New York State Lawmakers Want Answers on 5G Health Effects

Press Release, Americans for Responsible Technology, Mar 26, 2021

Contact: Doug Wood, Director, Americans for Responsible Technology, (516) 883-0887

(Albany, NY) Members of the New York State (NYS) legislature have introduced a bill to establish a special commission charged with investigating the growing evidence linking exposure to radiofrequency (RF) microwave radiation (“wireless radiation”) emitted by 5G and other wireless antennas, with serious human health and environmental impacts. The commission,proposed by NYS Senator Anna Kaplan and NYS Assemblyman Tom Abinanti, will include public health experts, environmental scientists, and independent electromagnetic radiation researchers.The commission is slated to report its findings to the legislature by June of 2022.

“It’s critical for the people of New York State to understand the full range of risks inherent in the deployment of 5G antennas in neighborhoods across the state,” says Doug Wood, Director of nonprofit Americans for Responsible Technology. “This kind of involuntary exposure to a scientifically-proven health hazard deserves the scrutiny this commission will provide. I applaud Senator Kaplan and Assemblyman Abinanti for taking this action to protect public health and the environment.”

New York is not the first state to establish such a commission. In 2019, New Hampshire introduced and passed HB522 to study the health and environmental effects of evolving 5G technology. In November of 2020, the commission released its watershed report containing 15 recommendations largely intended to reduce public exposure to wireless radiation, raise public awareness of potential health risks, and improve monitoring of wireless radiation emissions from existing and future wireless systems.

To date, no studies have confirmed claims by the telecom industry that exposure to wireless radiation emitted by 5G wireless devices, as well as earlier generations of wireless technologies, is safe. As a result, Lloyd’s of London, and other leading insurance companies, have declined to insure the telecoms against personal injury claims and class-action lawsuits related to exposure to electromagnetic fields, including wireless radiation.

Senate bill S5926

Assembly bill A6448

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