: “For Goethe, human knowing was nature’s knowing, raised into the self-consciousness of humanity. He was, as he said, ‘always unwilling to see the rights of nature infringed upon.”


2. The first edition of “Nature”

The author of the very first article [watch here], scientist Norman Lockyer, wrote about it:  “When my friend, the Editor of “Nature”, asked me to write an opening article for his first number, there came into my mind this wonderful rhapsody on Nature, which has been a delight to me from my youth up. It seemed to me that no more fitting preface could be put before a Journal, which aims to mirror the progress of that fashioning by Nature of a picture of herself, in the mind of man, which we call the progress of Science.” Source

Nature: Aphorisms by Goethe

A Weekly Illustrated Journal of Science
“To the solid ground of Nature trusts the mind which builds for aye.” –  William Wordsworth

November 4, 1869

Nature! We are surrounded and embraced by her: powerless to separate ourselves from her, and powerless to penetrate beyond her.
Without asking, or warning, she snatches us up into her circling dance, and whirls us on until we tired, and drop from her arms.
She is ever shaping new forms: what is, has never yet been; what has been, comes not again. Everything is new, and yet nought but the old.
We live in her midst and know her not. She is incessantly speaking to us, but betrays not her secret. We constantly act upon her, and yet have no power over her.
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3. Nature, the journal, …..and nature itself…., today, a 151 years later

The British scientific journal Nature, (subsidiary [=by industry paid] in the meantime of Springer Nature) has expanded during the centuries into what it is now: a website, with several offices in all parts of the world, a total of scientists where I am wondering about if they all know what nature is, and where the first words of the magazine where they are contributing to, were about, what these words meant, who Goethe was, how nature was in the time Goethe lived. I am convinced that those who work for “Nature” as a collection of scientific papers/researches, are not controlled by any neutral group of scientists, but most likely a by the industry paid group of scientists, and the outcome is, as we can witness when following the news about all what is going on in the world, it is clear that these scientists have not any idea about nature: it seems to me to be impossible to investigate all the many researchers for their true, highly necessary understanding of nature, also if these researchers are really neutral, not in a conflict of interest with the industry, not either via Springer Nature. But Springer IS subsidizing “Nature”, with other words: Nature is not independent, not neutral, any more.

Also the fact, that “Nature” has accepted ICNIRP member Martin Röösli, who is accused for 5G swindle, and has even published research of this person, who has indeed conflicts of interest with the industry, proves that “Nature” is not nature-minded, but industry-minded and that the name “Nature” is a scam. I did not search for more ICNIRP members in “Nature”, the presence of Röösli depresses me already too much: “Nature”, the journal, abuses the term nature, abuses where it ethically stands for, and should be named “Industry”, because that is what the website is serving. Can I write this while I “just” found one name that is indeed industry-related? Yes! Where ICNIRP stands for is all but nature, is killing nature, and by taking even “just” one of its members inside “Nature”, is polluting all where nature stands for, both the phenomenon where we live in, as the journal. Compared with the tobacco industry: if one is against the tobacco industry one does not allow a smoker to publish research papers on the anti-tobacco website. Even if not one single word is pro tobacco, his attitude in daily life shows that his words are lies, and also the research papers become lies. If one does not understand this one is one shows not to have the necessary level to be a researcher.

The media underline the term fact-checking. I agree. But the media themselves are not fact-checking, not investigating, only creating doubt (as usual), and dust, to cover-up a science that is full of errors, half-truths, conflicts of interest. Accepting an ICNIRP member would be impossible if the facts about ICNIRP would have been exposed in the media, the newspapers. It is time to fact-check all scientists. Everywhere. First step: distrust all of them. Next step: start filtering. There will be high percentages, maybe even 90% or more, that do not have the capacity, the calibre, to be named scientist, doctor or professor. Science, as it is educated on universities, is not science, but Frankenstein Science.


4. Conclusion

The Journal “Nature”, which aimed to mirror the progress of that fashioning by Nature of a picture of herself, in the mind of man, which we called “the progress of Science”, has been hijacked somewhere on its timeline, by the industry. Nature is dying. Nature the journal is fully alive, and grows and grows. Nature will recover when the journal will die, unless the journal removes those who do not understand her.


5. Dr. rer. nat. Ulrich Warnke: “Quantum Philosophy” Is The Merging of Natural and Human Sciences.

Natural Science is all but complete because of the absence of the most essential factor. Science is making because of that enormous dangerous mistakes and decisions. The video is German spoken and is subtitled by me in English.


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