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Who is Barrie Trower?

Barrie Trower is a former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert and former cold-war captured spy debriefer for the UK Intelligence Services. Mr Trower is a conscionable whistle-blower who lectures around the world on hidden dangers from microwave weapons and every-day microwave technologies such as mobile-phones and Wi-Fi. Mr Trower has also repeatedly assisted the UK Police Federation in their struggle to protect police officers from Tetra/Air-Band radio-communications systems that are harmful to health. 

This Government, Industry and Government Scientists will be responsible for more deaths (of civilians) in peace time than all the terrorist organizations ever.” – Barrie Trower

Film: Fact Checking – Mobile Phone Radiation

barrie-trowerFilm about and with Barrie Trower: “Fact Checking – Mobile Phone Radiation“. Protagonists: Barrie Trower, Prof. Dr. med. Wilhelm Mosgöller, Dr. med. Monika Krout, Prof. Dr. Karl Hecht, Dr. med. Devra Davis,

Barrie Trower is a military expert from Dartmoor and courageous whistleblower that laid out the surveillance mechanisms employed by secret services long before Edward Snowden did. Barrie Trower started as a career soldier and transitioned into working for the MI5 and MI6, where his knowledge on microwave radiation expanded immensely. Trower is able to precisely share his findings and lays out that the effects of radiation have been known for centuries. The film links his knowledge to current scientific data.


Lecture: The Truth About 5G and Wi-Fi

In his lecture ‘The Truth about 5G and Wi-Fi’, held on February 3, 2020, in Phoenix, UK, physicist Barrie Trower revealed his findings on 5G, ICNIRP, WHO, top secrets, military, industry, governments, Wi-Fi, cell phones, children at risk, brain cancer, heart attacks, schools, trees, birds, bees, fishes, and… the abyss, if 5G will not be stopped.

Complete lecture: Video –  Transcript: Antoinette Janssen / Multerland blog

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Anything I say I have evidence documentary for, in total 1700 papers. I do not say a single word, unless I have documentary evidence.

Between 1949 and 1962 everything we needed to know about microwaves was known and published. By 1962 all of the dangers, all of the hazards, everything was known. When I say “all of them”: between the super powers and us[Britain, Admin], the brain at that time had been studied for brainwaves and microwaves could be used to penetrate the brain and cause behavioural changes. By 1962, with the resonance frequencies of the organs, the brain, the cyclotron frequencies, the circadian frequencies, a statement was made in 1962 by the governments that all birth-defects, organs, whole organisms, all cells, brain-functions, all moods, could be altered, changed and destroyed. By 1962. Microwaves then, as now, were used as stealth weapons, before they became cellphones.

In 1965 cellphones were used by the military, I had them. By 1965 the prospects of cellphones and everything from cellphones was seen as a really, really lucrative market for  the general public. And, knowing the dangers that cellphones could cause -the military are exempt[free from obligation, Admin]: you do not have, in the military, when you sign, any danger that comes your way for using whatever, you don’t have any recourse for that. But the general populations do. The military, and the industry of several countries: the United Sates, Canada, us[Britain, Admin], some of the NATO countries, Australia and New Zealand, the people got together and they knew that cellphones and all the other gadgets you have today, they knew they would not be allowed under current safety limits. We needed a safety limit that could never be taken to court and never challenged if these things were to progress.

In 1965 they adopted an old 1953 thermal level by an engineer by the name of Schwan and in order to prevent to be taken to court the industries and the people who are making decisions they adopted the Schwan 1953 level which basically says: “If a certain weight of your tissue does not heat up by a certain temperature in 6 minutes then everything will be deemed for a lifetime exposure for adults, men, women, children, pregnant women, everybody. The 6 minute level is the one that is still used today.

They totally ignored and put aside the electromagnetic vectors of the wave and the harm that the electromagnetic vectors can do. They interfere with the electrical conductivity of the cells, the electromagnetic conductivity of the neurons, the electromagnetic conductivity of the brain. They interfere with the resonant frequency of the circadian resonant cells the electronic ions, they interfere with everything.

All of these were brushed aside. We stuck with the 6 minutes thermal limit. Sometimes they extended to 30 minutes, but basically it is 6 minutes and that is what is enforced today in 42% of the planet, of what we are in that part today.

You have really no protection against the electromagnetic vectors. That is enforced today. That comes from the International Non Ionizing Radiation Protection[ICNIRP, Admin] who advise our, what was the government scientists, now Public Health England, who advise governments, who advise councils, and it comes all the way down, and it is still in force today.

08:34 / 07:27

[Top-Secret Document 1 / Military, Admin] 5G is not new. 5G was causing a nuisance in 1972. The only thing new is its name, fifth generation. That’s it. That is the only thing new. It is well documented, there are many research papers on it, and finally, in 1972, sorry, in 1971, cancer was proven to be caused by low-level microwave radiation and has been kept secret ever since along with all the other illnesses and diseases.  In the early seventies this document was published, it was by the American military, it is top-secret, classified top-secret, and it lists 2000 research papers, 2000, and each of those took many many years to construct. Two thousand research papersin that days the military did the research within the universitiesand it covers all of the illnesses which you can expect to get and die from, from low-level radiation.

10:19 / 09:14

[Top-Secret Document 2 / World Health Organization, Admin] This is I think the most shameful document ever to be published. It is by the World Health Organization. We pay them to protect us. And we trust them to protect us. In 1973 the WHO had a conference in Warsaw: biological effects and health hazards of microwave radiation below thermal radiation, which you have in your cellphones. 350 pages documenting harm to the ordinary person. 107 different chapters. Chapter 40 deals with cancer, I think 28 reproductive forms, but instead of telling the world, I don’t know who made them make the decision, instead of telling the world it was stamped “Top Secret”, with a big red top secret stamp, and it still is, and it still will not be told about it, they will not admit to it, until today.

11:40 / 10:36

[Top-Secret Document 3 / US Defense Intelligence Agency, Admin] The second most shameful document is, I think is this one. this was published between 1972 and 1976, the final part was 1976, it is from the US Defense Intelligence Agency and the document says: “If the more advanced nations of the West are strict in the enforcement of exposure standards there could be unfavourable effects on industrial outputindustrial output is profitand military function.”

In other words, what they wanted us to do was: “Set a level of radiation for the NATO countries, set a level of radiation that would not be strict.” Hence, we came in with the 6 minute thermal level that is still in place today and what councils are advised to adhere to.

13:01 / 11:59

[Top Secret Document 4 / World Health Organization, Admin]  At that time the WHO  again what they did not tell you, on their website, or what they had in these days, 80% of the published papers linked cancer to low level microwaves. And the others, you had neurological damage, birth defects.

There was no secret among the decision makers then.

13:41 / 12:39

And every so often, generally when a new “G” comes out, one of the new makes of the cellphone, the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection put out an addendum to their original report, which clears the way for whichever generation is coming out. There’s a new one coming out in a couple of days to clear the way for 5G[the lecture is from February 3, 2020, Admin].

This is the original[Barrie Trower shows document, Admin], or a copy of the original International Commission document, and it is of interest to decision makers, all decision makers, because I think I am not legally trained and I cannot understand people when they talk to me who are legally trained, but I will give you my interpretation of this, and this is for council decision makers and all other decision makers. They actually say in this that their recommendations are guidelines. They are not law. You do not have to adhere to them. They are guidelines. They say they only consider involving the heating of tissue. They go on to say for example: children, the elderly and some chronicly ill people, may have a lower tolerance for one or more forms of these microwaves than the rest of the population. They will be deemed sensitive. And then they say on page 547: “In practice the critical steps in applying these general procedures may differ across the spectrum. Several steps in these procedures require scientific judgements. For example: on reviewing the scientific literature and determining an appropriate reduction factor.” In other words in my simple brain: If you are told that something is dangerous, as a decision maker, you have the authority to say: “This says this level will cause this. I am instructed to reduce the level to a point that is deemed safe.”

You do not have somebody walk into your school or somewhere and say: “Sign here, these are radio waves,  we’ve had radio for a hundred years, no problems, and then, zonk, there’s a transmitter, and you come back a week later and like Lego some other people have gone dong dong dong dong and you’ve a mess of things that you don’t understand and nobody will tell you what they are anyway.

17:31 / 16:28

I brought a couple of books along, not because I get any money if they are sold or anything like that, but, along with the whistle-blowers of which I am one, I have known for many many many many years a captain who is an electronics warfare specialist captain, he worked at the Canadian military government and CIA, and he published a book and in this book, and I can give you the title and he has updated it –this is the original– he has updated it for 5G – [Captain Jerry G. Flynn – Hidden Dangers 5G: How governments, telecom and electric power utilities suppress the truth about the known hazards of electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation, Admin] and in it, whereas Snowdon, the whistle-blowers of a few years ago, who put everything on the internet, he has put all of the top-secret papers into a book, given the websites where you can download them if you are a decision maker and you want proof of somethinghe includes our government, the International Commissionand he has put them all in the book under different categories, everything to do with cellphones, Wi-Fi, 5G, government, and all that.

The reason I want to quote this one is because he has quoted that before this bubble bursts, with children and everybody running around with everything stuck to the side of their head:

19:16 / 18:15

“It is expected and anticipated, there will be two billion deaths.”

Now, I questioned that in my own mind, and I thought: “That’s a lot.” And in my simple Janet and John brain I could not work out what two billion deaths actually means. But it is, if you imagine everybody who died in WWII, it is 28 times that number. And that is a lot. But when I started looking into this I thought, well,  I remember when I was teaching and I remember the time in the early eighties, when I said to my science class: “We have just passed the 100.000 deaths a year rates in this country, for smoking related deaths. And then you start looking around the world for smoking. Smoking was linked tothey didn’t know of the name then, but they knew you had left a lung congestion and died, with big black ugly bitsin 1870, smoking was linked to cancer and death. In 1939 all of the science was in place to have it stopped. The government scientists and industry scientistswho are sometimes one and the same personstep in and they delay things for 50, 60 years which is what happened with smoking exactly, the same with lead in petrol,  and there are many other examples. So, when I looked at this and I thought, well, smoking is probably comparable to two billion by now, led in petrol certainly will be. I looked around the figures, and a 10-year old international study around the world in various countries had many many thousands of miscarriages, suicides, deaths, around transmitters.

21:48 / 20:47

Lima, Peru, the country, is known as cancer city where it is unregulatedjust two provinces in India, they have 50.000 brain tumours in children, and a +hundred-thousand dead in the provinces attributed to mobile phone masts, and so it goes on.

When you start looking at examples like this in a paper I wrote and anyone can come out to my house and read it and copy itin a paper I wrote there was a survey doneI am trying to think, probably about 15 years agoof some of the schools in France and Spain, and they found 200 schools with cancer clusters of eight or more different types of cancer, attributed to the transmitter in the playground.

I was involved in eleven children under 11 with leukaemia after a transmitter went upthey all diedit was taken to Parliament, the MP put forward a very very good case, it took 18 months to get to Parliament, and the Minister stood up and said: “We are in international guidelines.” And sat down. And that was it.

In fact the minister lied: we are not within international guidelines.

There are, and I am not going to dwell on these, but just for the decision makers, I will just run through a couple of these….

23:51 / 22:49

There are already deaths from Wi-Fi in class from here to New Zealand. There are 136 studies of harm in schools, proper studies, from Wi-Fi and transmitters in schools. There are 48 studies on child suicide. It’s going up around 4% every year. It is the pulses or modulations from the frequencies. Professor ..?., of the King Saud University, he has shown especially in a child’s brain where the tissue is particularly soft, and the skull. He has shown that the microwaves penetrate deep into all areas of a child’s brain. A scientist [cannot hear the exact words and name, Admin] in 97, he listed now a list of 1 to 600 pulse frequencies that could cause neurological and physiological damage in the body. In the paper I had there from the military, they list all of the symptoms that you can be warned about if you are taken to court, and the last one is severe neurological damage, including death.

25:54 / 24:46

The five most commonests from microwaves going into the brainand I am not a neurosurgeon, I just know from experiencethe five most commonests in order, are the same symptoms, the same symptoms that you would receive from morphine or marijuana: 1. hunger, excessive hunger 2. aggression 3. and if the pulse frequency is a certain frequencywhich I won’t say on camerathe aggression manifests itself as sexual aggression. So you can get aggressive from the microwaves and particular port frequency will manifest itself as sexual aggression, particularly from men. The last one, I am not a medical doctor, I describe it as the same symptoms as lead arsenide poisoning, where you just want to go to bed and die and if somebody came in with a bag and said here’s a million pound, and spend it, you wouldn’t be bothered. These are the most common ESTs, symptoms that you get from microwaves in the brain at varying degrees, and any neurologist here can take a look in these papers if you wish.

27:50 / 26:40

Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable because the womb of course is mostly fluid and microwaves are attracted and stay in and rearrange the chemical structures of the fluid in many ways. There is a 20-fold higher concentration of damage within the womb. A paediatrician  with a neurologist, a medical neurologist, went into a school—I don’t know the size of the school—but he found 31 children with physical damage and neurological damage related to the transmitter. The WHO published a paper that showed that a level of microwave irradiation for a pregnant woman can reach 47,7% as a miscarriage, stillbirth or genetically damaged child rate. A paper, published a few years ago, by the European Academy for Environmental Medicine, who are an incredibly talented bunch of doctors and clever people, they looked at their own research and came up with 48% for school children.

I have taught pregnant school children and I have worked with pregnant teachers. For school children you can add a risk factor of between 10 and 20% more—I don’t know exactly, and I don’t know anybody who does.

Due to the increased electrical conductivity in their bodies, the absence of a full working immune system—there isn’t really up and running till they are 18 or so—the absence of the hardness of the bones and the easiness of the microwaves to penetrate the bones which are not really fully developed till they are around 27, the last being the clavicle, and of course in the bones you have the bone marrow, which helps with the immune system—so, children are particularly vulnerable between 40 and 60 percent.

30:46 / 29:41

When I am talking to governments, or royalty, or people like that abroad, the one question I say to them is: If you do nothing —and a lot of them are, this isn’t all bad news, 58% of the world are doing a lot. We’re not[Britain, Admin]. But 58% of the world are— and my aim is to get us[Britain, Admin] doing something—if we’ll not say to them: if you do nothing, just look at the let’s take an average of 50%…. the mathematics is relatively simple. It is like a decay curve, a nuclear decay curve.

In one generation of exposed children, let’s say 20 years, a half of your newborns are going to have some sort of defect—if they are alive. Another 20 years we are down to a quarter, another 20 years you are down to an eighth. So, in 60 years, I say to them—and this isn’t MY work, this is the work of proper real professionals doing this job—in 60 years only 1 in 8 of your children can be born, or expected to be born, healthy.

How are you going to run your infrastructure, how are you going to run your health service, who’s going to pay for it, where are the taxes coming from, who’s going to man the factories, where are they coming from? The only answer to this is mass immigration. That is the only answer if you wish to survive as a country.

I will come to the trees and animals later but it is worth mentioning it here while I think about it. The scientists will know this, but we all have the same four chemical basis in our DNA. Any tree can read your DNA sequence. The nucleotides won’t do it any good because it doesn’t interest a tree because a tree doesn’t do what we do, but any tree can read your DNA sequence. Anything that damages our DNA—and if there are any professionals here who would like to know the sequence through the cell or happily give it to—anything that will damage our DNA will damage all other living species’ DNA, all of them. Plants, animals. The figures are showing this, and as far as I know there are only three living things on the planet that seem impervious to microwaves.[Later in the lecture Barrie Trower mentions these three. bacterium, scorpions and tardigrades, Admin]

33:59 / 32:57

There are 48 papers on childhood suicide which manifests itself quite a lot with cellphones. There are as many papers on breast cancer—and I can’t go into the breast cancer now, it’s a mammoth topic, but I can do questions—. I have a picture here —which I won’t show but you are welcome to have a look if you wish—of a lady who tucked a cellphone into her bra. Breast cancer is phenomenally high rating among people who carry cellphones in their handbags or have the metal stains in the bra. And finally on this little section: a surgeon from Plymouth, a brain surgeon, questioned why the amount of brain tumours he was seeing did not match the amount he was doing, the operations he was carrying out. The brain surgeon challenged these statistics and we looked into this—I had a letter from him and I wrote to him, and I sent him a copy of this and our statistical office, office of statistics or whatever it is, they take, or they did then and it ‘s as far I know still going—they are taking 40.000 brain tumours off these statistics every single year. 40.000. It is justified. What they are saying is, aha, the endocrine glands in the brain are not actually grey or white matter, we associate the brain with grey and white matter. Therefore they’re not really brain, therefore the tumours of the endocrine glands are not brain so we can take off the 40.000 endocrine cancers a year.

And this is how it goes on, and this is how you get your figures down. But I did say to the doctor: “Surgeon, you work for the NHS, if you try and raise this, I have known two Health Authorities—whatever the chief person is called, the chief of the Area Health Authority—I have known one be threatened that she would lose her job in one half of one day if she brought this to anybody’s attention and the other one that the best thing he could do was to keep quiet and stick to other things.

37:39 / 36:36

We put Wi-Fi in schools, you can go virtually into any state primary school and they will have twenty Wi-Fi’s in the class, plus the routers on the ceiling, plus a transmitter, and there will be probably iPads as well. And they are all microwaves. What you are NOT told—and if you are a school governor, or a  decision maker—what you are not told: when you put these in front of our five-year olds, or even four-year olds these days, what you are not told is that the Wi-Fi in your classroom, or your children’s or grandchildren’s classroom, or their bedroom: Wi-Fi is in the same category for danger according to the WHO International Research for Cancer: they are in the same category, exactly the same, as mercury, lead, DDT, benzene, which is the smell from petrol you get, exhaust fumes from cars, HIV type 2, and chloroform. If I walked into anybody’s school with any of those, and said: “Hey, you can play with this for a day!”, I would be certified sectioned, and jailed. And yet, we’ve got children with this on their laps. I think somebody worked out for 13 hours for a school lifetime or something.

39:42 / 38:40

But: the good news. The International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection[ICNIRP, Admin] they have been a very very tightly guarded body secretive:

  • you can’t join them
  • you have to be invited to join them
  • they don’t answer to anybody
  • they are not elected
  • and they have been  a very very close community.

But. Just Saturday—they are based in Germany[see article, Admin]—on Saturday we have a defector, and with 5G coming he is not prepared to do what they are doing, or be a member of their gang any more.[Barrie Trower probably refers to a publication on January 27, 2020, by Dr. James Lin, see article, Admin] This arrived from Germany on Saturday[February 1, 2020, Admin] for me and he has said and he has gone public: “There are now two large well executed and solid studies that point in the same direction: cancer from exposure from all of these technologies. The data in the large study which found clear correlation between exposure to mobile radiation and cancer rates shows even greater cancer risks than revealed in the first reports. Therefore WHO hazard class 1 instead of today’s class 2. It is an air-tight argumentated conclusion, which supports an overwhelming amount of research. He is asking the world to upgrade the cancer certification from grade 2 -which is mercury and led and benzene – up to grade 1. He said, the research substantiates that.

42:50 / 41:50

I am not alone running around the world trying to do this. There are a lot of people doing lots of things. We have some good news here. The industry themselves in the year 2000 studied the top 220 research articles, and said that what they are putting out actually does cause cancer. The Council of Europe, 47 countries, 800 million people, suing simple statements: ban Wi-Fi in schools. Dr. Annie Sasko, 22 years WHO cancer department: mobiles, cellphones and Wi-Fi will cause cancer. Switzerland, France, Germany, Belgium, England—this is not the state of course—have started to remove Wi-Fi from schools. UNICEF, the big children’s charity who care for children, decided to look into this and they did their own study, nobody interfered, and they came up with their own conclusion: they found there was an 85% risk of brain- and heart damage.

In fact in Canada I think it is, in the schools they’ve had heart attacks from children from Wi-Fi and now the classrooms have defibrillators in.

  • 85% brain and heart damage,
  • 36% epilepsy,
  • 11% neurological harm,
  • 82% blood-, immune- and foetal damage.

Iceland, Cyprus, Italy, Canada, Russia, USA are either removing or starting to remove Wi-Fi from schools.

45:37 / 44:35

I think this lady, internationally she is renowned for being particularly clever and I would like to read what she wrote here, she is a paediatric neurologist: Dr. Maya Klein, and she has said:

“Pregnant women deserve to know that wireless radiation can have an impact on the developing brain. We’re seeing alarming increases in the number of children diagnosed with neurological disorders over the past decade.”

46:18 / 45:16

And finally here a very large article published in a science journal and because he was so worried and with no disrespect to some of the people here, and I know some of the people here, I know them, are recognized nationally and internationally for their knowledge. With no disrespect to the people here, professor Yuri Grigoriev—who is chair[former chair, now chair of honour; professor Oleg Grigoriev is chair, see article, Admin] of the Russian Federation for nuclear and atomic sciences and probably the most knowledgeable person on the planet concerning microwaves and harm—he came over here for one specific purpose. He wanted this article published, which it was, and he gave a lecture and he wanted to warn our governments: “Do not put microwaves in schools. Do not put Wi-Fi in schools. Wi-Fi will have severe neurological damage and physical damage to our children.”[See also: article, Admin]

He came all over here just to say that and to warn us. Anyone who wants to see the article you can come to my house and read it and photograph it.

End part 1. PDF of part 1.

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