Electromagnetic field pollution

Some days ago I published a post about the noise pollution the hydro-power-plant in the village where I live, is creating. The power plant belongs to “E-CO energi” (photo: on the right side, under, yellow), and its headquarters are in Oslo. Hydro power is the greenest, most ecological way to produce electricity. Beautiful! But, as written in the former post, their turbines create noise pollution. There is even more: their power lines, creating electromagnetic-field (EMF) pollution.




Power lines, to transport E-CO energy to Oslo

E-CO does not only create noise pollution. It contributes also to the negative effects of the power lines on the health of humans and animals. The electricity, created in an ecological way, wonderful, is created for Oslo, and this electricity needs to be transported from E-CO in Hovet to Oslo, via huge masts with heavy and many bundles with power lines. These masts have been planted in a created “road” in forests, hundreds of kilometers long, at least twenty meters wide, and this road of masts and power lines meanders through the wonderful landscapes of Norway’s nature. Huge parts of forest have been hacked down, created disorder in human, animal and plant life there, is not more and not lesser than any other kind of deforestation, “needed” however and therefore declared legal, all to serve “Oslo energi”, under the label ecological energy. I wonder if there are solutions to create hydro power IN Oslo, Oslo is situated at the sea, and there are new inventions to use the hydro power of the sea to create electricity. If so, the huge destroyed area of forests can offered back to nature, and humans, flora and fauna can get their life and health back, if it is not too late for that.




The impact of power lines on health

The impact on the magnetic field of all natural beings and biodiversities caused by the power lines is an (for industrial and economical reasons) ignored fact, rejected because of a lack of proof, in that time, but it has proved consequences on the health of humans and animals. Wild animals move forward, and biodiversity decreases because of that. A decreasing and finally poor or total lack of biodiversity has an indirect negative effect on the health of human beings. Highly important factor is, that human beings live in houses, farms, already built before any mast with power lines was placed in their territory. In the article “Living Close to Power Lines” you can read more. Quote: “Since 1979 dozens of published papers have found links between living near power lines (and other electrical wiring configurations) and a range of health woes, including

brain cancer
childhood and adult leukemia
Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)
Alzheimer’s disease
breast cancer in women and men,
miscarriage, birth defects and reproductive problems,
decreased libido
depression and suicide
blood diseases
hormonal imbalances
heart disease
neuro-degenerative diseases
sleeping disorders”

The information about E-CO (photo) will be continued. Scroll down to find more info about EMF.



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