The Copenhagen Resolution on 5G

An into English translated Norwegian article published originally in the blog of Einar Flydal with the title Københavner-resolusjonen om 5G oversendt Folketinget


Einar Flydal

On  May 25, 2019, an official declaration from the hearing on 5G and its impact on people, animals and plants that was arranged at Christiansborg Palace, Denmark, on May 4, 2019, was sent to the Danish Parliament. The lectures and the juridical report have previously been discussed  on 06.05.2019 and 11.05.2019.

Four organizations: 1. MayDay 2. the Research Network Danish Institute of Public Health, 3. the Council for Health-Safe Telecommunications and 4. the EHS association,  had arranged the conference at Christiansborg, on the invitation of several parliamentary representatives. A series of short lectures was held during the hearing, and a juridical report was presented on “whether it would be against the human and environmental rights to establish the 5G system in Denmark”.

All 230 seats in the room were occupied by those who had registered in advance and provided contact addresses. All of them have received the statement, the resolution, afterwards, and have accepted the content.

Here you find the complete declaration as a PDF file, in Danish. It is tradition to write such texts in only one, or at least very few, sentences. The text of the resolution is divided into three paragraphs.

As you will see, this text clearly states that in the communication technologies that 5G already uses, and which will be used eventually, a number of components are included which are such, that the health effects are so well known and well documented in more than sufficient degree that one can strongly believe that it is contradicting several conventions Denmark is bound by, to expand such. These conventions have also given many other countries their consent, and the laws are in line with these.

The Copenhagen resolution on 5G has much in common with the many other resolutions on health effects from microwave radiation, whether we are talking about 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi or AMS / smart meters. Common is also that they emphasize that today’s so-called “recommended limit values” do not protect against health damage from such radiation, despite the industry and radiation protection authorities’ assurances.

Or, as some say, “EMF is the new tobacco.”


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