5G and our wireless reality – a dangerous game with health and environment

Edited: January 14, 2020


«5G and our wireless reality – a dangerous game with health and environment», is the English translation of «5G og vår trådløse virkelighet – høyt spill med helse og miljø», title of the in September 2019 published book, written by the Norwegian scientist and electromagnetic radiation expert Einar Flydal and Else Nordhagen, Dr. Scient. in computer science, and with biology and physics in her academic curriculum.


The article about the book, as published in his blog about electromagnetic radiation in Norway, follows here, in a by me into English translated version:


New book reveals facts about radiation protection

In the new book “5G and our wireless reality – a dangerous game with health and the environment” (590 pages, Z-forlag), radiation protection in Norway and the Nordic countries is analysed from four main perspectives:

  1. biophysics which shows that radiation protection does not at all protect health and the environment, but promotes morbidity and environmental damage
  2. medical research that provides overwhelming evidence that today’s exposure to microwaves creates a significant portion of today’s morbidity and that 5G technologies will exacerbate the damage
  3. the fraudulent processes underlying the “knowledge status” from which the radiation protection works
  4. the case which shows that 5G development contravenes key laws and treaties

You can download the first 24 pages here: Sample for 5G Book 1-24

Else Nordhagen, Dr. Scient. in computer science, and with biology and physics in her academic curriculum, and me, Einar Flydal, have been editors of this book and have both written parts of it. The book contains also contributions from abroad, translated into Norwegian. It is a book designed to be a collection of evidence and reference with explanations that are understandable and useful for both lawyers, medical practitioners, biologists, physicists, investigative journalists, environmentalists, and others interested.

This book is the closest we can get to a quality audit of the (Norwegian) radiation protection today: here, both the wireless industry, and WHOs, EUs, the Norwegian and Nordic authorities’ radiation protection are torn apart. We see in detail how the wireless industry, united with a “foreldet fagmiljø”, a collective of academic professionals who work with outdated views and research methods, drive an international defence of their own interests and the result of their work, their cooperation with each other, is causing damage to health and the environment as a result.

Although parts are for professionals, the book provides understandable professional documentation even for those who are not skilled in the field. This is done through explanations and summaries, and popular representations. The book will also give the health care system new and necessary insight. The book can – and should – form the basis for both legal [according to law and justice] and health and environmental policy advances in the future.


Additional information

1. The correspondence between me, Antoinette Janssen, and Dr. Martin L. Pall, Arthur Firstenberg, and EU’s Frans Timmermans / Wojziech Kalamarz, which has been published in three articles in this blog Multerland, named “EU guidelines are fraudulent“, are part of Einar Flydal’s and Else Nordhagen’s book: “5G og vår trådløse virkelighet – høyt spill med helse og miljø”.

2. Einar Flydal translated the book: “The Invisible Rainbow, A History of Electricity and Life“, written by Arthur Firstenberg, into Norwegian: “Den Usynlige Regnbuen“.

3. A short video about Norway’s DSA, Direktoratet for Strålevern og Atomsikkerhet, in Norwegian. It is published on Einar Flydal’s blog. More: https://bidra.no/ams

You can donate also! Your donations are welcome, because Einar Flydal is going to bring the radiation facts of AMS smart meters to court. Info on the website.


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