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Russian article: 5G – оружие массового поражения / 5G – weapons of mass destruction, translated via an automatic translator. No corrections created. Some Russian terms and names are checked and linked. Antoinette Janssen.

Колмыков Антон НиколаевичПубликации ЦНЭАТ
CNEAT Publications
Author: Kolmykov Anton Nikolaevich, TsNEAT Samara, Russia

Computer-technical research on the following issues:
1. Can the software and hardware of 5G cellular networks have a negative impact on human health?
2. Can 5G networks cause people to suddenly fall on the streets and (or) stop the person’s breathing process?
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1. E.R. Rossinskaya. A.I. Usov. – Forensic computer-technical expertise / Law and Justice M: 2001 – 414s.
2. E.R. Rossinskaya. – Forensic examination in civil, arbitration, administrative and criminal proceedings / “NORMA” M: 2005 – 655 p.
3. Big medical encyclopediahttps: //bme.org/
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5. Physiology of nerve tissue –  http://www.bibliotekar.ru/447/12.htm
6. Cellular frequencies in Russia – list by operators –  https://kakoperator.ru/operators/na-kakoj-chastote-rabotayut-sotovye-operatory-v-rossii
7. 5G testing –  https://cnews.ru/news/top/2018-12-24_gde_v_rossii_v_pervuyu_ochered_zarabotaet_5gspisok


In the late 80s, the US “Star Wars Program” was operating. They threatened to strike at the USSR with a laser from Earth’s orbit. The media constantly voiced threats of using new types of weapons over large areas with the help of aircraft, including from the orbit of the flight of American shuttles – reusable ships.
The USSR was forced to join the arms race to defend against possible threats. In this regard, military experts conducted research on each threat and prepared an answer to the leadership of the USSR about the reality or unreality of the new threat voiced by the USA. Since the Penza Higher Military Artillery Engineering School (PVAIU) [See also: website] was a specialized university in armaments, it was precisely the scientists of the PVAI that answered a number of threats.
Example: the United States threatened that they would shoot down ballistic missile warheads, satellites with a laser, shoot at targets in the atmosphere and on the surface of the Earth. The answer of the PVAIU scientists for the Government of the USSR: “This is a lie. It’s impossible. Spending money to counter such a threat does not make sense.”

The laser is inherently a high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, and therefore, at the same time, a version was considered that, under the guise of a laser, other weapons based on high-frequency electromagnetic radiation could be developed.

In relation to humans, high-frequency electromagnetic radiation can target neurons in the human body and brain.


Fig. 1. The main types of neurons.

There is a nucleus, long and short processes of different lengths. The long process is the axon.

The task of neurons is the generation and transmission of electrical impulses in the human body. Pulse transmission frequency: “… 10 pulses in 1 sec. and only with severe irritation can significantly exceed this value. In interstitial neurons, the phases of trace hyperpolarization and subnormality are less pronounced, and they can be discharged at a significantly higher frequency (up to 1000 pulses per 1 second), (see BME, HYPERLINK” https: //be.org/index.php/NERVOUS_CELL )


Fig. 2. Schedule of electrical activity of a nerve cell.

Thus, acting on a neuron cell, it is possible to affect both the whole organism as a whole and its individual parts. This possibility of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation since the 70s of the last century is known to specialists and is used to create various therapeutic medical devices – physiotherapy. The same can be used as a weapon against humans.

The “technical parameters” of a nerve cell (neuron) can be described as follows:
– the nerve cell has a negative charge, the value of which is -40 -70 mV, where -70 millivolts is the resting potential;
– the electrical activity of the neuron is close to sinusoidal oscillations with a frequency of 0.1-10 Hz and an amplitude of 5-10 mV.
– the axon length in the human brain is 150 microns and longer, and short processes are 50 microns and shorter (length 0.15 mm, 0.05 mm).

Changing these parameters will change a person’s state of health and may even cease functioning of the whole organism and its individual parts (organs).
In the “technical characteristics” of the neuron, a length of 0.15 mm or more is indicated. This length, from the point of view of weapons, is considered as the length of the receiving antenna in the human body. In order for this “receiving antenna” to receive an electromagnetic signal from the emitter, the wavelength of the transmitter should be twice as long (see electrical engineering and radio transmitters). Accordingly, the transmitter should have a wavelength of 0.3 mm or longer. Axons can reach 1.5m from the spine to the foot of a person.
With the transfer of the wavelength to the frequency of the signal, the values ​​will have the following form.


Fig. 3. The wavelength.


Fig. 4. Table of wavelengths and frequency bands.

For air, the calculation is performed according to the formula:

λ (m) = 299792458 / f (Hz)

A wavelength of 300 μm corresponds to a frequency of 999.31 GHz.

We are conducting a comparative study with emissions from 4G and 5G cellular stations. The declared characteristics of the stations – the distribution of radio frequency bands between operators and radio services are indicated in Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1203-47 of 09/18/2019. “On the approval of the Table of the allocation of radio frequency bands between the radio services of the Russian Federation and the recognition of certain decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation as invalid”.


Description. Cellular frequencies in Russia – list by operators

In 2007, the Big Three mobile operators received licenses for the use of UMTS (3G) technology in Russia. Now they work in 2 frequency ranges: 2110-2170 MHz for base stations and 1920-1980 MHz for subscriber devices. This range appeared first and gained the greatest distribution in Russia. For some operators, it remains the only one for settlements with a population of up to a million people. 925-960 MHz for base stations and 880-915 MHz for subscriber devices. This range began to be used later to increase the coverage area and minimize the impact of other RES. GSM-900 also works at these frequencies.
Frequencies are registered through the FSUE “Main Radio Frequency Center” [see also: Wikipedia] so that technology and operators cannot interfere with each other. UMTS-900 mainly uses PJSC Vympel-Communications (Beeline).

From the 3G standard, modern technology over time has moved to the High-Speed ​​Downlink Packet Access / HDSPA / 3,5G. This made it possible to increase the speed of mobile Internet to 84.4 Mbps for the DC-HSDPA w / MIMO protocol. Frequencies of LTE (4G) in Russia.

Despite the fact that they talked about creating 4G in Europe 11 years ago, in Russian regions the standard was fixed only 5 years ago. In total, Russia is allowed to use 4 bands for LTE (4G) technology: 2600-2700 MHz for base stations and 2500-2600 MHz for subscriber devices. The range appeared first for 4G in Russia and is still the most common.

It is used by all the operators of the federal four. 790-820 MHz for base stations and 820-880 MHz for subscriber devices. The second most common range. It is actively used by MegaFon PJSC, T2 Mobile LLC and Vympel-Communications PJSC (Beeline) 1800-1880 MHz for base stations and 1710-1785 MHz for subscriber units.

All telecom operators use this range, but Mobile TeleSystems PJSC particularly prefers it. 450-457 MHz for base stations and 460-467 MHz for subscriber units. The range has been launched for the development of wireless broadband access networks in the Russian Federation; it is used by T2-Mobile LLC. In the market of subscriber equipment, it is not customary to indicate frequency ranges in MHz. To do this, indicate the channels (bands). For example, in the list above this text, channels 7, 20, 3 and 31 are indicated in order.

5G frequencies in Russia.
5G technology is already working in several countries around the world. In Russia, it is at the testing stage. For this, the State Commission on Radio Frequencies allocated the range 25-29.5 GHz.
The indicated frequencies are not suitable for commercial use and will be used only in test mode. There are still disputes around the 5G constant frequencies in Russia. Around the world, the range of 3.4-3.8 GHz is allocated for this technology. In our country, this is impossible, because then 5G will interfere with strategic enterprises and government departments of the Russian Federation.According to media reports, the President of Russia agreed with a letter from the Security Council of the Russian Federation that the 3.4-3.8 GHz band should be left to the state. At the time of the Confederations Cup and the World Cup in Russia, the State Radio Frequency Commission allocated MegaFon public joint-stock company frequencies in the range 3.4-3.8 GHz for the construction of 5G networks in 11 cities. As an alternative to the closed government band, the Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation proposed another – 4.4-4.99 GHz. Even if some specific decision on this issue has already been taken, there are still no official statements and documents. PJSC Megafon together with the Chinese company HUAWEI were able to achieve a speed of 3.3 Gbit / second per subscriber device through fifth-generation networks in the Moscow sports complex Luzhniki.
Wi-Fi or WiMax wireless broadband technology. They operate in the frequency ranges 2400-2500 MHz, 3400-3480 MHz and 4900-6500 MHz.
Source: https://kakoperator.ru/operators/na-kakoj-chastote-rabotayut-sotovye-operatory-v-rossii


In the text above, the font frequency 25-29.5 GHz. This is the upper, highest limit of the centimeter range (see Fig. 4), which is not suitable for communication, but it is indicated that tests are being conducted – testing. What is there to test if for communication this range is still not used due to poor signal propagation characteristics?

29.5 GHz is already a wavelength of 1 cm. Individual processes of neurons (axons) in the human body have such a length. Moreover, the processes of neurons from the spine to the muscles that control respiration – the movement of the chest, are in this very “centimeter” wavelength range.

If the work of 2G and 3G cellular communication stations was mainly frequencies in the MHz range, then 4G and 5G stations are already 2, 3, 4, 25-29.5 GHz. This is a frequency range with a wavelength of 15 to 1 cm. This is comparable to the length of the processes of neurons (axons) both in the brain and from the spine to individual organs and muscles.
A comparative study found that the base stations of the 5G network have electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength at which living things – people and animals – “work”.

The established coincidence allows us to conclude that the software and hardware of 5G networks are weapons of destruction – they affect people and animals.

The allocation for testing 5G networks of 25-29.5 GHz will lead to the defeat of an even larger number of people and animals than it would be at a frequency of 2-4 GHz.


1. The firmware of 5G cellular networks can have a negative effect on human health. 5G networks are weapons of mass destruction because “Work in a range of living beings.”  
2. 5G networks can cause people to suddenly fall on the streets, stop the person’s breathing process as a result of damage to the human nervous system by electromagnetic radiation.
1. It is necessary to initiate criminal proceedings on preparations for genocide in connection with attempts to introduce 5G networks.
2. It is necessary to review the existing network of base stations in cities and take measures to reduce them as much as possible in order to reduce the electromagnetic effect on people. The frequency range in gigahertz is prohibited for use for communications. A rate of 100 Mbps is sufficient for 99% of consumers. Those who need more can use wired and fiber-optic communication channels.
The expert’s opinion was sent to the Ministry of Digital Development, Telecommunications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation with a request for 5G documents. Received the answer No. P12-9341-OG dated 05.06.2020 (download)

Source: Twitter account Professor Oleg A. Grygoriev, chair RusCNIRP

“At your request, we inform you that the radio frequency bands for communication networks of the 5G / IMT-2020 standard are allocated by decisions of the State Commission on Radio Frequencies (ГКРЧ)
  • dated 12.24.2018 No. 18-48-02
  • dated 04.15.2019 No. 19-49-01
  • dated 05.06.2019 No. 19-50-01
  • dated 07.25.2019 No. 19-51-01
  • dated 03.17.2020 No. 20-54-02
The indicated decisions of the State Committee for Emergencies are published on the official website of the Ministry of Communications of Russia in the Internet telecommunication network at the following address: https://digital.gov.ru/ru/documents/?words=&type=&directions=&department=43-7&start_date=&end_date=&page=1.
The Ministry of Communications and Telecommunications of Russia does not have information about the stations and the time of their operation or testing. The owners of electronic equipment carry out these works in the prescribed manner without involving the Ministry of Communications of Russia.  

 Director of the Department of State

communication policy A.N. Kantsurov (electronic signature)”
Thus, as of June 5, 2020, officials were notified about the danger of 5G and then they act consciously – intentionally. They are specialists and they don’t need to explain about the dangers and dangers of microwave radiation. They knew everything perfectly before.
To investigators and judges, it is popular: If artillery and radio reconnaissance detects an object with microwave radiation in the battle formations of the enemy, then the coordinates of the object will be immediately transferred to the artillery battery for its destruction. No one cares why this microwave source works.
If such an object is found in the rear of the army, then everyone will be shot as saboteurs and no one will take it apart.

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