The impact of EMF exposure on our health

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This post is a personal report about my Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity for EMF, in a collection of facts, knowledge by self experience, and knowledge from scientific researches on a deeper, broader and higher level than the shallow, narrow, and low level of a fast shrinking but till today most powerful group of “scientists” (read: marionettes of the multinationals) which inform the media with pertinent lies

In this report you can find a collection of my own experiences with, and observations of, the impact of cell sites, WiFi, smartmeters, and the out of this total-of-EMF-types following EHS symptoms which were for me: cataract, hair loss, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, tinnitus. Also how I found healing in acupuncture and phytotherapy concerning the cataract, hair loss, high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, and taking steps against EMF-pollution. All symptoms are under control now, except the tinnitus. Note: I did not get any support of the mainstream healthcare.

The report is built up in paragraphs and sub-paragraphs, in a sometimes unavoidable not really logic order of appearance.

Former posts related with EMF:

And… a post about osteopathy, related with the noise pollution created by E-CO energi Oslo, in the village where I live. The noise pollution has diminished in the meantime to an affordable level. The E-CO energi noise pollution upon the EMF pollution of the Telenor 4G (can reach mobiles on 35 km) cell site has broken my strength in the years behind me completely, and it is my never quitting will-power that made me make steps to real help and true healthcare: alternative medicine. The post:


Latest news
In July 2018 I have visited 2 different opticians. The 1st optician was the same as one year ago, when the cataract was spotted: it was not really an emergency case, he told, but the cataract was there and I could see it on the photos that were made by special machines: there was a grey circle at the border of the enlarged round “eye”.

The 2nd optician that I visited this year had more advanced devices, and the term nanotechnology was mentioned. This is utterly advanced technology. I have seen the machines, I experienced how it works, I have seen the results in many details on photos, and notice the differences in the photos of the 1st optician, a month earlier, and the 2nd optician. Though the 1st optician’s photos showed again the same grey border this year, this grey border was NOT visible on the photos of the 2nd optician with advanced devices. There was a tiny spot on each eye. Where had that grey circle gone? It disappeared! In between the two consultations of the two different opticians I had weekly an acupuncture treatment, a follow-up serial of last year. These facts prove the effect of acupuncture on cataract. 

The new glasses, based on nanotechnology, are protecting the eyes against the harmful UV- rays, and the harmful computer-screen light and radiation. These glasses are very expensive, but belong to my own investment in my own health. Not any insurance contributes in it. 


Overview of paragraphs and subparagraphs

1. Mainstream medicine: its arrogance

2. Alternative medicine: its truthful and insightful care

3. EMF, the digital pest

  • 4G towers
  • Mobiles, smartphones, i-pads, computers and laptops
  • Smartmeters
  • EHS
  • Power station
  • High voltage cables
  • EMF
  • EMF, the digital pest
  • Telenor, one of the digital pest providers
  • Being the canary
  • EMF sensitivity
  • Getting rid of the smartmeter and WiFi
  • Measuring the EMF radiation by EMF-consult

4. Conclusion

  • Tinnitus
  • Handicapped


1. Mainstream medicine: its arrogance

I remember very well the words of the general practitioner a year ago: “…. we have solutions for that”. He meant: we (health “care”) are excellent in surgery. Well, great, but if possible I say no to artificial lenses. I want to keep my own natural lenses. I reject the mentality of this kind of “doctors” and be honest: if there would NOT be an alternative, a way to prevent worsening, it would be a sensible remark. Instead of waiting till the blindness is complete, one can get alternative treatments which are amazing and excellent, and preventing a worsening, avoiding, who knows, surgery, ever. Does mainstream healthcare really think? Or are they the marionettes of a system that likes to replace all what is natural with industrial substitutes, to create jobs in which new inventions can be checked, tried, to make grandeur and money? Where are their ethics?


2. Alternative medicine: its truthful and insightful care

The visits at the acupuncturist in august 2017 brought already progress in the quality of the eyes, and also the advised herb tincture (phytotherapy) Silybum Marianum[1][2][3] created a big difference in my general health, during the months after the first serial of acupuncture treatments. It was advised because one of the causes of the cataract was a not good working liver, the therapist said. The acupuncture treatments were focused on that, and the herb was a supportive element for creating on the longer term a healthy liver. That the liver was the problem was fitting in my medical history: I had visited a doctor for problems with my intestines, two times. There was two times a special laboratory investigation, but all was okay, nothing special was found. But it was not okay: the frequency of my toilet visits proved that.

What can be the cause of this not well functioning liver? My EHS? I cannot find it via google that liver problems are related with EHS, so with exposure to EMF. The liver is an organ that supports the digestion of food, but is also a cleaner of the body from what is not belonging there, and I consider it as logical that the immense stress, created by EMF exposure, has derailed the functions of not only my heart and blood circulation, but also the liver. The liver is an organ with much blood: this means that it is intertwined with heart and blood vessels. The liver is the organ that keeps eyes healthy, and I had/have a starting cataract. Cataract IS a symptom of EHS, of being sensitive for EMF exposure. Cataracts are related with a not good functioning liver, maybe not known in mainstream healthcare, but it is known as a fact in acupuncture. This means that probably the most of those who have cataract as a symptom of EHS, have a bad working liver.

Some years ago, so before contacting the acupuncturist, I had also visited an osteopath for the complaints in that time. All what was discovered there, diagnosed, was in fact related with EMF, but on the moment of treatments, EMF exposure and EHS was not traced as the cause: I did not know about it, and the osteopath not either. What she observed was an utterly strong turbulence in the head, that was overruling all systems. She spoke also about the brain membrane, MY brain membrane, that was not working as it should: there was a blockade. The brain membrane protects the brains! Everybody understands that IF this membrane is damaged there is an open door to the brains to cause diseases everywhere in the body, because the brains are a brilliant, vulnerable, innovative, utterly sensitive system from where all body systems are navigated in a, for human beings not able to understand, high intelligence.

In between the skull and brain are three layers of tissue, called meninges. They protect the brain. The strong, outermost layer is named the dura mater. The middle layer, the arachnoid mater, is a thin membrane made of blood vessels and elastic tissue. Source

Her treatments-serial made me aware of more and more getting rid of the, what I sensed as a thin glass layer beneath the scalp. In one of the last therapy sessions, she noticed that the membrane was back to normal again. The ill constitution of the membrane was caused, I am for 100% certain now, by EMF: in that time WiFi was full speed running in this house, 24 hours per day, and there was a smartmeter (an old version, not so strong as the new one, but having its effects on health as well) attached to the wall of my office. Also the 4G mast, 70 meters from here, while it can reach 35 km, did its work. Also: I live about 700 meters from E-CO, an electricity power station, with many high voltage cables. Of course I have informed the osteopath this year, when was proved finally that my Electromagnetic Hyper Sensitivity, EHS, caused by EMF was the reason of my complaints and disease. She was very happy with my information and considered it as utterly valuable.

The doctor did not offer me any medicine, or treatment, for my “toilet problems”. It was not bad enough? It was. Several years. I mention this to make a statement for the difference between real health care, offered by alternative medicine, and mainstream  health”care”.

I started also using Crataegus oxyacantha[1][2][3], Hawthorn, Meidoorn, Hagtornslekta, to support my heart, to stop the cardiac arrhythmia, to lower the blood pressure. Only the tinnitus is still there. I read that acupuncture is a helping therapy. It will take a while, but it will (I hope) be healed.


3. EMF, the digital pest 

  *️⃣ 4G towers – I live within a distance of seventy meters from a cell site, a so-called 4G mast, this one here on the photo, not a high mast, but very short, and radiating its electromagnetic signals with its full power completely across the red house:


These masts create health problems world wide.

The effect of mobile phone radiation on human health is a subject of interest and study worldwide, as a result of the enormous increase in mobile phone usage throughout the world. As of 2015, there were 7.4 billion subscriptions worldwide, though the actual number of users is lower as many users own more than one mobile phone. Mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range (450–3800 MHz and 24-80GHz in 5G mobile). Other digital wireless systems, such as data communication networks, produce similar radiation. (Wiki)

The red house on the photos is just 7 meters away from this cell site, in the village where I live in Norway. In this house lives a family with young children. They are, as all people here, in a constant aggressive EMF-pollution attack, day and night. The effects of these masts, and where these are connected with: mobiles and other internet devices, on public health, are published in articles and on health care websites, by professionals, scientists, world wide. Some: [1][2][3] and read here how WHO is belittling those who suffer from EHS.

  *️⃣ Mobiles, smartphones, i-pads, computers and laptops –  All devices related with 4G masts are as soon they connect with this mast changing into a cell site. The moment of connecting is the most harmful and dangerous. Hardly anybody realises that, when holding the mobile upon the ears to listen if the person is going to answer, on the moment the connection is there a full shot of aggressive electro-radiation, similar with X-rays, is sent into the brains. There are investigations about brain cancer because of this dangerous internet mobile traffic. It is proved, but healthcare are in denial, and prefer to offer chemotherapy. I do not use my iPad anymore, not any device which cannot be connected with cables for an internet connection. I have a mobile but the internet connection is disabled. All computers and laptops in the house are connected with internet via cables.

  *️⃣ Smartmeters – This EMF pollution has been increased in my area by the installing of the smartmeters on each house in November 2017. These meters are in a constant contact with each other, and enlarge their own power because of that. Maybe the people around here do not notice this, yet. The smartmeter has been disabled here. Read more about smartmeters in the subparagraphs  *EMF sensitivity and *Getting rid of the smartmeter and WiFi (scroll down).

  *️⃣ EHS – One does not know what Electro Hyper Sensitivity is, until it is there, suddenly: I have lived many years here, with this 4G mast nearby, strong WiFi in the house, even a kind of a smartmeter close to my office, a not so strong type as the newest smartmeters, but anyhow a smartmeter, the …..

  *️⃣ electricity power station, 700 meters from here, with….

  *️⃣ high voltage cables, and got more and more all kinds of signs that something was really wrong with my physical, emotional and mental condition but did not connect this with EMF.

  *️⃣ EMF – All these signs (and I did not even mention all of of them) were and are related with EMF. This is what I know now, not then.

Before I listened of course respectful to humans who were talking about EMF, their problems with it, but I did not really understand what they meant. Now I do. When finally the hyper sensitivity is there, one understands, not earlier, and one cannot get rid of it anymore. One is even a target of humiliations and unbelief of those around who do not sense anything (yet), or maybe they do, but are not aware of the cause of what they sense, or suffering from. They do believe that becoming hyper sensitive is for the silly ones, the weak ones, those with lots of fantasies, creating fear within themselves and others for something innocent and harmless. Until EMF has swallowed them also, eating their energy completely, making them sick because it goes finally through all the in-humans-(and animals)-present natural protection/resistance layers, eating openings to reach and affect all body cells, the nerve systems, the physical body systems, and make them sick, forcing these beings to join the group whereto also I belong. Not able to stay everywhere anymore.

  *️⃣ EMF, the digital pest – Fortunately I am an activist, also in healthcare, fortunately I am not a coward, or a silly one, sitting and waiting till the guillotine of the total impact has done its work. It is a constant being alert, and making choices. I am a prisoner in a so-called free country, free Europe, a democratic country, a democratic Europe, where even healthcare, WHO, considers my issues as imaginations, silly, not to be taken serious. This will be once the shame of the century, because EMF is the new pest. This disease caused an estimated 75 to 200 million deaths. EMF kills in another way. Mentally. What is your life worth when you are mentally not you anymore? And as in the times of the pest people did not know anything about hygiene, in our modern time the most of the people do not know anything about that other kind of hygiene: to keep dirty radiation (EMF is DIRTY radiation) out of cities and villages, nature, everywhere. EMF is a kind of a virus, a digital virus, that hacks your body systems. They laugh about it. They? Yes, even doctors. Those who studied medicine, who are your doctor, your government, your healthcare minister, your European Commission, your EU, and who should protect you, should know better.

  *️⃣  Telenor, one of the digital pest providers – I have warned Telenor for their responsibility, because they cannot hide behind a government that is not updating old numbers of radiation levels and knowledge about EHS and EMF during time, while thousands of new researches, each new year, prove more and more the dangerous effects of EMF radiation, especially on children. EMF is the new pest, in another version, the virtual version: researches have proved the brain damage EMF causes, and diseases like Parkinson, male infertility, cancer, and more are explosively growing in countries with overloads of EMF[1][2][3]. Note: the treatment of illnesses and diseases caused by EMF radiation (from cellphones and other) will not be covered by insurances. Read here.

  *️⃣ Being the canary – It is highly necessary that people, working there, in government and health organisations, finally become aware of where they live in, already so many years. EMF radiation is a slow-motion-murderer of your freedom and your health. It takes its time, but is utterly effective, and the final total damage cannot be healed. Those who have more antennas than the average human being are the first victims of the in fact not higher evolved ones, of the silly ones, who consider me as a silly one. Those who are suffering from EHS are comparable with the canaries in the former coal mines: when a canary fainted, there were gasses they did not smell. You will understand the comparison. Test: who are you? The canary, or the miner? Finally we all be canaries, locked up in our world wide web.

  *️⃣ EMF sensitivity – I became aware of this sensitivity last November, 2017, when a new electricity meter cupboard, a so-called smartmeter, (Norwegian: smartmåler, Dutch: slimme meter), was attached to the house in which I rent an apartment. The landlord did not consider this as an issue to talk about, because he was not informed about the problems so many people experience with the smartmeter, also in Norway. I did not know that it was going to be attached, that it was finally there, so my reactions were not a kind of a placebo effect. The new electricity meter had an inbuilt WiFi (was explained later) to send the electricity numbers automatically every month to the provider. This WiFi is an even stronger WiFi than any known WiFi, or former sort of smartmeter. This new stronger version even connects with other similar WiFi’s in the area around the house and creates an electromagnetic field that is even stronger than a cell site. One can only imagine the effect of this in office and apartment buildings, hospitals.

When I was in my office (with the smartmeter close to me) my blood pressure was increasing, to high levels, I did not know where to find relief for the tension in my head, my ears. As if my head was going to explode. The rhythm of my heart was increasing on some moments. That rhythm was not regular but out of rhythm, it was galloping  as a handicapped horse, a very scary experience. It is named cardiac arrhythmia. I found relief when leaving the room.

It is a fact that a too high blood pressure creates cataracts, heart problems, tinnitus, hair loss, brain damage.

  *️⃣ Getting rid of the smartmeter and WiFi – It took me more than an awful week to get rid of this new meter, after having followed a special protocol to be allowed to get rid of it. I needed also a confirmation of my general practitioner, but he did not want to cooperate, did not even listen to my story and the effects of this meter on my health. He has used the consultation time to try to convince me that this was something between my ears. Well it was, but not as an imagination, but as a pressure, that was and is utterly dangerous. One cannot get this symptom by imagination. Impossible!

I have urged him anyhow to write a short message for Hallingkraftnett (which was asked me to do so), the electricity provider and the provider of the meter, that I had been indeed there, in the doctor’s practice. He did, but with a total absence of empathy and sympathy. I left, after mentioning that he was not interested in my health and I wished him a good day. He is of course not my general practitioner anymore.

The WiFi in the meter has been disabled, removed, and now I send the electricity numbers manually. The state is going to let all who do this pay for it. Two hundred euros per year. This is how the democratic state treats its people.

The really heartwarming cooperation and care for my health of the smartmeter installer here: Hallingkraftnett, must be mentioned as an enormous help in my process of battling my EHS. I am utterly grateful to have met so much respect and understanding.

The WiFi is disabled in the house, already for a longer time. I was informed about the bad impact this has on human health via a Dutch website. We work here in the house with old fashioned cables again. I have even disabled WiFi possibilities on all my devices to avoid an automatic connection with WiFi from other people in the neighbourhood. I did not know until I felt the same heart rhythm galloping, while there was not any activated WiFi in the house. When this option on the computer is not turned off, the computer becomes a cell site of itself. This is how it works with these devices, and with internet.

*️⃣ Measuring the EMF radiation by EMF-consult – I consulted Odd Magne Hjortland, specialist from EMF-consult in July, 2018. He works with professional equipment: highly advanced meters to measure the radiation of electromagnetic fields in my apartment. The visit and consultation cost me 5000 kroner, is 500 euros. The impressive meters showed that the meter outside, with the disabled smartmeter, but still there as an electricity meter, does not create too much electromagnetic field pollution anymore, and it is not that strong: “just” one meter inside the apartment.

The most disturbing radiation is from the 4G tower, seventy meters from here. (photo above) which is the strongest exactly on the spot in my office, where I have the chair and my desk. I moved the desk and chair to another spot but probably I have to move to another room.

I made a short video today to show you how how the situation is. I filmed the turned-on EMFields Acousticum 2 with sound. The sound is the noise in the decibels that the device can sense, and also my ears can sense, but we do not hear it with our normal ear-function. Animals sense it also.



The numbers measured in my apartment are in general NOT green, only in the kitchen: green is according to the Norwegian standards, and that may sound great and perfect, but the Norwegian “green” standards are according to what the government here has accepted as “okay”, while it is NOT okay according to the numbers of scientists who research the effects of these so-called “safe” levels on our health. The results of their research are alarming.

It is unbelievable but true: not any practitioner in the mainstream healthcare takes EMF serious. Have they ever checked? If I need a doctor in the future I will take this device with me, to make them wonder, think, and change their outdated and wrong ideas about EMF pollution. A device like EMFields cannot pretend, or lie.



4. Conclusion

All together I can say that I am on the way to better than I was, by taking acupuncture treatments, by using herbal medicine, and by taking steps against EMF pollution, by using cables io WiFi, by removing the smartmeter.

*️⃣ Tinnitus – The use of cell phones is mostly the cause of tinnitus, but I do not have a cell phone: I have one but there is NO internet connection ever, it has been disabled from the very beginning. IF I ever use the mobile I do not hold it against my head, but on a distance. I do not have it on my body, it is always on the same spot in the house, and I only take it with me when I am going outdoors. Then it is in a handbag. But: My ears are continuously making a very high hissing sound anyway, since the time the smartmeter has been installed, but this smartmeter has been removed after a week or two, almost a year ago. There is NOT ANY other indication for this constant hissing than what I explain as being a HSP, who hears the noise of the cell site here on a short distance. As if I am continuously in insane much noise, noise on such a high frequency that we do not hear it in the normal way, while it is even worse than normal noise. After all the years living here, now eight years, my ears do not restore anymore from the damage this cell site causes. I sense that noise not only with my ears, but with all my body cells. My body gets used to it, but my ears tell me their story, every second that I am awake.

*️⃣ Handicapped – Suffering from EHS has enormous consequences. A very important one is restriction of freedom. It has become impossible for me to travel everywhere, any time. I am forced to live as much as possible in WiFi-free zones. This means that I am not even able to move to any other place, if necessary, not even to a nursing home for the elderly (I am 70 now). I am not able to stay in just any hotel, without bad consequences for my energy and health. Generally it is better to stay out of cities, trains, airplanes, airports. There is one term that fits excellent: handicap. Somebody with EHS is disabled, is handicapped in a very special way, but not acknowledged as handicapped, even thrown in a corner where the society has thrown all who they consider as idiots. 


Additional information



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