Herbal medicine

Herbs are plants with special natural healthy substances, that differ from relaxing to stimulating, to strengthening, but always balancing. One needs to know about all these differences to be able to use it in a safe way. Herbs used in the kitchen, to prepare food, are safe. You can buy them even in the supermarket. There are also herbs that are used explicit in alternative medicine, in naturopathy. These herbs, available as tinctures, teas or capsules are not available in supermarkets, and if, it is in a so low quality and relatively high priced, that it is worth it to consider to visit a registered naturopath, or doctor who has studied also naturopathy, herbal medicine.


Nature versus pharmacy

  1. In herbal medicine all ingredients of the plant are included, and with this it makes the biggest difference with a mainstream medicine that is created out of the same plant. Pharmacy uses only the parts of the plant, of the herb, what have been proved to “work”, active parts. By letting out all other, not active, parts side effects pop up. Herbs do not create side effects, because obviously the plant is so “intelligent” that, when using all parts, the parts that do not “work”, create a healthy completeness, and because of that not any side effect will be created.
  2. Another important detail is: herbs do not create addiction, nor habituation. Pharmaceutical medicine does. Instead of offering simple herbs to a person who has sleeping problems doctors offer chemical sleeping tablets. One gets used to them and one needs even more heavy sleeping tablets. The vicious circle is created and one never will become better.
  3. Another reason to suspect mainstream medicine is that they do not go to the cause of the problem, to solve it. Symptoms get “solved” when using the mainstream medicine, because they are simply suppressed. All what is suppressed will come out in another form, another symptom, another complaint. Note: I am not against mainstream medicine. I am against the too early start with it. I suspect healthcare of being the marionettes of the pharmaceutical big business industry. It is a multi national. Even creating diseases to sell their medicine against it.
  4. Another reason to suspect mainstream medicine is that parts of the medicine will leave the human body via the toilet, and this creates danger for all what is related with the drinking water systems. Finally we all drink an overdoses of for instance anti depressants. Levels are known, and these levels are created by often a corrupting government, corrupting with multi nationals, in this case the pharmaceutical industry. The particles of herbs that are not useful for the body anymore, or too much, will leave the body in the same way, but they will be dissolved completely, neutralized, because they are natural products. Nature is a High Intelligence.




Natural Balance

Natural Balance is the life force, the state of being in balance with ones natural self. Natural Balance is also the name of the internet shop with hundreds of herbs, as tinctures, as a simplex, or as a complex of several, herbal teas, and capsules. The owner is a registered Dutch naturopath, and acknowledged as a professional practitioner by Dutch healthcare assurances. This guarantees the quality of the tinctures. The web-shop though is only for official practitioners, for those who know what they need for their patients, or themselves. If you need herbal medicine, and your practitioner is willing to buy what you need at Natural Balance, this is the web-address. It can be sent to any country.


Traditional medicine

The knowledge of herbs, plants, has not been a study of universities, but it is a grown knowledge of our ancestors. The knowledge was taught to someone of the community, of the tribe, who proved to be intelligent and showing interest in it. The knowledge of herbs is huge. In the time one did not have anything to refer to, one needed a very excellent intuition to know something about the plant, because there are poisonous plants, herbs. The knowledge of our ancestors was collected by monks, living in monasteries, and they started to write down all the information of the plants they had in their garden. A plant, or herb, that has been cultivated and studied in these monastery gardens, always has the additional term “officinalis”. Officines were the herb gardens.



Since we, humans, lost the connection with our intuition, we cannot rely on some easy reading and judge oneself as somebody who knows enough to work with herbs as a medicine. It needs a serious and official study, to be able to know what kind of herb works for what. How the dosage is to help somebody to ease the complaint, or to help the body to improve a function. In fact herbal medicine is a food supplement, at least this is the term one has to use now to be allowed to work with it. Governments do not accept herbal treatment as medicine, and it is not allowed to sell it like that. This is a huge mistake, because people start to experiment with it, and this is dangerous. Nobody can check the person’s real knowledge. Therefore it is a must that governments change their opinion about it, and demand special studies, acknowledging these studies, and embrace them as complementary medicine, to prevent illnesses. In case an illness cannot be prevented then it is really time for pharmaceutical heavy, strong medicine.


My wish is that herbal medicine will be rehabilitated, only available via professionally educated phytotherapists, naturopaths, and forbidden to be practiced by charlatans, who do not know anything about the human body, illnesses, hygiene, dosage, ecology, etc. etc. and are harming the view on the wonderful effects of medicinal plants.

Because it is also a reliable brand, here a video about Dr. Vogel. The video helps a bit to understand more of medicinal plants. Dr.Vogel products are available in good health shops, and via web-shops.




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