5G: Open letter to ICNIRP

To: ICNIRP chair of honor Mike Repacholi, chair Rodney Croft, vice chair Eric van Rongen, commissioners, SEG-members, and former ICNIRP chairs, commissioners and SEG-members.
Bcc: The Health Council of the Netherlands; DSA/Lars Klæboe, Norway; WHO; EU member states and treaty countries; EU Commission; SCHEER; FCC; ARPANSA; Safety Code 6; nations that adapted the ICNIRP guidelines; media and social media that defend ICNIRP; media which promote the wireless industry; Telecom; Elon Musk; Amazon;
From: Antoinette Janssen

  1. Preface
  2. The grey zone between non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation
  3. The term protection
  4. Similarities between pre-WWII Nazism, the first years of WWII Nazism and what happens today
  5. Differences between Nazi practices and ICNIRP
  6. Similarities with Nazi practices and ICNIRP
  7. 5G, the next genocide, but with 28 times more deaths than in WWII
  8. ICNIRP and German politics
  9. The 1977 Russia test and the ICNIRP guarantee that the double is safe
  10. ICNIRP, and Germany, which funds ICNIRP, will be responsible for the 5G genocide, but collaborators will be responsible as well


1. Preface – From the month of June, 2019, I have collected articles, papers, documents, reviews, interviews, and documentaries about ICNIRP, created by well-informed renowned investigative journalists and high-class neutral scientists. In total I have created 55 different paragraphs which contain in total over hundred links to articles, websites, papers. Until today I have not read one single positive word about ICNIRP, all reject your “findings”, and even members of the EU parliament call for an replacement of ICNIRP by a new to be formed official group of neutral scientists to decide about EMF safety guidelines. Since I have read, watched, studied, and checked all collected papers and articles, documentaries and interviews, I can state that I am very well informed, and support all they criticize and reject. I am deeply aware of the enormous power of ICNIRP, worldwide. I am deeply aware of the impact of the ICNIRP guidelines, the role of these guidelines in and on the catastrophic explosive development of the wireless industry, and the utterly critical situation our planet is in because of that. I am deeply aware of also the impact of the wireless industry on the climate change, and therefore on the future of life on earth and the future of humanity. We stare into the abyss.

The following text is an open attack on the policy of ICNIRP and those who have implemented the ICNIRP guidelines in the national laws and healthcare systems. This attack is necessary to open the eyes of all: not any criticism has helped till so far: ICNIRP is clearly not impressed, WHO not either, governments not either. Therefore I consider it as a last chance to speak. I do this with very well considered words after much time of pondering and thinking, always checking the content on truth and related ethics. It might be that readers of this letter, not-ICNIRP members, will be shocked by the choice of words and comparisons, but that is exactly what is necessary. Humanity is in a deep sleep and needs to be shocked to wake up.

2. The grey zone between non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation – The words: Non-Ionizing Radiation in your group name, is not similar with the non-ionizing radiation where neutral scientists speak and write about. The ICNIRP non-ionizing radiation is a metaphorical elevator in a metaphorical building with many floors. That building is higher than the metaphorical building medical scientists and neutral scientists have built, and guarantee as safe to be in.
Your building, ICNIRP, is going to the level, a floor, where, when I step out of the elevator, I can wonder if I maybe stepped directly into a real microwave oven, because maybe I pressed the wrong button.
I did not make a mistake. I did not press a wrong button. I pressed the button with “safe level”, created by ICNIRP.

That floor is comparable with the so-called “death strip” behind the Berlin Wall that divided East- from West Berlin, between 1961 and 1989.

Your so-called safety level goes to exact the level between non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation, the “death strip”, on exact the same floor, just one more level up are doors with names like: ultraviolet, X-rays, gamma rays. These belong in a hospital, on short moments, in a special protected area, and you bring us, humanity, to that floor where both non-ionizing and ionizing radiation are mixing, and where nobody can check what is exactly what, it is an about, I assume to win eventual court cases.

3. The term protectionThe term “protection” in ICNIRP is therefore a pertinent lie. Your name, ICNIRP, and what you do with humanity, with life on earth, is without any doubt comparable with practices in WWII by Nazi Germany Jews were stigmatized. Those who object against 5G are stigmatized by the ICNIRP group as well. Even named unethical. ICNIRP commissioner Röösli categorized me as “unethical” when I was writing about my EHS. I wear the label conspiracy theorist. All who are the same as I am and who want to stop 5G wear that label. By not only ICNIRP, but by all who support ICNIRP, this means: WHO, almost all nations and their governments in the world, their official media. 5G activists are humiliated, ignored, discriminated, and try to live in areas with lesser radiation than ICNIRP radiation levels. There where many people live together, like cities, the levels of radiation are even higher, even much higher than the ICNIRP levels. There are millions of Wi-Fi refugees. On the run. To escape from your radiation levels, ICNIRP.[See: video, start at 11:26][Read also: Extremely high radiation in Stockholm, Sweden / published January 9, 2022]

4.  Similarities between pre-WWII Nazism, the first years of WWII Nazism and what happens today Jews were also mislead. Many understood what was going on and searched for a safe shelter. Today all humans are mislead by the ICNIRP guidelines and do not know where to find a real safe shelter. Jews was also told that all was okay. It goes indeed far to compare the Jewish history with what is happening right now, but only when one realises what exactly the wireless industry is creating, and has already created, it is possible to see the similarity, the threat.

5. Differences between Nazi practices and ICNIRPOne of the few differences I can imagine between Nazi practices and with what is happening today, with the shower of radiation we are daily bathing in, and which is increasing with each passing day by the growing amounts of cellphone users, and the commercialization of 5G, is that we will be buried normally, and not dissolving in a complete “Endlösung”. However. Even that is not certain either. Later in this open letter will be explained why I associate in a fair way all this with ICNIRP. All is based on a clear, though terrifying insight in reality, realism. The reality of today is, that the effects of 5G are worse than what WWII created.

6. Similarities with Nazi practices and ICNIRPAll other facts that are created by you, ICNIRP, make it impossible not to associate your work with practices in Nazi Germany before WWII, and the first years of WWII. When 5G is not stopped, there will be two billion deaths, 28 times more deaths than in WWII.

7. 5G, the next genocide, but with 28 times more deaths than in WWII Watch the WWII film: Downfall. Let this films be your mirror, ICNIRP commissioners and SEG-members. We are, because of you, in the next genocide and that is why the world, and you, ICNIRP, have to wake up for those who are creating it. You. All of you: ICNIRP commissioners and SEG members. If 5G, plus the orbiting of the 5G satellites will not be stopped now, ICNIRP, you are all guilty, all ICNIRP commissioners and SEG-members, from the far past till the present, guilty of the next genocide: you all paved the path to it. According to the words written by Captain Jerry G. Flynn in: Hidden Dangers 5G, published November 13, 2019: 5G will create two billion deaths. That is 28 times, twenty eight, 28 times the total of deaths in WWII. Source: Lecture Barrie Trower, part 1, 18:15. This means that the effect of 5G is 28 times worse than WWII. This means that my words and comparisons are correctly chosen.

8. ICNIRP and German politicsWhen one realises that ICNIRP is Germany based, for 70-80% financed by Germany, and when one connects these facets with the totalitarian role ICNIRP is playing on the world platform of the most powerful industry, the wireless industry, together with the wireless industry, then it is a real temptation not to take the exit of the main road, and following the signs to where I can clearly read about the deeply rooted German dream of a Greater German Empire, of which WWII was part of: the German Third Empire. Taking that exit of the main road, and go into the German history in the former century, then I consider it as possible that what is happening now, on the historical timeline of Germany, can indeed be considered as the German next trial to create a Greater German Empire: the Fourth Empire. Easy, without a war, hidden, via the wireless industry, and a group that guarantees the industry, and via the industry also Germany, a stable totalitarian power that will be impossible to break down without disbanding ICNIRP. ICNIRP however is built on a rock solid fundament of highly intelligent compositions of misleading scripts that not any judge can combat easily and declare it as a crime, factually a crime of (silent) war. Note: Germany is EU’s most powerful member state. Ursula von der Leyen is a German politician. EU’s first wish is to be the leader in the run for a completely rolled out and activated 5G. But, let me leave this exit, and return to the main road.

9. The 1977 Russia test and the ICNIRP guarantee that the double is safe –  You, ICNIRP, dare to state that 5G is safe. Therefore I urge you all to prove that you indeed seriously mean what you dare to state, and to volunteer today, not tomorrow, in the with today’s 5G radiation value and strength comparable 1977-Russia-test, but then with twice the radiation power of 1977. Why? ICNIRP, you, say it is safe. [See Lecture Barrie Trower, part 2, start at 35:03]

10. ICNIRP, and Germany, which funds ICNIRP, will be responsible for the 5G genocide, but collaborators will be responsible as well If you, ICNIRP, will not  stop 5G, and will not change your on assumptions based and therefore factually not existing guidelines into real guidelines, safety guaranteeing guidelines, you are all responsible for the coming genocide. Also those who have dared to, and continue to dare to adapt your to immense cruelty and suffering leading “guidelines” are responsible/guilty, like: WHO, EU, all EU member states and treaty countries, UN, ARPANSA, Safety code 6, FCC, and all the with them cooperating scientists, politicians, judges, telecom industrials, employees, the military, the 5G satellites industry, Elon Musk, those who cooperate with Musk, and all ICNIRP defending media and social media, world wide.

“This Government, Industry and Government Scientists will be responsible for more deaths (of civilians) in peace time than all the terrorist organizations ever.” – Barrie Trower

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