About 5G antenna law ~ Did you know?

A Google translation of the Danish article:
Kronik om 5G antennelov
Published: November 26, 2020
By: Rådet for Helbredssikker Telekommunikation / Council for Health-Safe Telecommunications


Dan and Lars know this about 5G. But do you know that too?

This text is about something as dry as Act 42, which will be discussed on the 2nd of December. and adopted on 3 December, 2020 and which describes the 5G network’s final legalization of rollout across Denmark. But just read the text anyway. The content is perhaps more juicy than you immediately think!

Minister of Climate, Energy and Supply Dan Jørgensen is responsible for the further 5G rollout in Denmark after former Minister in the area Lars Christian Lilleholt. Both Dan and Lars are familiar with it and made aware of the seriousness of this knowledge up to several times.

1. Did you know that when L42 is adopted, you may be forced to have 5G antennas installed on your house or on your land register? And you can not say: “No, thank you!”

2. Did you know that the radiation from the next generation of telecommunications networks – called 5G – is neither health nor environmentally approved? Neither are the previous generations. Nor the radiation from mobile phones, wifi, baby monitors etc.

3. Did you know that the Danish Energy Agency assumes that 5G is healthy for humans and domestic animals on the basis of a technical approval of the 5G technique!

4. Did you know that the Minister has stated in writing that it has not been investigated whether the 5G Antennas Act is in conflict with current environmental legislation? This means that the Minister admits that the EMF wireless radiation has NOT been through an environmental assessment or an environmental approval in Denmark, nor in the EU. This is despite the fact that the EU Environment Agency characterizes the EMF as an environmental toxin!

5. Did you know that it is legally assessed that 5G will lead to violations of the Habitats Directives, Birds Directives and various nature conservation conventions! This must be considered as deliberate encroachment on vulnerable nature as well as biodiversity!

6. Did you know that 5G worldwide will greatly increase CO2 production. It is estimated at 250 megatons, corresponding to 7 times Sweden’s total CO2 emissions or 25% of air traffic CO2 emissions before the Corona crisis. The 5G rollout will pull the rug completely away from Denmark’s and the world’s CO2 climate goals.

7. Did you know that 5G is turned off at night in Chinese cities to save electricity because 5G technology uses 3½ times more electricity than 4G?

8. Did you know that when Professor Lars Dittmann from DTU says that 5G radiates less than 4G, he forgets to say that 5G is added on top of 2G, 3G and 4G and thereby raises the general radiation level!

9. Did you know that the telecommunications industry itself estimates that the level of electromagnetic radiation will increase up to 20% exclusively until 2025?

10. Did you know that previous governments as well as ministers in the field have been informed about scientifically recognized biological damage caused by electromagnetic radiation; DNA damage and neurological damage, etc., but have failed to relate to this information for over 20 years?

11. Did you know that the existing limit values ​​are set by a private NGO, ICNIRP, which disclaims responsibility for the limit values ​​used as a health protection! Although it is ICNIRP, the National Board of Health constantly refers to when defending the extremely high radiation levels as being medically justifiable.

12.Did you know that ICNIRP is an NGO with close ties to the telecommunications industry? Thus, ICNIRP must be considered incompetent! Did you know that the limit values ​​set by ICNIRP only protect against acute heating damage from a single radiation source, nor against long-term effects? We live in a world where we are affected by a lot of radiation sources around the clock. Think of children in a class with 25 turned on computers, 25 turned on cell phones, 25 turned on wireless headphones! That sums up to 75 radiation sources! Where is the responsibility?

13. Did you know that the limit values ​​are met, but that these are 3,000,000 times higher than the radiation level that recognized researchers recommend the biological limit values ​​should be to protect against long-term effects and cocktail effects.

14. Did you know that the Danish Health Authority has updated its own website in November 2020 with the following: “Researchers can not yet confirm or deny that the exposure from mobile phones poses a health risk.”

15. Did you know that the insurance industry for many years has clearly stated that they do not insure against damage from wireless EMF radiation and thus also 5G. The radiation is considered by leading insurance companies as well as reinsurance companies as “high impact liability risk” EXACTLY due to health risks!

16. Did you know that when the radiation damage to the population and nature is recognized in a few years, because it will happen, then the limit values ​​will be lowered by a factor of 10,000-3 million, which in practice means a rollback of 5G. A rollback will be equivalent to an expropriation, and thus the state may risk being financially liable for the huge investment made by the telecommunications industry. That bill is passed on directly to the people – who are you and me!

17. Did you know that there are lawsuits, and lawsuits on the way, around the world to stop 5G – also in Denmark?

……Dan Jørgensen and Lars Christian Lilleholt know all above very well!


Written by:

  • Pernille Schriver, cand.scient.biologist and environmental advisor
  • Thomas Graversen, electronics engineer specializing in digital signal processing
  • Henrik Eiriksson, IT specialist, researcher

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