Part 2. Barrie Trower – Lecture: ‘The Truth about 5G and Wi-Fi’


Part 2 of the lecture ‘The Truth about 5G and Wi-Fi’, held on February 3, 2020, by physicist Barrie Trower, in which he revealed his findings on 5G, ICNIRP, WHO, 5G-alike  radiation experiments in Russia in 1977, top secrets, military, industry, governments, Wi-Fi, cell phones, children at risk, schools, trees, birds, bees, fishes, and… the abyss, if 5G will not be stopped.

Video: Lecture. Transcript: Antoinette Janssen / Multerland blog

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In the YouTube video, from 48:35 to 48:58 Barrie Trower mentions two books written by Captain Jerry G. Flynn: Hidden Dangers 5G, published November 13, 2019, and Hidden Dangers, published September 25, 2018.

However, Barrie Trower mentions Amazon, where these books are available, but since Amazon is already orbiting 5G satellites into low orbit and is going to orbit thousands more, next to Elon Musk’s Starlink 5G satellites, I have decided to leave this part away, and to ask you friendly to try to order the recommended books in an ordinary bookshop, as an honourable, conscious act to stop 5G. More about the emergency to stop orbiting 5G satellites: number 16 in the list of EMF links: Satellites.


.Lecture part 2.

48:58  / 00:04

I bought this book specifically because there is a chapter here for decision-makers, counsellors decision-makers. I just want to read this bit here and everything in here you have the websites and everything you need to get it. This is for decision-makers from 2015 and it says:

“School districts boards, medical health officers, now know Lloyds of London will not provide liability coverage for injuries, directly or indirectly arising out of, resulting from, or contributed to, by electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, radio-waves, noise, this applies to Wi-Fi, and all wireless devices in schools.”

50:01 / 01:04

And I believe, I don’t know if I am correct, I believe Lloyds insure other insurance companies and if I were a decision-maker, one thing I would ask for in writing, because apart from the harmwhich my brain can’t even contemplateapart from the harm: if you are taken to court over the death or injury of a child, and you have no insurance, no insurance cover, and I have had parents and people come to me and say, what do I do about injury, and I say well, there will be insurance or there will not be insurance, it’s depending onask your school people or your counsel, or whoever, for the specific sentence, in their policy, that says we will cover your child whatever from electromagnetic illness. There should be a specific sentence there that says. If there is not then I don’t know the law, if as a decision maker you are taken to court ….
I have spent a whole day in court being cross-examined by an incredibly ambitious tenacious barrister, and I was defending a girl who did not want to have an unhealthy child and wanted Wi-Fi taken out of school. And I thought after thatAndrew Goldsworthy who works with ES UK as an advisor, he was the medical expertand I thought: I am glad I was on my side because I can stand my ground, and I thought, if I were a decision-maker, against such a barrister, I would be taken to pieces with the information that is there. And I think it’s something that decision-makers just need to bear in mind.

52:38 / 3:41

Trees. I’m quoting this from the magazine ES-UK, which I think —there are some copies over there—but it’s quarterly or four times a year—and they do cover lots of legal aspects and they have their doctors, scientific advisors and it is well worth getting, and it is not expensive.
In ES-UK there is an article here on trees, subjected to low-level microwave irradiation, 29 pages, the red oak, cherry, willow, black poplar, and all trees suffer the same. They all start losing their immune system once you bombard them with communications microwaves.

53:42 / 4:47

Trees are designed to pick up radiation, they are not designed to pick up microwaves, they do not like microwaves, even children in school do experiments with watercress, near cellphones or microwaved water.
It is patently obvious that not any tree likes microwaves and the moment you start microwaving a tree two things happen.
First is: the tree starts to lose its immune system and secondly—there are three species on earth that I know of that are impervious to microwaves one of them is bacterium, microorganisms, they seem to thrive under the energy from microwaves, I don’t know why, it is explained to me by a professor but I couldn’t understand what he was saying— but two things happen with trees: first the bacterium start to thrive and invade the tree and secondly the tree starts to lose its immune system and it is only a matter of time.

55:01 / 06:03

Where 5G is going up, al around the world where 5G is going up trees are coming down. The reason is: trees inhibit the progress of 5G. 5G is not a big around circular wave that you get from transmitters. 5G is a beam, a sort of a cross between the torch and a laser. It is a beam, and that beam has trouble going through a tree trunk or the density of leaves especially if they’re wet. And especially along roads. I have had calls from all over the world saying: “Barrie, why are they cutting our trees down?” and I say: “Is 5G going up?” Yes, there is your answer.

In Malta, the lady that rang me, said: “They’re cutting the trees down and the reason is that motorists can see better.” In the USA they’re not just giving an explanation, they’re just cutting them down. Sydney is the only place I know, Sydney, Australia where they’re telling the truth and the application into the government is the submission to the government, 5G inquiry. Sacrificed trees for network performance and overwhelming numbers of small cells. In Australia they’ve just said: “If you want 5G we cut the trees down.” Simple as that.

56:50 / 07:51

Here our local paper, or my local paper, [.?.] Bovey Tracey, the advertiser here: “We are culling,”—now the reason given to us—”…we are culling in Tunbridge area[Note: it is very difficult for a not Brit like me, to analyse the sound of the name that is mentioned. I came finally to maybe Tunbridge (Wells) and when checking for it on the web, it seems to be a tree-rich area, and indeed 3G, 4G and even 5G are covered there, see website: here, so I name this city in the following sentences as well, Admin] , I come under Tunbridge, 90.000 trees for, or to stop the prevention of dieback.” I don’t know what dieback is, I am not a tree expert, but we are cutting down 90.000 trees and we are also cutting down, it is 440.000 trees along the road, so that they don not pose a danger to motorists.
Now. I wrote a letter to the newspaper along with a lot of other people, and I’ve said: “Is it a coincidence that we have to cut down 440.000 trees suddenly posing a danger at the exact location that 5G needs to go up on the lamppost?” 5G has to go up every hundred, hundred and fifty meters.

56:18 / 09:20

Magazines—I am not the only one with research—there is an article here, that birds, bees, insects, trees, the migration of animals, colony collapse, a big study on aspen trees, there are twenty studies here, proper university studies on all of these, and it is the same thing really, all of those … you suppress the immune system and for the animals, the navigating animals, the ones that use the sun or the earth’s magnetic field, even the creepy crawlies that go along the ground, they use navigation from the earth and from the sun, but, for the scientists here: I’m talking about the cryptochromes pigments, double electron absorption system, that has been published in “Nature” for robins—we know the birds have it, the other animals have it—animals lose their immune system, all animals, and those that use the sun or the earth’s magnetic field they become disoriented. Migrating birds get lost, butterflies get lost, and you have quite a lot of harm particularly on insects. They have a large surface area to body volume. Their surface area absorbs more radiation than the body can hold.

1:00.32 / 11:35

It’s known that one of the 5G frequencies, when it was tested on a bee, just absolutely saturated the bee, the bee lost its immune system and the whole thing turned to pus inside.

1:00:50 / 11:48

I’m going to mention just a couple of studies here. Two studies costing 30 million euros over a good 10, 12 years, found an increased cancer tumour in animals exposed to phone mast radiation.

1:01:39 / 12:26

Animals, facing extinction, have been reported in India, Netherlands, Japan, up to 40% of hives lost, insects extinction, from, in Germany, from studies by entomologists, and so it goes on. Nobody is immune from this.

I have given two of the Glastonbury Festival environmental lectures—you’re welcome to come around and get them if you wish—but one of them has over 8000 research articles on animals, and a 20-page laboratory study citing the suppression of the immune system from ordinary low level microwaves on cows, cats, dogs, hamsters, whales, birds, bees, bats, butterflies. Over 8000 studies there.
The second one I gave—the first one was predominantly bees— the second one was animals from all species, I quoted 14 properly independently peer-reviewed university studies, saying the same, and this isn’t a UK problem.

1:03:52 / 14:53

A lovely gentleman here sends me a picture of his hives every year, he is a priest, living up in the mountains, the Rockies in the Colorado mountains, and he sends me a letter every January with all of his hives, and to show this is not just an English or UK problem, they are fighting a battle. The beekeepers are fighting a battle and every year he tells me what he is doing. They’re putting special protecting coating on or doing this or doing that or moving them, but he sends me a note saying what he is doing to try to protect his bees along with all the other United States bee keepers.

1:04:39 / 15:42

Now I want to come finally on animals to a study here, this is probably the biggest and comprehensive and legal study, this is a 15-year study, hundreds of papers, Mount Nardi / Mount Matheson World Heritage Sites in Australia—the study was for,  and it is a legal study—for the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and the conclusion over Mount Nardi, Mount Matheson—they only had a hundred and five transmitters, which isn’t that many over 15 years, and I have never seen anything described like this, before— they said: [See the PDF, page 36/39, conclusion]

1:06:16 / 17:19

“Over the last 15 years this affects not only the top of the life chain species but they are devastating the fabric of the community of the world heritage causing genetic deterioration in an insidious massive and ever escalating scale. To truly understand what these studies reveal is to stare into the abyss.”

I have never seen the word abyss in a scientific paper and I thought I’ll just look it up in my Oxford Dictionary to get the proper meaningbecause this is coming here, with our nature, this is coming hereand under my Oxford Dictionary under “abyss”, it is: an abyss of despair, a catastrophe, primal chaos, hell, and a bottomless chasm. Now, you can choose any of those, but it doesn’t look good.

1:07:34 / 18:37

Now, I summarized the whole of the document, and I summarized the document down here but these are groups of species, these are not species. Some of these are 66 and 86 species. and when you run down this whole list of species the common words appear. They either migrate and won’t come back, they exhibit unnatural behaviour, and you have gone, gone, gone, gone, retreated to another area, rarely heard, gone, gone, moved to the valleys, and we’re gong right down with birds, butterflies, wasps, ants, termites, bees, frogs, you name it, they’re all there. Those that haven’t gone is that the ants have become aggressive, but the moths, butterflies, ants, bees, flies, they are down around 80% and some of the other creatures here, like the grey thrush, they list as “rare”, and there are several “rare”s but the problem is not whether they’re rare but whether you have enough species to regenerate and this is before the 5G satellites start coming overhead and beaming down on them.

1:09:24 / 20:27

All of what I’m doing now is 5G and I have an important quote here—because I think it can be useful—from Bug Life and I want to tie it in because there may be a solution to this. This is published in 2018. However the charity Bug Life warns that despite good evidence of the harms there was little research on going to assess the impact or apply pollution limits: that is not true, actually. I’ve quoted nearly 40.000 research papers. ES-UK magazine publishes animal studies every time it comes out. There is generally one a day. But I’m not criticizing Bug Life because I think one of the answers to this—and I thought about that, so, only yesterday I thought how can we sort of solve this here[UK, Admin]? I have no authority, and not status and whoever I try and reach will never reply to my letters and I can’t get through to them, but charities like Bug Life and the charities that control birds and the charities that look after the woodlands, they have—I don’t know what you call them but people who control, what’s the word I’m looking for, they, who, the people, who, like Prince Harry and all those— [From the audience sounds: “Patrons!”] —patrons, that’s the word, thank you, they have patrons, and if, and this will be going out, if the people who have animal charities and tree charities, if they go to their patron, and they can ask their patron for me to come to them—I don’t care where I go, my own expense—if I can go to the patron just for an hour, the patron, although the patron may not be able to do anything, the patron may be able to meet somebody at a social event that I would never even be letting the gate to, but he would meet somebody at social events and say “Hey, we’ve got this bloke here and you really want to talk to him.” And we may be able to get a decision made. That’s the only way. We, I think we can actually get a handle on this because the industry is immensely powerful, they stand aside for nobody, they have the money, they have tens of trillions of dollars, they can buy anybody, they can buy the scientific results they want.

1:12:33 / 23:33

And finally the last thing on trees. I think it is immensely important because the moment this went up we started to lose our trees and I haven’t seen the research but I bet if anybody starts looking you will see that tree diseases are slowly creeping up over the last 20, 25 years. They have to. But what people don’t understand about trees…. and I’m going to put this very briefly:

1:13:16 / 24:17

70% of a fish is tree. The reason is: when the trees shed the leaves, all of the broken down goodness gets washed into the streams, the rivers, the sea. It is fed on by microorganisms, bacterium, and they get on by bigger things, the food chains, the food webs, and into the fish. And any fish, any 70% of a fish is generally tree, or the goodness from a tree. But, there is a very important fact here. Among this enormous chain of microorganisms you have tiny little microorganisms called Coccolithophores, and they do their share of feeding, and they are fed on, but they produce one important molecule. Coccolithophores produce a molecule called dimethyl sulfide
It is the only molecule known at this point in time, the only molecule known, because it drifts out of the water into the air and this is the only molecule known to take part, and that is necessary: in cloud formation.
Now, if you go and cut down all of the trees in—I think we’re going to cut down 70 million or something. You cannot replace 70 million trees with 70 million saplings. The average age will be about 100 years and the saplings will not do the same job. They will not absorb the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for a start.

If you cut down the trees you are cutting down the formation of clouds in the atmosphere, which means you will get droughts. It is as simple as that. We cannot go around cutting down that many trees if it isn’t necessary and the only way to have 5G is to cut down trees. So, there is a balance there and it needs to be known to somebody.

1:15:38 / 26:38

Now with 5G, I’ll go to finish on 5G, when I spoke in Totnes not too long ago, just before Christmas[2019, Admin] somebody was disagreeing with me, saying. we don’t have that, we don’t have that, and no, we don’t, but it doesn’t say that we will not have it. There’s a lot more to 5G than just putting up little boxes on lampposts.
5G is the new generation. It is not a wave, it is a beam. It is going to be used by around 53 organizations in this country[Britain, Admin], plus the secret services, plus the military, plus the American bases, and their frequencies. There are quite a lot of frequencies that people don’t know about that are going up when you have 5G transmitters and most of them are secrets. In fact there are a lot.
And 5G is going to merge. When I look at the frequencies, the spectrum across the whole range, 5G is going to merge basically with Wi-Fi 6, and they’re already producing 6G. 5G and Wi-Fi 6 are getting very very close together. They are going to be used in UNISON.
For decision makers: two of the world’s leading professors, in this area, wrote a letter to all of the Nordic prime ministers. It is a brilliant letter. I wish I had the skill to write this letter. I certainly don’t. It is a brilliant letter. But before the letter, I just want to read the legal opinion from an international attorney at law office regarding 5G. This is for decision makers, and it says— and you’re welcome to pop up at my house and get all this stuff—it says:

1:18:45 / 29:49

Lee, an International law firm, it is the conclusion of this legal opinion that establishing and activating a 5G network, as it is currently described, would be in contravention of the current human and environmental laws enshrined in the European Convention of Human Rights, the UN convention on the rights of the child, EU regulations, and the Bern and Bonn conventions.
Going through documents I have found, and these mean absolutely nothing to me: The UN convention 1989, each state— and we[Britain, Admin] come under the United Nations—each state has a legal responsibility to protect children to ensure maximum developments. Articles 19 and 6. If you want to go to your score on school, quote the law, the Children’s Act 1989 part 3, section 17.

1:20:09 / 31:08

There’s a legal obligation on local authorities to protect children against harm or the risk of. This stands apart as a likelihood or perceived risk is all that is necessary. It does not need proof. I believe, that this only applies, and I’m not sure to children who are in care, children who are fostered or adopted, but every school has one of those anyway, I would imagine. You have the Nuremberg code UN 1950, article 7, prohibits any experiment without consents. 5G is an experiment. In fact all of them are experiments. Tetra air wave is an experiment. Under the Nuremberg code any experiments that affects you bodily or your health is illegal unless you give your consent. There is only one exception and I’ve only known it to be done once: any doctor can experiment on his or her self. That is the only exception. That’s part 5.
Under EU law a strategic environmental—now whether we are agree whilst we[Britain, Admin] were under EU law, I don’t know—a strategic environmental assessment should be carried out before 5G, and if there is a problem, and it wasn’t carried out, the polluter—in other words the decision-maker—pays the principle or the costs for the clean-up and that can be millions.
A legitimate government must preserve the right to life, liberty, health, of all of its citizens. That is the treaties of civil government. Second treaties chapter 2.

And finally the health and safety acts 588 law in this country[Britain, Admin], 1st of July, 2016: employers must protect those of higher susceptibility, monitor health for electromagnetic radiation both thermal and non-thermal, for example auditory sensory disturbance, change in brain function. That is the law.

1:23:00 / 34:00

The letter from the two professors to Nordic populations, that it is a mistake to assume that the populations are experimental guinea pigs for the largest-ever biological experiment on humans. Such experiments are totally unlawful according to the Nuremberg code, the Declaration of Human Rights, the Declaration of Children’s Rights. According to “the polluter pays the principle, has to pay for all harm they have caused to humans”.

1:24:02 / 35:03

Now an experiment was carried out on 5G. An experiment was carried out in Russia. In 1977, I have the paper,[this paper is available since 2012, see article Swedish Professor Lennart Hardell, Admin] an experiment was carried out on animals and humans using 5G[already in the 1970’s Russian researchers published animal studies on health effects from radiofrequency radiation in the frequency range that is currently for 5G use, see article, Admin].

I won’t go into the units but the radiation level unions, the humans[volunteering humans, Admin] and the animals were subjected to was at a level of 62. They were subjected to a level of 62 for 15 minutes a day, for 60 days. In other words: 15 hours. That’s it.

1:25:05 / 36:02

You can legally, under the International Commission[ICNIRP, Admin] and our government, under the thermal regulations, you, and all of the animals and all of the trees, if 62, and I am going to list the illnesses caused from a level of 62 you can legally be given for 24 hours a day, non-stop, for ever, a level of 140: more than twice.

1:25:31 / 36:34

The professors listed damage to the skin, liver, heart, brain, adrenal glands, blood, the foetus, children, stem cells, human sperm, honeybee. and that was just from one paper. There’s the paper[Barrie Trower shows a paper, Admin], it’s a top-secret paper from Russia that I had sent to me.

1:26:09 / 37:10

So, with 5G on as I hold it up to show you, on the right is a normal transmitter, and on the left you have the pulses of the 5G signal[Barrie Trower shows paper, Admin].
And you can, if you want, there is an excellent article on 5G, this is from ES-UK magazine which you can download from the internet, this is really good because it goes into the frequencies and everything, if you want it, it is the ES-UK magazine, summer 2019, volume 17, number 2.
And if you can’t remember that give me ring tomorrow and I’ll have it by the phone and I’ll tell you.

1:27:27 / 38:25

And one last thing about 5G, and this isn’t known by most people: two things.
One is: there is a paper by the World Health Organization, that one of the 5G frequencies is known to cause eye-damage, and skin cancer. That is published. There is something which is being tried—I get lots from the universities, because, believe it or not, the university people developing this are more scared about what they are doing, whereas “I’m prepared to take the risk”— the mathematicians and physicists will know this: it is called the Brillouin Precursor, it’s what is being tried out.

It is a one-second pulse that will precede the laser beam, to say one-second pulse, that will precede the laser beam, up to 10 gigabyte in strength and you really, really don’t want anything like that flushing across your eyes or your skin. Nothing does.
That is being tried out through, as a burst of energy, so that you can download a whole movie or whatever[on your cellphone, Admin].

1:29:05 / 40:09

I am just to finish off. There it’s not all gloom and doom. There’s a very simple answer to this, all of this. There is a solution. All you have to do is: run cables[named ethernet cables, Admin].
Many countries don’t have smart meters that use Wi-Fi. All of the smart meters run of cable. All of the cables into the schools, all of the Wi-Fi in schools that’s not Wi-Fi, that’s cable from source, there are no microwaves in the air.
If we took the trouble to run cables, just like telephone cables, everybody could have everything they wanted, even better, more secure and better and faster. But we[Britain, Admin] have 500 companies that are immensely powerful. They are pushing the Wi-Fi because they’re getting as much money as they can and this is how they are progressing. But the easy answer is just to have cable. If we run a cable along a forest the trees are happy, the animals are happy, everybody is happy, you can have them in schools, and if we turn down all of the transmitters just turn them down so that only the emergency services need them if you’re in a car and you break in the middle of Dartmoor you can ring. If we just had that system, which is what it was originally designed for, there would be no problem. But the problem is, and was unforeseen in the 70s, this system has been hijacked by children and addicts, and everybody else, and the use was not thought-up before they released this.
And they are chemically and physically addictive, and I have articles from Scientific American “Mind”, that show that children will demonstrate severe aggression, where a child has threatened to murder her parents if they so much as touched her equipment and a child has punched the mother in the face for touching the equipment. We’re getting to that stage.
But there is a solution. But the problem with the solution, and we go right back to the very first document: you will lose profits.
And this really all comes down to money.

End part 2.

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